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Spawn eggs can only be obtained in Creative mode, or by commands. In Creative mode, the player can press pick block on an existing mob to obtain their respective egg. Spawn eggs are also available in the Creative inventory. There are 43 eggs available in all editions (50 in Java Edition [ upcoming 1.13]).

Any spawn eggs not listed in the table below cannot spawn entities. They will instead make a sound as though an arrow has been shot. These eggs will be the default color, white with gray spots. When a player hovers over the image with their mouse the name of the egg is "Spawn ". This egg has no specific properties and can not spawn any mob, except for Bedrock Edition in which some "hidden" spawn eggs obtained from commands that spawn other entities like primed TNT and wither skulls.

A spawn egg is used by pressing use on any surface (top, bottom or side) with the egg. When used on a top surface, the egg’s mob will appear with its feet immediately adjacent to the surface. The egg will be consumed in the process in Survival mode, but will not be consumed in Creative mode.

Spawn eggs are not thrown (unlike normal eggs); the player must be within normal range of the block to use the spawn egg. Hostile and neutral mobs (except wolves and polar bears) spawned while on Peaceful difficulty will be created but then instantly deleted from the world.

Spawn eggs can be renamed on an anvil, and when used will spawn mobs with that name appearing over their head. Their names can only be seen if they are aimed at from four or fewer blocks away. This name will also appear in death messages from the mob killing a player. If you rename a spawn egg by the names described below, the mob will appear described below.

A spawn egg without colors Java Edition [ edit ]The data value of a spawn egg has no effect; instead, the {EntityTag:{id:""}} data tag is being used. For example, / give spawn_egg 1 0 {EntityTag:{id:"minecraft:creeper"}} would cause the spawn egg to create creepers.

If, for the entity tag ‘id’, a SaveGame ID is used for a mob or other entity that is not listed in the table above, such as minecraft:villager_golem ( iron golem), the result would be a spawn egg with the expected name ("Spawn Iron Golem"), but will be the default color (white with grey spots). These eggs cannot be used to spawn mobs directly, but can be used to program a mob spawner. [ until 1.13] Bedrock Edition [ edit ]

When using the / give command to give a spawn egg, it requires the numeric ID of an entity; for example: / give spawn_egg 1 33 would give an egg that spawns a creeper. For reference, see Bedrock Edition data values#Entity_IDs for a complete list of entity IDs.

Added spawn eggs for creeper, spider, skeleton, zombie, slime, ghast, zombie pigman, enderman, cave spider, silverfish, blaze, magma cube, pig, sheep, cow, chicken, squid, wolf, mooshroom and villager. At this point the spawn egg had a single texture file which was tinted different colors.

The egg and its markings had their textures separated, allowing them to have entirely different colors. This allowed their colors to better match the colors of the mobs themselves. The colors established in this version continue to the present day.

Eggs can be placed into a dispenser. Activating the dispenser will spawn the mob instead of dispensing the egg as an item. Also in this version, spawn eggs became stackable, which allows dispensers to hold more than nine of them at one time.