Speak out! april 13-18, 2016 – journal and topics online_ opinion

The following Speak Out! messages appear in April 13-18, 2016 editions of the Journal & Topics Newspapers.

Making our city great

I often hear some tell me “thanks for your service” whenever I wear my VFW or veteran gear. Well, this is one time that I would like to put this in reverse. Our wonderful Des Plaines Elks Lodge donated money to help our VFW with costs for the upcoming Poppy Day over Memorial Day weekend. I later learned that the Elks also donate to the USO at O’Hare to make sure that our armed forces personnel have a nice place to rest and refresh themselves while waiting at the airport between flights. Thanks to this great institution. If people really mean thanks for your service, they should think about joining a great organization such as the Elks. By doing that, vets won’t be the only ones that hear the thanks. We vets can say “back attcha”. It’s things like this that help to make our city great.

Right turns on red allowed there

The sign at Golf Road and Rand Road says “Red Light Photo Enforced”. It does not say “No Turn On Red”. As long as you come to a complete stop before turning you will not get a ticket. I turn here at least once a day and I’ve never received a ticket. While I’m on the subject, turn signals are meant to inform other drivers of your intentions. Putting them on after you’re in the turn lane or 10 feet before your turn is useless. Believe me, other drivers can’t read your mind.

Dumpster in street was dangerous

After picking up my friend today, I was driving down Greanleaf between Oriole and Oketo in the Village of Niles. On my left was a parked car, and on my right was a village required Groot dumpster. The dumpster was on the street. I slowed down because there was not much room to get through this area. Thank goodness I did. A little child ran out from behind the dumpster and if I wasn’t driving slow I may have hit this youngster. Unfortunately, there was not enough room for fire apparatus to get through. In my 10 years of living in Niles I have never seen a dumpster sitting squarely in the street. What village official allows this to happen? Why would a dumpster be placed on village property when the person has a driveway? Worse, I saw no lights or warnings surrounding the dumpster. Another lawsuit waiting to happen. At least the village gets their kickback on the dumpster.

Can I combine, too?

Curious if I can start combining my garbage and recycling. Last week at the train station I saw them pick up both and put them in the same truck in the same door. Saving the planet, or saving money? Or truly…is it too late and just doesn’t matter?

Why would village annex?

This is in response to the Journal’s article about MP’s trustees (the gang who couldn’t think straight) annexing some multi-unit dwellings. What is the average income of the inhabitants of this area? Are the inhabitants recipients of taxpayer subsidized housing? Will they be an unusually large draw on MP’s policing services? Why would the trustees annex this area?

On police, garbage, parking

To the Des Plaines Police Department, your city cops on duty when driving are very reckless when not on a call. The other day one of your officers passed me on Algonquin Road going east toward Lee Street just past the railroad tracks by the BP gas station. He passes me in the striped median as I was attempting to get into the left turn lane to go south on Lee. The officer was not on a call as he stopped at the stop light at Oakton Street. These Des Plaines cops think they don’t have to follow the laws that are bound by: a couple years ago a Des Plaines cop gave my wife a ticket for what he did, the next time I will make a report against him. Also after my last article about the garbage lying around the library, it’s been cleaned up for now. We’ll see how long that lasts. Now the next item: the illegal parking over by Central Elementary School at 3 p. m. as to see how many cops start ticketing the parking scofflaws parking in the fire hydrant zones and the cars parking in front of the driveways at the apartment complexes over there.

Says mayor too young

Having dinner with friends this past weekend and the subject of Des Plaines Mayor Matt Bogusz came up. As my wife and I were the lonely ones from Des Plaines we were interested in what they had to say. Well, the old saying, if you have nothing good to say, don’t. I, who voted for Matt and live in the 3rd ward, was ashamed of all the comments and unfortunately they were right on. He’s just too young and doesn’t have the expense and needs to find another job. Sorry Matt, but it’s just the truth.

How does climbing wall help me?

I thought Rivers Casino was supposed to help Des Plaines’ taxpayers? Now there is a grant for $45K to build a climbing wall? Don’t we already pay enough for these children through our tax dollars? What happened to say, climbing a tree? Now they need special rocks? Give me a break. I am sure when one of the children scrapes their knee, there will be a nice lawsuit. Another waste of money. Ever consider the veterans or the elderly? Those are truly people who deserve the best and many of them have minimal. They survived more than scrapped knees, and it made them the men and women they are today: heroes. I also think they did just fine without all of those extras you teachers so willingly pay for and expect us to shell out in taxes. From hero to zero.

Upset by letter; supports mayor

In 2017 I had hoped that Des Plaines would have a new mayor instead of the under-performing Matt Bogusz. Now, having read Mike Lake’s recent letter, I’ve changed my mind and will support Matt 100%. With vicious enemies like Mr. Lake, our well intentioned mayor needs all the friends he can muster. No, Mike Lake, you are shameful.

Liked letter

“Resident Says Mayor Shows Too Much Self-Interest”. Great letter, Mike Lake. Keep up the good work if speaking the truth and hoping to open the eyes of Des Plaines residents.

Where’s Sayad?

Oh my gosh. We have gone one week without a mention of Ald. Sayad in the Speak Out. He must have run out of stuff to write about. Please retire and move to Arizona.

MP is closer to Oakton

Mount Prospect’s shortest distance from Harper College is 8 miles (near Carefree Park). Mount Prospect’s longest distance from Oakton Community College is 6 miles (also near Carefree Park). Why does Mount Prospect property tax support Harper and not Oakton?

Can only expect tax hikes

I have read in the paper this morning that the pension obligation for the State of Illinois has ballooned to 145 billion. As a homeowner and taxpayer, I’m frightened about what’s next for those of us like me who will never receive a pension yet are paying for those who are. We can only expect major tax hikes across the board and major reductions in social services for those in need. Illinois does not disappoint when reaching new lows.

River Road work dragging on

It seems like I-90 road construction will be done before River Road. Twenty miles of I-90 compared to two miles of River Road. Driving down River Road this week I saw maybe six guys working on a two-mile stretch. This is a huge inconvenience for homeowners in the area, drivers through the area and business owners along River Road. Greco didn’t work the winter or Saturdays, and apparently has a scarce crew during the week. This is totally ridiculous and in any other circumstance a company that did this would be fired. I hope Des Plaines makes a statement and hires someone else for phase two of River Road reconstruction.

Likes traffic calmers

I love the new “bulb-outs” that have been installed throughout Des Plaines. These curb extensions are used in cities around the world to provide greater visibility at intersections, to provide a shorter pedestrian crosswalk, and to prevent drivers from using the parking lane as turning lane (my favorite benefit). Way to go Des Plaines. Now if we could have sidewalks installed on every street.

Why does Glenview contribute to Oakton?

Now Oakton Community College is raising tuition again. They already confiscate 49 million “free” dollars from local property taxes. How much money do these people need? They need to cut their spending. Still not sure why property owners in Glenview are forced to contribute to this corrupt institution.

(Ed. Note: It might have something to do with Oakton’s taxing district covering all of Glenview.)

Really nice of state rep

Good morning. I just want to put in a comment about the fantastic breakfast for veterans by State Rep. Marty Moylan this morning at Sunrise Grill in Des Plaines. It was really good. It was really nice for him to do this for the local veterans.

Fair is fair, aldermen

What is fair is fair regarding health insurance. The part-timers working for the city of Des Plaines and city hall do not get health insurance. Therefore, our aldermen and women should not get health insurance. The part-timers are not complaining, but the aldermen are complaining. Fair is fair, they don’t get it. Thank you.

Nice people at sandwich shop

Ah, yes, I’d just like to leave a message for Speak Out. I’m a Des Plaines resident and on the 24th of March I was involved in an auto accident by the Potbelly Restaurant on Mannheim Road in Des Plaines. I just wanted to thank Gina, the manager, and all the people that work there that were very kind to me and helped me while we waited for the police and for everything to be taken care of. Just to let you know that those people are wonderful. Bye.

They should pay at least half

Yes, I am in agreement with the mayor on the health insurance. I don’t believe that we should be paying 88% of the premiums. If they want the health insurance they should be willing to pay at least half the premium.

Driver-talker are dangerous

Hello, I’m tired of riding around town and having trouble with these people that are driving their cars and talking on the phone. That is supposed to be against the law and I never see a cop car around. Everybody is doing it and I almost got in an accident today, hit almost on the passenger side of my car from a guy who is doing the same thing. Speeding on top of it. Where are the cops? Never see any cops around. What are we suppose to do? Let’s press charges against some of these people.

Maybe they should work full-time, then

It would be nice to have insurance for aldermen in Des Plaines. Most businesses in Des Plaines offer insurance to their employees who work full-time. Even then their employees pay monthly premiums. The aldermen do get paid to do a part-time job; therefore, if they want insurance they should be treated the same as everyone else in Des Plaines. Pay for your own, or work full-time for your benefits. Everyone needs insurance, but nobody pays for mine with their own money. Why should we have to pay for theirs? Thank you.

Tells mayor to pick on someone else

Our bogus mayor finally let the cat out of the bag on why he is hateful to the aldermen about health insurance, because it’s not in line with the union, just like the carpenters, and leave the aldermen alone. Let them have their health insurance, especially Sayad whose wife is fighting cancer. Pick on something else, Bogusz. The unions need to stay out of this.


Hi, I noticed in the Friday, March 25th paper, in the Prospect Heights Journal, that Prospect Heights is seeking lifeguards for the summer. The applicants must be at least 15 years old, experience is preferred, but not required. How can you be a lifeguard if you don’t have any swimming experience? It’s beyond me. Bye.

Senses ‘insider trading’ in MP

I read in a recent Journal that one of our village trustees has purchased property near the corner of Central and Elmhurst. I wonder if he has been privileged to some closed door meetings and back room deals where he is buying property where people then sell back to the realtor for a nice profit, insider trading. It seems very convenient that he is buying property around the strip mall that the village has purchased and is tearing down. He will probably make a profit because of his position with the village.

Donation all it takes?

Hey. Want to be on a Des Plaines commission? Simple, just make a donation to the Matt Bogusz election committee or work for his re-election. Just look at the last promotions. Also, you will get business from the city, just look at the warrant registers and check the names on there and compare to Matt’s donation list.

Wants all drivers to learn English

What’s up with the Illinois drivers test being printed in four different languages? That’s an expense that should be cut. Illinois doesn’t have the money to send us our bill for our license plate sticker/renewal, but they can waste money on printing the drivers test in different languages? What a waste, if you are planning on being in America long enough to get a drivers license, then you need to learn English.

Protesters hurt little guy

The recent protest marches in downtown Chicago only hurt the people working in the stores. They work on small salaries and make money from Thanksgiving to Christmas on sales commissions. I hear Macy’s is going to lay off a lot of people.

Money well spent by township

Title for Speak Out: They didn’t waste $80,000. Elk Grove Township recently updated its logo: “Empowering People Through Community” and added six stars to their logo. The six stars represent the township and the municipalities of Elk Grove Village, Mount Prospect, Rolling Meadows, Arlington Heights and Des Plaines. The logo still contains the image of an elk. They did this through a coalition of more than 40 social service agencies, churches, government bodies by listening to the township membership. What a wonderful operation they were able to have.

Oh, those Democrats

This is in reference to a Speak Out. We cannot possibly interact with the DMV for registering voters because the DMV gives illegal immigrant drivers licenses and that would allow them to vote. No, no, no. No Democratic crap. Sounds like a Democrat to me plotting as usual. The answer is a big fat no.

It’s not Christmas anymore

I am just curious about the fact that Des Plaines Elks still have Christmas decorations hung up. I wonder when they are going to remove them.

No, don’t spend money on wave pool

Well, I’m calling this number because there is an article in the Journal that says to call this number to comment about whether we should pay a whole bunch of money to rejuvenate a pool that’s not needed. The answer is “no” we shouldn’t. And should we wait a few years? I don’t even know why we need that pool. We have another pool. Why don’t we concentrate all our efforts on the one that we have, that I assume is in better shape, especially since this wave pool doesn’t generate any income. What’s there to think about? No renovations now. Thank you.

‘Tulip Time’ a good read

Hi, I want to thank Randy Mink for his great article on “Tulip Time.” It really it home. I’m a homeowner. Great read. Great report. Thank you.

Hoping for better things for workers

Good riddance, Joe Caputo’s. I don’t know why everyone is waxing nostalgic for this grocery chain. No one seems to be talking about all the employees who are left in a lurch and I’m guessing many of them didn’t know how bad things were either. Hopefully, they can get better jobs elsewhere.

Too loud, too late

Why do people need to start their motorcycles and rev their loud engines at 1 a. m.? Knock it off. Law abiding citizens are trying to sleep. You know who you are. Dick on Webster.

‘Ideas’ for motto

“Good Move” was an apparent dud, but here are some alternatives the mayor and city council can consider: City of Train Traffic Tie-ups. City of Contentious Council Members. City Without a Decent Downtown. If you like airport noise, you’ll love Des Plaines! No, you can’t build that here! Home of a dismal, dilapidated Bible camp. Want a free indoor pool? Check out our homes for sale in the flood zone! Home of the morons who don’t leash their dogs on public property. I’m in the process of making a “good move” to another suburb!

Who can stop trains from stopping?

I’m sick to death of freight trains blocking traffic for over 20 minutes. It’s Tuesday, April 12 and there is a Union Pacific train making it impossible to go east/west on Wolf, Dempster, Algonquin, and Oakton in Des Plaines. This is not the first time a train has blocked all possible streets. Aren’t there laws against this?

Sticker tax serves no purpose

There is no difference between excessive taxation and theft. MP’s village sticker tax is an example of an excessive tax. It serves no purpose other than taking money from the people and employing some government village people.