Sports road trips bucknell bison 12 at fordham rams 11 (ncaa water polo, mawpc tournament) – november 17, 2018 electricity quizlet


I’m always on the lookout for new venues, which includes sports in stadiums that don’t regularly host them. This past weekend saw such an event as Notre Dame played Syracuse in a college football game at Yankee Stadium. gas prices going up june 2016 With both teams ranked, it looked like an interesting tilt, but as tickets cost $200 at the box office, I had to wait for the secondary market to cool down. Which it never did. On game day, people were paying $300+ for standing room! No thanks. Notre Dame won 36-3, so in the end, I don’t feel I missed anything.

Still, I wanted to get out to an event that day, so I looked at local colleges and found that Fordham was hosting a basketball tournament at Rose Hill Gym. electric utility companies charge customers for That was good enough, but further investigation showed that they were also hosting a water polo tournament, specifically the Mid-Atlantic Water Polo Conference (MAWPC) Championship. I’ve never seen college water polo before, and as attending would allow me to add another venue to my list, I decided to go.

The tournament took place over three days, with four matches per day. Saturday was Day 2, with the first two matches between Friday’s losers, and the other two between the winners (the semifinals in other words). The venue was the Colonel Francis B. gas 02 Messmore Aquatics Center, which also hosts Fordham swimming and diving. A day pass was $10, and the balcony was surprisingly full, with plenty of family and friends from all 8 squads on hand forcing me to sit off to the side.

I had seen water polo once before, at the S outheast Asian Games in Singapore in 2012, but I needed a quick refresh of the rules, which Wikipedia provides. The key points: there are four 8-minute periods, a 30-second shot clock, major fouls result in an exclusion for 20 seconds (much like a hockey power play) and players other than the goalkeeper cannot touch the ball with both hands at the same time. gas ninjas I arrived in time for the second match, which featured a couple of Division III schools in Johns Hopkins and McKendree. Because so few colleges have water polo programs, Division I schools are in the same conference as those from lower divisions (the primary difference is that Division III schools do not offer scholarships).

Like all college venues, there are banners commemorating past successes, as well as a board with record swim times. v gas station College sports other than football, basketball, and baseball get very little coverage but they have just as much history and are worth exploring. The second match proved this as Bucknell, the top seed, took a quick 4-0 lead on Fordham, only to have the Rams battle back to make 11-9 after three. Defense took over the final frame as neither team could score through 6 minutes, and when the Bison notched their 12th with less than 2 minutes to go, the game was pretty much clinched. electric zap sound effect free A couple of late Fordham markers made the final 12-11.

Bucknell lost the final to GWU 12-11 in overtime, with the Colonials advancing to the NCAA tournament where they will visit Princeton. These are the only two schools in the 8-team tourney that are not from California. In the history of the tournament (which began in 1969) no school from outside the Golden State has even made the final. gas nozzle icon The winner of the GWU/Princeton game will travel to California to play lose to defending champion UCLA. Update: GWU lost 18-6 to the Bruins, who lost to eventual champs USC in the semifinals.