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We hired Jay from Maffett Cruisers for a week in August to discover what the south broads offered. The boat was just what we expected but possibly slightly better in some ways. We had reasonable weather and with the boat having a fold down canopy it was down most days. Our party was 2 adults and 2 nieces (11 and 14), The kids loved the look of the boat and say they enjoyed the week away on it. I didn’t find riverside pubs too extortionate as long as you kept m gasol away from the posiest ones. a pint of bitter, 2 x J20’s and a diet coke was £4.85!! We didn’t eat out very often as the whole point of the week away was to not cost a fortune. The nice thing was though, the particular boat didn’t have 240v so we didn’t have to suffer non stop yelling at the kids to get off their phones/tablets after the batteries ran out gas 1940 hopper 🙂 There was a 12v charger but they didn’t have car charger kits with them. The boat had everything we needed inc flat screen tv with freeview, 2 seperate bedrooms and a further double electricity 101 pdf in the lounge. Shower/wc/wet room was a hoot as long as you moved the toilet roll before showering. All in all, would recommend both Maffett and the South broads in general. More Show less

We had a 4 night break on the Fair Empress with Norfolk Broads Direct. We were told by many that it was a very relaxing holiday. We all did have a good time but it can hardly be described as relaxing. There were 7 of us on the boat and it was very crowded and it was described as being for up to 11 people. If 11 started the holiday I suspect 11 would not return, murder would be afoot! The bedrooms were cupboards, almost coffin like and required couples to turn over in formation. The toiletting and washing facilities were basicThe main stressor however was mooring the 40+ foot vessel. Rudementary instructions and crowded tourist spots ruined any enjoyment and led to increasing frustration. The lesson of the experienced seemed to be find a mooring spot and grab it early and stay electricity history timeline there or face hours of cruising looking for a space. Nightmare!!! The Broads constitute a great theoretical holiday not reflected in the reality. Our sun roof jammed open on the penultimate day and we abandoned the holiday to go home for a comfy bed and a hot bath. Won’t be returning!! In summary we had some great laughs, most of them at our own pathetic attempts at boatman ship. However, if you go, have low expectations, luxury and relaxation it ain’t. (additional message from 10 year old – the PS2 didn’t work)

This year we decided to take a holiday on the Norfolk Broads, what with the British weather doing its best to burn us. We started our journey at Potter Heigham, where electricity experiments for 4th graders we collected our Cruiser. THE BOAT… We (2 families of 4, 8 in total) Hired a 10 berth cabin cruiser ‘Glint of Light 2’ for the added space, it was 42 foot long and 12 foot wide. It steered from the front wheel, IN THE LIVING ROOM… which had a full sliding roof to let the sun in, had a cd/radio, a flat screen tv/dvd player with freeview and 240v sockets used via the onboard converter. There was ample space for 8 of us, 4 bedrooms, 2 single and 2 doubles, which left the living room available all the time gaslighting without converting the couches into beds. It had 3 seperate shower/toilet rooms which where divided into 2 for the individual families and the third we all used as the bp gas prices ny shower room. 1 of these was en-suite, (ours) privilages of being the skipper….. THE KITCHEN consisted of a fridge, gas cooker, microwave and plenty of storage space. I have a vast boating experience, however even the novice is allowed to drive after 20 mins tuition from your boatyard. (all life jackets are provided too! TOTAL COST; £1470 for a week, split between 2 families, (works out at £25 perperson per day) this iclude car parking, and £150 fuel deposit. If you dont use all your fuel, you get a refund for the amount not used….. Bearing in mind that we, in a week covered ALL of the northern and southern Broads, Wroxham, Potter, Great Yarmouth, Reedham, and Norwich, covering a total of 126 miles, at 6 mph, and we got a £50 fuel refund. WHERE TO STOP OVER,,,,, virtually anywhere you fancy, most moorings are FREE 24hr electricity how it works or for a small charge you pay, (£5 – £10) depending where you are! (Great Yarmouth, Wroxham or Norwich). REMEMBER…. try to fill up with fresh water every 2 days, normally £1, and pump out your waste water once per week at a cost of £6 per tank, we had 3 tanks so £18 for 8 people was great and we only had to do it once. I say we, you pay for it and someone does it for you, with no contamination… EATING OUT OR SHOPPING.. Along the riverbanks electricity and circuits test are a wealth of pubs, cafes, restaurants or the odd fish ‘n’ chip shop, major supermarkets are at Wroxham (Roy’s) and Great Yarmouth (Asda) for you too re-stock your food and of course your drink. Dont forget to take family DVD based quiz games for fun in the evenings, plus I forgat to mention, its also free to fish gas out on the Broads, providing you have a licence (£10 for a week at your post office) Please check out our pictures and enjoy… The Broads Authority are at some of the mooring to help if required. Reedham, Norwich and Yarmouth are excepionally helpful………. Hope This Helps.

This was the first time we had tried the Broads so we loaded up the cars with loads of food, drink and bbq and arrived at Richardson’s Boating in Stalham. The first thing I have to say is that the staff at Richardson’s are the most friendly and welcoming people, always happy to help and genuinely look like they enjoy watching the amateur boaters chugg off in one of their boats. We had a test drive out with a member of staff and then we were off. Ok the bedrooms are quite small and the kitchens only have one pan to cook in but once you electricity word search pdf got over the toilet (a little bit smelly and strange to sit on) we had the best time ever. We moored up at Ludham for the first night but be beware, the tea shop closes at 4.30 and the pub is a bit of a walk away. You can bbq on the mooring point but it gets a bit busy and noisy too n gas price. The second day we pootled down the river to Salhouse, past a boating regatta where the locals were quite snobby in their sailing boats (btw they get right of way and make sure they use it!) and we moored for a few hours whilst we walked a mile to the brewery where we stopped at a pub and had a couple! of beers. BTW super friendly pub and you can even order a cab to it if the electricity invented or discovered trek is too far. We then had a bit of trouble trying to moor as all the free mooring points are taken quite early but we moored at a proper secluded spot, did some fishing, some bat and star watching and took in the absolute silence and serenity. I would recommend Richardson’s Boating, some of the boats are older but the boat we stayed in was spotlessly clean and big enough for six people to move around in. We loved is so much we booked again for next year, albeit in a bigger boat and for a week this time.