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My girls received their letters from Santa Claus last week, and they were so very excited! The letters came from Lapland Mailroom, and they arrived promptly on Monday, just as we had decorated our Christmas tree and kick-started the festivities. My girls came home from school to find that their elves had returned, and they came bearing gifts, namely the letters from Santa Claus, Nice Child certificates, and activity packs. That should keep them busy in the run-up to Christmas!

The activity packs include a Christmas card that you can colour in and gift to a loved one, a Santa Stop Here door hanger that you can customize, and some Christmas decorations to colour in. They offered a perfect distraction at the weekend while my husband and I caught up on some household chores. Of course, it was the letters from Santa Claus that were the main attraction. Each letter is personalised for the individual child, and my elder daughter was touched to hear that Santa knew about her stay in hospital earlier this year. My younger daughter was pleased that Santa knows about her new bedroom, and that he has already checked where our new house is, so he won’t miss us on Christmas Eve. These details are very important, don’t you know!

Are you planning your summer holiday for 2019? Have you ever stayed in a caravan in the UK? I grew up with caravan holidays, and there are so many happy memories from my childhood. Back then we used to stay in my grandparents’ caravans in North Wales, occasionally staying on other caravan parks, including on the South Coast of England. Two years ago, we took our children to stay in a privately owned caravan in Dorset. Being a young family, and struggling along on a single income, we couldn’t afford a lavish holiday, and even the package deals from companies such as Haven were too expensive. But we managed to book a caravan on a Haven caravan park, enjoying their holiday homes, their facilities, and the surrounding area.

We chose Poole in Dorset for a family holiday, and stayed in a caravan in Rockley Park. i feel electricity in my body The caravan park is very big, but it includes some lovely, family-friendly facilities, including an indoor and outdoor swimming pool, evening entertainment, children’s activity clubs, onsite bar, restaurant, chip shop and convenience store, and a launderette, which came in very useful for me as we were potty training our youngest daughter at that time. The journey from Cheshire to Dorset was a long one, but it was a straight run down the motorway, so we didn’t get lost, and we arrived in Poole very excited to explore. Rockley Park has its own private beach with gorgeous soft sand, a shallow bay which is perfect for young children, and a sailing club for the more adventurous holidaymakers. We spent at least one full day on that beach, sunbathing, building sandcastles, paddling in the sea, and enjoying a picnic.

One reason for our visit to Poole was so that we could take our children to Peppa Pig World at Paulton’s Theme Park. Both our girls are still huge fans of Peppa Pig, and they want to return to the theme park again. My husband and I left the grandparents and dog at Rockley Park, and took the children off to explore for the day. gas jet I have to say, Paulton’s Theme Park is well worth a visit. Yes, it is expensive, but if you budget carefully, it is affordable. The place is easy to find, parking is accessible, and there is a lot to see and do, even just within Peppa Pig World. We came away feeling very happy with our day out, and very impressed with the customer service and organisation.

Finally, I can recommend Rockley Park as a good location for a dog-friendly holiday. We took our dog for walks along the beach in the mornings and evenings when it was quiet, he could stay in the caravan without much additional cost, and we took him almost everywhere with us. There is a dog-friendly beach in Bournemouth, our dog came on a harbour cruise in Poole, and we took him to the isle of Portland, visiting the English Heritage castle and the lighthouse. So much to see and do, we shall have to return sometime for another holiday!

My eyes are bothering me again. The weather has turned stormy, and whenever we have strong wind, my Dry Eye Syndrome worsens. Whenever we have a dry spell, my Dry Eye Syndrome worsens. In fact, most of the weather extremes we have in the UK affect my eye condition one way or the other. Mostly I just don’t make enough natural tears to protect my eyes, and I keep pulling out my eyelashes because they hurt. I have congenital distichiasis (ingrowing eyelashes).

Pain has been a part of me for all my life. As a child I endured many medical procedures to remove ingrowing eyelashes, and as an adult they continued, along with some experimental surgery. gas oil The most extreme of these was eyelid rotation surgery on both eyes, that I had approximately ten years ago. During the time since then I have been diagnosed with blepharitis and loads of other random eye complaints that I can’t even pronounce. Every time I visit the Manchester Royal Eye Hospital for a check-up, the doctor will mention something new, or something I haven’t been informed about before. I am a medical mystery. And it hurts.

The only thing that has helped relieve my pain in recent years is meditation, and more specifically, reiki energy healing. I have read stories about people who managed to cure their illness or disorder with energy healing, but so far that hasn’t happened to me. I went through a period of anger and unhappiness about this fact, until I realised that there is so much more to these situations. My condition is genetic. I was born with it, but I was only diagnosed at around the age of 2 when my brother presented with the same symptoms and my mum battled doctors to get some answers. Since then, I have only been treated to the best of medical science at a given time. This spans through the 1980s, 90s, 00s and to the present day. I have seen an increase in treatment options and products to help alleviate my eye pain during the past ten years.

Learning to work with reiki healing energy has helped to give me some perspective on my health. Outwardly I seem healthy and normal. You might wonder why I wear sunglasses in winter, or why I walk round the supermarket wearing them sometimes (I am super sensitive to light), but otherwise I appear normal. The doctors never made a fuss about my condition, and I never let it affect my lifestyle. grade 9 electricity formulas I learned to drive, I worked full time jobs, I am now a writer by profession, and I learned to work through the eye pain. Reiki helps me to relax, it calms my mind when the pain is particularly bad, and it offers a distraction from the physical disorder of my body. Reiki takes my mind and my spirit to another plane, where I feel nothing, and I don’t have to consciously think about anything. That is how it helps me. Thank you, reiki, and thank you, Great Spirit, for your support and guidance in an often-painful human world.

This year I am offering reiki for Christmas. 10 gases and their uses Well, ok, there are presents for some people, because I just can’t help myself. And my children would be devastated if Santa didn’t visit. But I have learned how to use this amazing gift of self-healing, and I can use it to help other people. Reiki is a great way to slow down when life gets too busy. It calms the mind, it helps to clear out the crap, and it regulates the breathing so that your heart can slow down, and your nervous system can relax. Doesn’t that sound lovely? Especially during a season that is renowned for causing intense stress, mostly to women I believe.

I plan to enjoy a slow, peaceful family Christmas at home. We will visit members of the family that can’t travel, but on Christmas Day I will be at home, with my children and husband, enjoying our first family Christmas in our forever home. We finally have space, we have inherited a whole collection of novelty Christmas decorations from my grandparents, and we cannot wait to have them out on display. I won’t worry about piling up the presents or writing out hundreds of cards. I will keep it low-key, affordable, and manageable. Our Christmas Dinner will basically be like a regular Sunday dinner, only with a few festive additions for a treat. I’m vegetarian anyway, so if my husband wants turkey, he has to fend for himself, and the children won’t eat it. Reiki will surround me, envelop me, reach out to those in my vicinity, and we will all relax and unwind. Ah!