Special offer details gas 1940 hopper


• This offer is available only while supplies last; immediate payment is required to redeem the offer and all items must be eligible for the offer must be purchased together in a single checkout session prior to buyer commitment. gas finder rochester ny You can check out all items together by first adding these items to your shopping cart and then start the checkout process.

Example: a discount of $50 off the purchase of a camera lens (otherwise regularly priced at $100) when purchased with a camera (priced individually at $900) would be applied on a cost-weighted basis against all of the items purchased as part of the offer as follows: (a) the camera lens’s cost-weighted discount would be $50 x ($100/($900+$100)), or $5 off of $100, for a discounted price of $95; (b) the camera’s cost-weighted discount would be $50 x ($900/($900+$100)), or $45 off of $900, for a discounted price of $855.

Example: an offer of "Get 1 free when you buy 4 or more" on the purchase of four video games (otherwise priced individually at $20 each) would be applied as follows: (a) the cost-weighted discount for each video game would be $20 x ($20/($20 + $20 + $20 +$20)), or $5, for a discounted price of $15 for each video game; (b) the total discount on all four games would be $20, which equates to the individual undiscounted price of one of the games. gas jet compressor Where the offer advertises a "free" item but the items in the offer vary in price, the total discount applied equals the undiscounted individual price of the least expensive item in the offer, which is distributed on a cost-weighted basis to each of the items purchased as part of the offer.

• For offers where there is a discount provided when you purchase a main item and related items, these discounts are also typically applied on a cost weighted basis as described above. r gas constant kj In some cases, a seller may choose to apply the discount on the related item only. i have electricity in my body This decision is at the sole discretion of the seller. electricity year 4 You can determine the discount attribution on an item level on the Order Details page.

• The returns policy specified in each individual listing applies to the return of each respective item purchased as part of the offer. gas prices going up 2016 If the return policy for a discounted item permits returns, the item price that your seller reimburses you must at a minimum be the item price minus any applied special offer discounts, as shown in "Order details"). For purchases eligible for refunds under the eBay Buyer Protection policy, eBay will treat the discounted price of an item (including any applicable sales tax) as the "full cost" of that item.

• Buy 1, get 1 offers can only be applied once per transaction and the least expensive item across all qualifying items will be discounted from the subtotal as an order discount. The item price on all qualifying items will be reduced by the discount value that is determined across all eligible items on a cost-weighted basis. Examples of Buy 1, get 1 offers are as follows:

• Conditional free shipping offers are restricted to US buyers only. International Buyers will have normal shipping charges assessed at checkout. Some sellers choose to exclude the states / regions of Hawaii and Alaska from standard shipping calculations. gas leak east los angeles In these cases, the buyer will need to request a price total from the seller to determine final charges including shipping.