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Stanley, Blizzard and Taz are 8 month old Siamese mix littermates that are already altered and current on their vaccinations. They are very sweet, like to be cuddled and have a great time playing (and lounging!) together! They are listed as special needs because they have tested positive for Feline Leukemia. They are currently healthy and happy and special consideration will be given to adopters adopting two (or more) of these darling cats.

Buddy is a coonhound that was surrendered by his family because they were no longer able to care for him. Though he is gaining weight he is still a little thin but some decent food and a loving home will fix that in a hurry. He’s a handsome older gent that still has a lot to offer!

Dustin is a 2-3 year old Boxer/Pit mix and is a real charmer! His family’s apartment situation changed and they were forced to give him up. Their children were all young including a toddler that grew up with Dustin in the house and he was great with all members of the family! He is altered and current on all vaccinations!

Jackson is a shepherd mix about 3 years old. He is great with people and loves his turns with our wonderful dog walkers! We also suspect that he may be housebroken. Though he is amazing with people he can be fairly dominant with other dogs so he should probably be an only pet and older children (8 or older) would be best because of his size and strength.

Tug is one of our adorable but special needs dogs. He has been diagnosed with mast cell cancer. He has had surgery to amputate one of his toes remove the tumor but our veterinarian has determined that, unfortunately, the cancer has most likely already spread beyond the immediate area. But despite his unhappy diagnosis, Tug is a happy, loving boy. He will most likely not have many years left but we are hoping he will find a new family that is willing to make his last several months or even a few years happy ones. He is good with older children (6 years and up) and acts housebroken. He will brighten your days, however many they may be!

Mabel is a very sweet chocolate lab mix about 3 years old. She is spayed, heartworm negative and current on all her vaccinations. She loves to be with people, not so good with cats and is currently being reevaluated with dogs. She’s a medium sized dog but will fill a big place in your heart!

Mulberry is a young (2 years +/-) female pit mix and is ready to go! She has been spayed, is current on all her vaccinations and is heartworm negative. Mulberry is great with people but she must be an “only” pet as she does not get along well with other animals. She can be a bit of a clown so be prepared to spend some time with her laughing!

Mars is such an affectionate cat we could have named him Romeo….. but we like Mars better! He is about two years old and a very handsome red tabby. He is already neutered, current on his vaccinations and feline leukemia/FIV/ heartworm negative. He is truly an awesome cat!

Tita is a very sweet young cat about 14 months old. She is just as happy sharing a good cuddle on the couch or in the bed with you as taking a nap in the sun. She is already spayed and current on all vaccinations. She is also feline leukemia/FIV and heart worm negative. Tita can be seen at PetSense in Seymour!

Still a little unsure about the whole situation of being homeless but she is doing better on a leash and is willing to let you pet her and love on her. Learning to be a housedog and does real well in her crate all nite. She loves to take toys into her crate and keep them close to her! Beautiful dog with deep brown eyes! This is a dog that deserves your love!

She is very social. Appears to have never met a stranger. Good with other dogs. Owner said she is good with children but NOT with chickens. She means the chickens no harm but they are no match when she chooses them for toys. There were cats at the house and when a cat would run, she would chase but when the cats stop running Harley stops chasing.

surrendered because they couldn’t keep her home. She is quite timid and hasn’t had much done with her but she does have soft eyes and once they turn trusting, she is going to be a marvelous pet! Never been on a leash so we are having to go slow with her…she’s having to learn a lot all of a sudden!

This 1 yr old neutered heeler is a happy Boy. He has been treated for heartworm and will be ready to find a home the first of June. Everyone who has met him gives him a "thumbs up". Wonderful temperament and will be a fabulous companion. He doesn’t like to be kenneled but is perfectly housebroken so he can sleep freely and not worry about being in a crate all night.


HUMANE SOCIETY OF SCOTT COUNTY, INDIANA is a non-profit organization, designed to aid the Scott County Animal Shelter, to have an aggressive adoption program in order to decrease the number of animals being euthanized, to release animals into the care of reputable rescue organizations, and to educate the community on the importance of spay/neuter and pet ownership responsibility.