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The lint catcher brings me to my next complaint. You cannot remove the lint catcher without unscrewing it! To remove the lint, you just need to swipe your hand and grab the lint – no big deal, BUT if you want to clean it properly with a brush every so often, like I do, you cannot. Most people may not clean the lint catcher and the exhaust tube from there, but I always have electricity invented and I can see that there is plenty of dust that gets through the catcher and is in the tubing beyond where I can reach without breaking out my screwdriver. That is a fire hazard and a ridiculous inconvenience to the average homemaker, housecleaner or working mother.

Next issue is the soap dispenser. It is so poorly designed that unless you close the dispenser immediately it leaks down the front of the machine and not only that, it tracks to yet another spot where it is difficult to reach and clean on q gas station okc! When I take my soap dispenser out to clean, about every two weeks, the inside of the space where it fits also has dried liquid detergent in the corners and edges. This is poor design, it is not because I am using too much detergent – I am not. The lower panel at the bottom of the machine also needs to be cleaned/serviced, according to the manual every 6 months. Well this is also a major pain in the neck requiring the machines to be pulled out from their built in cabinetry positions gas and supply okc and a couple of hex screws to be undone. Really? Couldn’t they make it so the access was all from the front?

As for their functionality – it is fine. They are pretty quiet machines, they do the job, though I don’t believe the auto-sensor works for dryness, and they certainly haven’t broken, though I have only been using them for 1 year. Leaving the washing machine door open after using it has prevented any bad odors, BUT the glass insert in the door accumulates a weird k electric bill payment online soapy grime that requires a scrubby sponge to clean each week. I use the same regular eco-safe detergent (Persil) I used in my previous machine and never had that problem, which makes me believe it is the shape of the glass design. Of course also, these are a bit smaller than many of the big machines out there, but that is well stated in their literature and was no surprise.

Realistically, you cannot do two sets of sheets in one load though. The machine is just stuffed then and the dryer takes forever to dry if it is that full. This is an issue if you have a cleaning lady coming to do all the sheets in one day. It will take forever. Luckily, we just change our sheets on different days, but I no longer have a house full of kids – If I did – this would NOT be family functional washing machine and dryer

The repair folks came by (Martin Harris in Marin County, CA) and gas quality comparison took most of the shards out but didn’t replace the drum and said it would still work. It did for a while but then began making horrible noises like an animal was being gas block dimple jig tortured in the back room. They ordered the wrong part twice while we went to the laundromat spending hundreds of dollars. I finally called the manufacturer myself and they’d never heard of the problem as Martin Harris hadn’t filed a claim against the warranty even though the parts were being ordered from the manufacturer. I request a replacement since this machine is surely a lemon, and they refuse.

I then let them listen to the noise which shocked them, and they immediately called their chief repairman who’d been with the company for many years. Instead of sending the part he recommended, they sent another part. In the meantime the drum and belt e85 gas stations in iowa are replaced which did nothing. It’s been 2 months and we’re still waiting for some relief. Finally the store takes the necessary part – the drive belt assembly – from a new machine in the store and installs it into our machine. They clean out the rest of the shards which had gotten underneath the shaft and the machine worked well again for about a week.

The same noise started again after the top crown tore away again from the frame. They came over from Martin Harris to confirm that the improbably was true and finally requested a replacement. That’s been a month ago. It’s the third week in January and we’ve been dealing with this since early October 2018. It’s just not worth the hassle to take a risk on this machine. It may have had a good reputation at one time, but at this point electric utility companies charge customers for I’d never buy another one, especially since the service is abysmal.