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the central nervous system begins to develop from the ectoderm (the layer of cells from which the brain and spinal cord develop) in the third week following fertilisation when the embryo is only 3-5mm long. Prior to this the ectoderm resembles a flat group of cells running down the middle of the embryo. This flat sheet begins to change, however, and folds to form a groove. (diagrams (a) and (b).) the edges of the sheet eventually come together to form a tube which later develops into the spinal cord and the brain. (diagrams (c) and (d)) this structure is called the neural tube. Once the neural tube closes it sinks into the embryo and is covered by a layer of skin. The spinal vertebrae (bony covering) then begin to form around the tube.

Normally the neural tube closes by the twenty-eighth day after conception. However, if the tube fails to close properly, a neural tube defect will occur. Neural tube defects include the conditions of anencephaly, encephalocele, and spina bifida.

Having enough folic acid (a b vitamin) in your diet is an important part of preventing spina bifida and other neural tube defects. However, to be effective, it needs to be consumed before a baby is conceived. To reduce the risk of spina bifida, most women need 400 ug of folic acid a day. Women who are at risk (such as those who have already had a child with spina bifida) should take 4,000 ug of folic acid a day.4, 5 folic acid may be obtained from vitamin supplements and by eating foods rich in folic acid, such as avocados, black beans, and asparagus. Since 1998, the united states government has required that foods made from grains and sold in the united states be supplemented with folic acid to help reduce the risk for spina bifida.

Do not drink while pregnant. Women who drink large amounts of alcohol during their pregnancy have an increased risk of having a child with physical and mental effects from alcohol exposure.5 no amount of alcohol is considered safe during pregnancy.

Hiya My name is Deborah, I have recently just had my perfect beautiful boy. I had the blood tests done to detect spina bifida I came back as high risk. I recieved a phone call from the hospital one night, I was told I had to go to hospital the day after to have another scan, possibly other tests, They told me and my partner not to worry….of course you naturally do. The day after I went for tests and my little man was not in the right position so we had to wait another long week, another week of not knowing, it was an extremely stressful week wondering what kind of future our new bundle was going to have. Everything was absolutley fine, it can sometimes be the gene that the mum can carry, even though they don’t know. Please Please try not to worry if this happens to you, becauase you can put yourself through agony and more often than not there is no need. If I was to have more children in the future I would have a totally different view on the tests/results. Lastly be really careful of what you read on the internet, is it an official site?

I dont know if there is much documentation out there but I think spinabifida occulta can cause organ prolapse. It did in my case . I have a missing/ unfused segment in lower back and retroverted uterus also as is listed at beginning of thread. I have had a severe prolapse of the uterus after only one child (a large 8.5 ) at 26, the prolapse manifested 3 years later and I found out after surgery I had no ligaments left and had to undergo major pelvic surgery to have these ligaments shortened in order to be able to stand without pain. I was originally offered a hysterectamy which my physio says would not have helped. Surgery & a second surgery to shorten my cervix which had enlarged improved things but I still live with syptoms and am unable to lift weight over 8 kg , bend over for house work without thinking of pelvic floor physio moves and experience regular pain in this region. I did not know I had spina bifida occulta until my gp x rayed me after all surgeries. It explained alot & from what I have read is linked with women whom have not had children having uterine prolapse. I have posted this here because if other women have spina bigifida occulta and are pregnant with first child I would want others to know my experience. I am pro natural birth and am glad I got this experience. Without wanting to alarm anyone , If I had known this, given the size of my child.