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If you like mountain views, then look no further. From practically every room in the cabin, you have incredible views of pastureland and mountains stretching to the sky. Don’t be fooled by some cabins that use a zoom lens to showcase their view, only to arrive and find it underwhelming. You will not be disappointed!! Watch summer storms sweep across the fields, see Brasstown Bald get covered by snow in the winter, or just take in the serenity of a sunset that sets the fall foliage aglow with yellows and reds. The location is incredibly peaceful, the cabin is nestled in the woods and the sounds of songbirds will greet you every morning. Mooing cows in the adjacent field add a special touch to the overall feel.

Around the cabin: The cabin is situated on one acre, however with the fields in front of you it feels like one hundred. Walk down the stairs to the front of the property and sit on the log swing-set, roast marshmallows around the fire pit, or take one of the most picturesque walks you can imagine down the country road out front. This is not a through road, so there is little traffic that will distract you from the natural surroundings. A short walk will take you past aged barns, babbling mountain streams, and, of course, splendid views of Track Rock Valley and the Choestoe area. This road would also be perfect for bicycles or a quick jog.

Choestoe: Choestoe is an old Indian word meaning ‘Land of the Dancing Rabbits.’ However, if you ask any of the locals you will know it is synonymous with one of the most beautiful areas in the North Georgia mountains. Before you even arrive at the cabin, you will know you are some place special. No matter which direction you come from, the drive up to the cabin is incredibly scenic with mountains in every direction. View more

The first thing we noticed was the wall –to-wall carpeting which was filthy, but that may have simply been the impression created by several large, dark stains on it throughout the main floor. Of less importance on the main floor but very irritating: an overhead light in living area flickered as if it were a strobe.

Still more about lights: Light switches for stairways are normally found next to the stairways. After much trial and error, we finally located the switch, on the half wall outside the kitchen, maybe 10 feet away from the stairway. With the stairway illuminated, we were finally able to climb said stairs, only to find there is no switch at the top to turn the light off! You have to climb all the way back down to accomplish that, and then go back up—in the dark. (There is a switch at the top of the stairs, which I think controlled a single light at the top, but then I can’t be sure, because that switch wasn’t working. I cannot imagine any county or state electric code allowing this situation to exist, and I know that it is not in compliance with the NEC. (And speaking of that stairway: the HomeAway description does state, “the stairs in the cabin are a bit steep and might not be suitable for elderly or disabled visitors.” This is a textbook example of understatement. People with impaired movement simply cannot avail themselves of any bed in the cabin, upstairs or down. And the difficulty in climbing to the top floor is compounded by the lighting situation described above.

This person left a nasty message in our guest book (I mean really, who leaves a nasty message in a guestbook that everyone is going to pick up and read???) and is generally the type of renter we try to avoid at all costs. Unfortunately, you can’t always tell what someone will be like when you rent to them. After reading their note in the guestbook, I reached out to him and sent him an email responding to his concerns, but he never responded back. So, I will leave it here instead.

The interior has new floors, new carpets, and new hardwood. There are no stains. The cabin was built in the 1970s so is not subject to these "codes" that he speaks of. If you want to stay in a brand new cabin then this is not for you, but I think our description and photographs show that quite clearly.

For what it’s worth, this renter NEVER contacted us with any concerns or complaints, he simply wrote a nasty message in our guestbook and then left this review. I think if you look at the many other positive reviews for our property here on this website you will understand that this was the result of one person’s opinion and does not truly reflect the cabin.