Spiders in western australia – information and great photographs electricity questions grade 9


Am trying again mainly because tragedy has struck! I originally tried to find out if others had seen similar behaviour in a spider. We live in the Perth Hills and I have had a beautiful black house spider living in the corner of the window above my shower for well over a year. A few weeks ago we had a sudden cold snap after some really extreme heat. When I was having a shower, I noticed her climbing up her web until she could reach the window pane. She then started to scratch rhythmically with her front legs as far up and out as she could reach causing droplets to form and run down towards her mouth. She then seemed to be drinking the water. She eventually cleared quite a large area of the glass. This happened again the next day. It was fascinating to watch. And now to the tragedy and another puzzle. Yesterday, I noticed that some large grey flies had managed to squeeze down through the extractor fan and were dropping down into the bathroom. Obviously something had died in the ceiling and what looked like carnivorous flies had hatched. gas finder I couldn’t spray because of the spider so went to fetch a fly swatter. Meanwhile a large fly landed in the web and she made a dash at it, grabbed it and dragged it back towards her corner. I swatted a few of the flies and then noticed, to my horror, that the spider seemed to be in trouble. Within less than a minute she let go her web, fell twitching onto the window ledge and died!!! What on earth happened here??????

3 days ago I was bitten in the midst of the night. I thought it may have just been a bull ant, so at first I did not think much of it. I got out of bed and got my little LED flash light and started scanning my side of the bed for a black ball that would signify a bull ant (did NOT want to wake my partner less she bite me too :@). But after about 20 seconds, the pain did not start getting less sharp as a bull ant bite normally would. This triggered something in the back of my mind to keep looking and find whatever it was, so after about 2 mins of looking, I spotted this little spider crawl out of the blanket (where it would have been over my legs), and start it’s little walk over the top of the blanket and onto my partners arm. At this point I flicked it off her towards me (smart moves…) and she woke up. I then placed the torch directly over the spider and it seemed to be subdued by the bright proximity of the LED lights. I asked my partner to turn the lights on and get a container and told her I’d just been bitten by it. She grabbed a container and I managed to coax this thing into and closed the lid.

So seeing this stripe, I immediately got ready and headed stright to the hospital where they treated me with painkillers (which just so you know, the pain got MUCH worse over the course of 30 mins and started burning almost as though I’d spilled boiling water on the spot.) and antihistamines. The triage nurse told me that white tails are now only treated generally as most spider bites are and no longer have specific anti-venom. gas natural Apparently this has been since a study in 2003 found that they are not actually liked with the infection that causes necrosis in the bite.

Now after this trip to the hospital I went home and went to sleep. the next morning I woke up with a splitting headache and the bite area was itching like crazy. It was still red and hurt a little, but was not hurting so much that I noticed it after my morning shower. The headache passed over the course of an hour, so I just scratched it up as sleeping the wrong way.

When the bite first occurred, I presented at the hospital with textbook symptoms of a white tail bite: slight nausea (I only attributed this to the adrenaline of knowing I’d just been bitten by a spider), inflamed local area around the bite, redness of the bite are, localized pain, sweating from the bite area, itchiness and general malaise.

Hi have had a (what i know now was ) a golden orb in the tree outside my house , in the far back corner. I took a pic as the web was so golden in the sun one morning . i do not like any spider i guess cause they are hm juust scarrrry ay . But i watched him (her) for a few weeks and she got fatter and fatter , her Belly would have been as big as a 20 cent coin.

Anyway, my partner who hates spiders to said spray it, well it took me a few days to contemplate, as i didn’t want to get to close. But my daughter came to visit and out she went with the mortein and ummmmmmmm no more golden orb! My youngest son came home from school and told me off, he actually didn’t want it dead. wd gaster theme I know now that they are basically harmless. After reading your site , I even miss seeing HER of a day when i go outside , but i have noticed there is another one smaller making a web near the swimming pool, between the fence and a tree there , i dont think i will be as quick to get rid of this one ,, sorrrrrrrry mrs spider !!! xxx

I love reading this site! I am from the USA. Minnesota, to be precise, which hardly has poisonous anything (a few forest rattlers in the very, very south eastern corner of the state, and an occasional story of the brown recluse or black widow that traveled in someone’s lugguge). I studied in Australia for awhile. My major dealt with the environment, so I luckily got to spend a lot of time outside. I thought it was funny that next to the picture of the jewel spider, you wrote a comment about looking like something you do not want to touch. I was out on a field trip with some of my classmates when we encountered several of these beautiful spiders strung up between bushes, literally hanging like bright colorful jewels on silk necklaces. The first thing that I did was reach out and touch the spines on the back of one because I was fascinated. I guess it never occured to me to fear it because it was not the "business" end of the spider. My classmates thought I was insane, but my professor identified the animals for me and affirmed that they were not harmful. gas 2015 I also got to see huge orb web spiders, and saved a large huntsman spider from my dormies wrath, i.e. fear, by capturing it in a shoebox and letting it go outside. I am not afraid of spiders, even when I know they can hurt me. However, do not get me started on Australian ants! They are aggressive, camoflauged, come in armies, the bite of one can take out your toe for a week after you have managed to pry it off, and they are EVERYWHERE!!!

As a 5th Grader we all had to do Science Experiments on Silk….Silkworms being the preferred Teachers Choice. She then trips over our bags behind our desks and squashes my shoebox with my silk worm Experiment inside. I was then allowed to demonstrate how Spiders use silk. That was awesome, 6 Garden Orb Spiders were collected and as I’m standing out the front of the class with all of them on me the first 2 rows of desks were cleared back to the 3rd row as they were frightened….but I got an "A"

My Ex Wife is terrified of Spiders and one day while vising my Mum in Mandurah (5 Acre Bushland Property) there was this Hugh Huntsman sitting on the wooden beam right over the sliding door leading outside, I was ordered to get rid of it (the Ex is scarier than the Spider). I used Flyspray and it just sat there and took it….squirt some more…nothing….more….nothing….1/4 can later it hadn’t moved. So I just turned the can over and clubbed it…still not dead….it was like it had the outer exoskeleton of a Hornet…bloody tough!!!! The hunter/gather in me won out in the end!!

I’ve had heaps of encounters with huntsmans and i get bitten by spiders a lot, not sure why but they seem to like biting me, but I’m still not scared of them, and afraid of big moths!! I used to bring my mum spiders as presents, even red backs… Hmmm. When I was about 4 I had a massive huntsman sleep next to me, it wasn’t scared of me and when I touched it it would move a little… It was kinda my friend! Lol!! But I stopped liking them so much when I was about 19 and one was a little close to my head when I was trying to sleep, so put it outside. As I was walking back in it ran right up my leg and bit my butt!!!!!!! I flicked it off and it kept running at me the crazy thing!!!!

And another huntsman story, as i said, I really hate moths, especially the huge ones that seem to fly at your face… I was laying next to my boyfriend playing with his hair and suddenly what i thought was a gigantic moth ‘jumped’ onto the back of my hand, I freaked out for a second, but it was a huntsman about the size of my hand, it dropped onto the blanket and ran onto the wall. I was weirdly relieved and apologized to the the poor thing.. Also the other night, my little boy who loves spiders and i, watched a little huntsman curiously approach a big one and the big one attacked the little one and landed right next to us.. Needless to say the little one made a quick exit..!!

Huntsman Spiders are my favourite. I used to be terrified of spiders as a kid, but then my dad found a young one and said it looked hungry, so I caught it in my brother’s bug catcher and gave it a few flies. It tried to gobble up three flies all at once, and after that I was no longer afraid of spiders. I decided to keep "Inci" as a pet, and after a few months of feeding him daily, he shed his skin. It was an awesome sight watching it happen. Anyway, he moulted every few months, and grew to as big as my dad’s hand. Inci grew so tame that he would know when I was picking his cage up to feed him, (he’d get all excited), or when I was just picking it up to handle him. electricity invented what year I let him run up and down my arm under my jumper sleeve and out at my neck like a pet mouse would. To make a long story short, I found so many interesting things about huntsman spiders (I decided to breed them and have studied them for about 7 years). Their venom is pink; the males are hairier and have more red-fuzz around their fangs than females; if they lose legs, they grow back at the next moult; and their blood is a clear turquoise colour. The females lay an egg-sack that’s about the size of a ten cent piece, and have about 100+ spiderlings in each one. When the babies hatch in the egg-sack, the mother will chew a hole in it to let them out, and she counts them as they come out by having a foot over the hole. I’ve heard a lot of people think that they can jump, but they don’t. If they’re afraid they’ll run, then suddenly drop off the wall they’re on. Generally if you don’t bother them, they won’t bother you. 😉