Spoiler alert which character’s death in avengers infinity war moved you the most emotionally – quora electricity reading comprehension


• Heimdall. I never bothered to see any of the Thor movies in theater aside from the first one, so I was not too familiar with him to begin with, I always thought he was Baldur too. Still, I remember him having his badass moments in the first Thor and props to him for sacrificing himself to get Hulk outta there.

• Fury and Hill. The numbness that followed the ending, amplified by waiting for-fucking-ever for the after credits sequence to see their deaths helped. Still, seeing Samuel L. try to let out one last “Motherfu-” before he went was entertaining. And we got a lead-in for Captain Marvel.

• Dr. Strange. He’s Sorcerer Supreme. If this man insists that this is the way it has to be, then that’s the way it has to be. It was as if he knew all along this was going to happen, and he basically did. His own accepting nature of his death, and the deaths of everyone else leading up to that, helped soften the blow.

• A tie between T’Challa, Falcon and Scarlet Witch. By then, we had already been forced to experience the deaths of several characters, and by the time we saw them fade away I was already beginning to physically and emotionally drain. In the back of my mind I remember thinking to myself, “Fuck, not them too!” Maybe I should’ve watched Black Panther.

• Gamora. God damn, this one shocked me. The emotional roller coaster leading up to it just made it worse, and I was fully expecting to see her clutching to the side of the cliff defiantly once the fog cleared, but nope. This is the death that established that The Russo brothers aren’t messing around anymore for me. No Disney magic to save our heroes this time.

• The Guardians. Just, all of them. I can’t pick which effected me more. I only recently watched both GOTG movies, so their characters were still fresh in my mind. Just to see them all fade away depressingly into oblivion. Rocket futilely reaching out towards Groot as he faded away was probably the worst of all. Quill and Drax never had the satisfaction of revenge. And this is 3rd major death of a loved one Quill has had to experience, first his mother, then Yondu. Finally Gamora, only thing is he can’t avenge her now like he did the other 2. At least he’s with her now, and Drax with his family and Mantis. At least I hope.

• Bucky. Like the other “fade away” deaths at the climax, the other deaths helped soften the blow of this one. It was after, that I realized how much this one sucked. Think about it, Cap spends years thinking his best friend Bucky is dead, he saw it happen after all. Then, he discovers that his best friend miraculously survived, but is now under the control of Cap’s mortal enemies, Hydra. After helping Bucky barely wrench back control over his mind, having to fight an Avengers Civil War to try and save him and finally see Bucky with a clear head and a smile, he just disappears. All that fighting, for nothing. No grandious, dramatic goodbye. All he got out before he disappeared was a questioning, “Steve?”

• Loki. Unceremoniously kill off your most popular villain in the first 8 minutes. That’s a way to grab your audiences attention. Like with Gamora’s, I expected him to come back at some point. “ Maybe it was another copy, an illusion Loki put in his place at the last second. Maybe he survived his encounter with Thanos, after all he’s still half-Asgardian, and Thor survived the explosion.” It wasn’t until about half-way through the movie when I finally realized that the God of Mischief finally ran out of tricks.

• Vision. If Gamora and Loki’s deaths didn’t establish that the Russo brothers weren’t pulling any punches with this movie, Vision’s was just rubbing it in. The whole movie we see his and Wanda’s relationship endure, only for her to be forced to heart-wrenchingly end his life to save the universe. Only for Thanos to reverse the entire ordeal and end his life a second time in as many minutes. Significantly more painfully than the first time.

• Spider-Man. Fuck man, I’ll be damned if this isn’t the most popular answer to this question. Peter was able to power through his moment of doubt in Homecoming, “Come on Spider-Man!” he repeated to himself. This time, Spider-Man was powerless against his fate. The futile clutching of his mentor and hero Iron Man, and the faint crying of, “I don’t want to go” hit me hard man. It made you realize he’s just a kid. A kid, who in that instant just wants to go home and be safe, and be a kid. But can’t.

Peter Parker. I hate this. I hate writing about this. I hate everything. This was the moment that I cried the loudest and my friend told me to shut up (I’m sorry). I can write a two page essay about this but I’ll try to shorten it as much as possible.

At this point, I didn’t know what all these disintegrating deaths were about, besides that it was part of the “half of the universe will die” statement. I didn’t know what it was about until Peter Parker said, “Mr. Stark, I-I don’t feel so well.”

His face was filled with terror and fear. He just witnessed other people perish into dust right in front of his eyes and he knew it might be happening to him. This wasn’t Spider-man. This was Peter Parker, just a fifteen-year-old that doesn’t deserve any of this.

“Mr. Stark, Mr. Stark!” Peter Parker wailed, tears forming in his eyes as he clung to Tony’s warmth desperately. “I-I don’t want to leave. I don’t want to go!” He sobbed. He was going to the refuge he always had, Tony Stark. Tony always helped him out in problems and saved him at his worst. Only this time, he couldn’t do anything.

And I think what made it much more beautiful was Tony Stark. He hugged the little boy, the son he never had. He knew everything was messed up, this shouldn’t be happening to Peter. But what terrifies him more is that he can do absolutely nothing about it. And he feels the trembling boy finally turn into mere dust, knowing that he couldn’t do anything. I’m sure this will torment Tony until the rest of his life.

One: the cloak is sentient. It’s probably alive because it’s got a mind of its own. It fought hard when Ebony Maw attacked New York. It had some screentime without Doctor Strange when he hitched a ride in Ebony Maw’s spaceship and tagged along with Peter Parker and Tony Stark. It helped our heroes battle the Mad Titan himself. I even counted him as one of the best characters back in my review of Doctor Strange (2016). Honestly, that Cloak has even more screentime than Heimdall or even Loki!

Two: it is unfair. It gets ripped, thrown, battered. Yet it still fought valiantly alongside Doctor Strange especially when they battled Thanos. Eventually they had to give up the Time Stone because “it was the only way.” But why did it have to disappear along with Doctor Strange? The Cloak wasn’t supposed to die! It couldn’t have been directly affected when Thanos snapped, right? Even then, surely it can just simply fly away from Strange and hang around with someone else, like say, Tony Stark, which leads us to…

Three: the Cloak is extremely loyal. The Cloak is the best friend. Ever. As I have pointed out, it could have survived by pulling itself away from Strange and just fly towards a new master, but NO. It hung along with Strange – its owner, master, and friend – even as the Sorcerer Supreme started fading away.

You got the feels yet? You see, that Cloak was too good for us. We don’t deserve it. And it certainly didn’t deserve to die like that. Luckily, it looks like Cloak will be back in Avengers 4 (maybe it did not dissolve with Strange after all?), so we’ll keep hanging on until then!