Speedform mustang smoked headlight covers 390751 (15-17 all) – free shipping gas out


Hey, I’m Alex from americanmuscle.com, and this is my quick review and breakdown of the Smoked Headlight Covers, fitting the 2015 through 2017 S550 Mustang. So, in this video, I’m going to give you an idea of the construction and materials of these headlight covers, who these are going to appeal to, and lastly, where to hit the install, which right off the bat I’m going to be giving a very easy one out of three wrenches on the difficulty meter, and you should have these on your S550 in about 15 minutes, tops.

So, if you’re the owner of an S550 and you’re looking to improve the already stellar design of the headlights with something that’s going to be a little bit more sinister and aggressive-looking, depending on how your build is going, these are definitely going to be the covers for you. So, these covers are going to be a great alternative for the S550 owner that doesn’t necessarily want to pick up a roll of tin or vinyl and need to have to install them by themselves by means of cutting, repositioning and heating, which can definitely be not only costly but a pain in the ass.

So, right off the bat here, guys, it’s evident, right in my hands and on the table, as well as on the car, that these are definitely going to be a tough material that’s going to hold up over time to anything the front of your Mustang is going to come in contact with. These are going to be made up of a durable Composolite acrylic material that’s then going to have a light smoke. Now, it’s going to be a little bit tough to see this right here, as I’m going to be under some lighting, but these are definitely on the darker side. But, I would rest easy knowing that your headlights are definitely going to be able to shine through them.

So, looking at the pricing, you should be expecting to be spending around $60 here, which in my opinion, is definitely on the aggressive side and is a huge selling point for me, not only based on the fact that you’re going to have a durable and tough precision-cut material that’s going to fit the front end of your S550 perfectly, as well as being able to withstand some minor rocks and chips, or anything that you’re going to come across in your daily commute.

So, taking a look at the installation here, even if we can call it that, like I said in the beginning of the video, you’re going to be looking at a very easy, one out of three wrenches on the difficulty meter, and you should have these on your Mustang in about 15 to 30 minutes, tops. So, the installation alone here is definitely going to be one of the larger selling points for me, as these are going to install in, literally, a heartbeat.

Now, on the underside of this cover, this is going to come with 3M double-sided tape, and they’re simply going to attach right to your headlight. Now, in order to do so, this is going to come with a supplied alcohol swab. The purpose of that swab is to run that around the perimeter of your headlight to ensure that there’s going to be a firm bond. That swab is going to remove any type of wax, oil or grease residue to ensure that they’re going to stay on your headlights where they belong.

All right, so just to wrap things up here, I definitely like this option for the S550 Mustang, not only based on the fact that the install is going to be, literally, a piece of cake, but for the fact that this is going to come in at a very aggressive price as opposed to picking up a roll of vinyl or tin, which can not only be costly but a pain in the rear end like I had said previously.