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The mortal mind often argues that man lives in a physical environment filled with hazards and dangers to one’s health. But this is an error of belief that can be neutralized with spiritual truth. We can pray and prevent harm to our health from various plants and material substances around us.

“These miraculous signs will accompany those who believe: They will cast out demons in my name…if they drink anything poisonous, it won’t hurt them. They will be able to place their hands on the sick, and they will be healed” Mark 16:17-18, NLT.

Mary Baker Eddy wrote, “If you decide that climate or atmosphere is unhealthy, it will be so to you. Your decisions will master you, whichever direction they take” Science and Health, p. 392. To stay healthy, decide that you live in the atmosphere of divine Love, and then stay there with your thought.

Matter is never a threat to Spirit. Spirit is immune to all material ills. In Truth, you are a spiritual being, living a spiritual life, reflecting a spiritual God. Matter is not a threat to you. Your spirituality is immunity to material threat.

I LOVE this sentence….”Breathe in the atmosphere of divine intelligence.” and it reminds me of one of Martha Wilcox’s lectures called “The Age of Divine Intelligence” (not that Divine Intelligence hasn’t existed throughout every age! ) Well actually, is there ever any “AGE” or “SEASON” at all when as spiritual beings, we live in eternity, not time?

The thought of breathing in Divine Intelligence is wonderful! When my kids were very little I used to tell them “When you open your mouth, God is ALREADY in there to tell you what to say, how to sing and breathe perfectly” which they thought was very funny but it got across the idea of God being everywhere to them.

“Matter is never a threat to Spirit.” This is also a great statement, reminding us that God has no adversary, there is no dual power, God, Good exists, no matter what else seems to be; does not indulge in a (materialistic idea) of fighting good verses evil like some silly transformer movie…”Man is not material, he is spiritual” and man cannot be a threat to himself as a city divided against itself cannot stand..there is only ONE …no dualism. Reply

I am just back from my reading room service. Before I went to the RR I read this SpiritView. And I took with me in mind that line from Hymn 144, and in the RR I several times sat still and let this truth “in atmosphere of Love divine, we live and move, and breathe” have a healing effect in my surrounding there.

Many decades ago I had a tremendous healing from a very nasty allergical matter on my fingers and hands, as I touched a special plant. I bandaged my hands, so that nobody in church saw it. But as I was working as nurses aide at that time for the visiting nurse service in Munich, where I lived at that time, I asked a practitioner for metaphysical help. She told me to read certain passages from SH. The healing occurred within about one week. I was glad and happy and it is permanent. But the thing is, I did not really work and pray at that time in order to understand why it was healed (the deeper metaphysical thoughts).

Therefore I am extremely thankful for Evan`s today`s so clear spiritual explanations. A very helpful sentence today is: “If one has any fear of allergies, it may be an opportunity to accept the allness of God more fully.” I love the spiritual Truths, Evan declares, for instance: “Our spirituality is immunity to material threat.” and “We are spiritual immortals living in the kingdom of heaven.” Actually the whole SpiritView is extremely helpful!!