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Antarctica. The Land of Extremes. The Great White continent. The Last Frontier. The South Pole. It is the land of superlatives: the coldest of the cold, the whitest of the white, the windiest of the windy, the remotest of the remote. There is nowhere else on the planet quite like it. It’s like types of electricity generation stepping into another world. And yet, a trip to the South Pole is probably the best travel decision you could ever make… or imagine. Why? Well, very few people in the world have stood on Antarctica’s Quid Terram. Here, it is so remote, that you can fly below the radar, away from civilization, completely and utterly disconnected from the world. Here, you can escape the noisy, pushing, rushing and maddening tourist gas up crowd. The place is so unspoilt by man that we had to disinfect ourselves to protect the environment. Here, the weather is so changeable and unforgiving but, at the same time, the wintry air is clean, crisp and invigorating. Here, you can brag to have survived The Drake Passage, a span of ocean that is sometimes as placid as a lake but — more often than not — is a 48-hour rollercoaster, washing-machine type of experience. Then you get to do it twice! I didn’t get seasick, but some in our group never left their cabins; others believed they would die at sea. There are others who plan to avoid this altogether by flying to Antarctica and back via Chile, but they are robbing themselves of an important rite of passage. Except for ice and snow, what is there to see? Lots and lots. Geography-wise, there are glaciers, calving ice sheets, icebergs (larger than some cities), peaks, avalanches and mountains. Penguins? By the thousands. Emperor penguin, Chinstraps, Gentoos, Macaronis and Adelies for one, penguins that are not afraid of people or, like their chicks, even curious. Seals? Many, often sleeping out in the open ice. Whales? Lots igas energy shares. Humpack whales, Minkes, dolphins. Birds? So many kinds. What is there to do there? Aside from shore landings via inflatable Zodiacs (which are not offered by many cruise ships), one can kayak, cross-country ski, visit museums, camp overnight on open ice or even scuba dive. Is it all worth it? Simply put, yes. After rattling inside my bucket list for many, many years, this trip came to fruition in 2015. And after having been there, it’s not hard to see why many folks return — again and again. Yes, it’s not cheap for sure. Yes, it is so remote from anything. And yes, it can even be dangerous. But it’s this intangible, real, once-in-a-lifetime adventure, a bucket-list-worthy experience. Remember: You gastroenteritis only live once. So, go out on a limb because that’s where the fruit is. The less you fear, the more you live. So don’t stop living. GO. .

My husband and I are very fortunate to be part of the Christmas in Antarctica cruise on Academik Sergey Vavilov (19 to 29 December 2015). Since most of the things one needs to know about this pristine continent can be Googled (what to bring, when to go, costs etc), I will just summarize my thoughts about this amazing trip. 1. DO NOT save on travel insurance. A trip to Antarctica is not like any other day to day trip. Most people take several flights to reach this continent. Most probably you’ll add on some side trips to Argentina, Chile or any other nearby countries. Planning the trip itself takes many months. Not to mention the amount paid. It is not unheard of that cruises are cancelled at the last minute. Imagine the stress you have to go through when you everything planned. The last comfort you have is to get your money back. We almost missed the cruise as there was possible electricity usage calculator kwh airport strike in Chile on the day that we were supposed to fly from Sao Paulo to Santiago and then to Punta Arenas. If it happened, it’d fall under trip cancellation and the insurance I bought does not cover gas definition wikipedia that. I was so worried and could only pray for the best. You have after all paid so much for the trip. What’s another few hundred bucks to buy you a peace of mind right? 2. Antarctica can only be visited during summer. Throughout our trip, the coldest day was -1 degrees. Dress in layers. You do not have to bring too many clothes thinking that you’ll change daily (see point 3 below). I brought more than one jacket but ended up wearing the same throughout the trip. Gloves and beanies are essential. Thick socks too. Items such as foul weather gear (the one you wear during excursions) and gum boots are provided. Waterproof back packs can be rented at reasonable price. 3. If you’re flying LAN Airlines within Chile before or after the cruise, please take note that they are pretty strict on the luggage allowance of 23 kg per passenger. 4. Kayaking is recommended only for the experienced kayakers (in my opinion). Weather can change very quickly and the sea can be rough. My husband and I flipped on our first kayak trip. We were the only 2 passengers who swam in the Antarctic. Needless to say, we pulled out after that physics c electricity and magnetism study guide. Besides, zodiacs can bring you to greater distance at a much faster rate. 5. Daily excursions are very weather dependent. There were days which we spent on the ship. Vavilov is a small ship and there is only a bar. I’m not sure about those extra large ships entertainment. Try not to drink gas water heater reviews 2012 too much liquid before excursion. Excursions normally last 2 to 3 hours and there are no bathrooms anywhere you land. Bring something to fill in the free time. For us, we were either at the bar or in the room sleeping. This has been the most relaxing trip for me. My dark circles disappeared by day 3 🙂 6. No tents are used for camping. We had to dig holes in the snow and sleep in thick sleeping bags. Gumboots were used as pillow. You can refer to my photo attached. The next morning, we had to shove the snow back to fill the hole. It was really a memorable experience. We were given a certificate at the end of the trip for this fabulous feat. 7. Please be responsible when visiting electricity trading this beautiful part of the earth. Respect the wildlife, respect the environment. Penguins have their designated penguin highways and we should never disturb them. The same goes for other wildlife such as seals, whales and birds. Take nothing but photographs. Leave nothing but footprints. Conclusion, it is not cheap and it is very far. But what you get in return is worth every penny. If it’s in your bucket list, like me, start saving and you won’t regret it. I have heard of the term Traveling is the only thing you buy that makes you richer. It cannot be more true for this trip. I felt richer in memories and experience. If I could rate it a 6 stars, I would.