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As of the result of the Cross Country for Males, they had multiple invitational wins involving our home meet known as the Owl Invitational. Slinger Boys Cross Country earned third in conference, with 5 selected runners for all-conference. The all conference runners included: Cael Grotenhuis, Noah Jagielski, Aaron Simays, Tyler Ott, and Evan Sievers. The boys also placed first at the Sectional Championship in Manitowoc. electricity grid map uk Last but not least, they placed 11th at State with the best team finish in school history.

As of the result for the Cross Country for the girls, they won the Owl Invitational as well. Of the many runners, two were selected for the all conference team: Makaila Groves and Paige Fassbender. The Girls also took third at sectionals and the top two teams made it to State. They were defeated by West Bend West by 5 more points. Makaila Groves was the sole member of the girls team to qualify for State, and was observed to be the “Lord of Haste” from Washington County in the State meet.

The first and most obvious thing that I noticed is the theatrics of it all. In other terms, the NHL is much more of a hyped up event than high school hockey is, with the pre-game video and dramatic lighting. I know this is due to budgets, the fact that the admission cost and attendance has everything to do with it. electricity synonyms I just found it odd to go from high school hockey where the most they have is a flag to an NHL game where they dim the lights and then turn on the home team’s main color in strobe lights.

Going back to the ticket thing from earlier, the admission price is a huge difference. To go to an Ice Bears game it’s $2 or free, depending on if you have the activity pass or not. We were in the one hundred section in the Xcel Energy Center and those were over $200 each. gas laws worksheet The cheapest ticket prices I could find were $55. That’s just with the Minnesota Wild, more popular teams would be much more expensive.

I also found it odd that high school hockey is treated with more equality. For example, the lineups for both teams are announced during the start of the game. In the NHL the visiting team’s lineup was announced before the game even started and the home team’s lineup was announced during the beginning of the game where they were greeted with cheers and had pauses between each player.

Another thing is fighting. If you’re a hockey fan, you know how important the fighting is. Hockey is the only non-combat major sport that allows fighting, and if you watch the sport, you know why. In NHL hockey fighting is allowed with penalties as consequences. grade 6 electricity unit ontario In high school hockey fighting is not allowed, and if you’re caught fighting, you get game suspensions. I’m talking like two or three game suspensions in high school hockey compared to a two to five minute penalty in the NHL.

The zamboni, the machine that cleans the ice, is something that’s different that surprised me. electricity sources in us At high school hockey games there’s only one zamboni that cleans during the second intermission at JV games and during every intermission at varsity games. In the NHL, there’s two zambonis (and the fan cart) that cleans after warm ups, during the first intermission, during the second intermission, and at the end of the game. In this way, varsity games are similar to NHL games.

Intermissions are also something that’s different. At NHL games there’s two intermissions that are eighteen minutes long each. At the JV games the first intermission is one minute long and then the second intermission is about ten minutes. It depends on how long they take to use the zamboni, then the referees have to be on the ice before the players. gas utility austin At varsity games the intermissions are also about ten minutes due to the fact that they use the zamboni in the first and second intermission.

At Slinger’s Regional wrestling tournament, 11 Slinger wrestlers advanced to the individual sectional meet. Gavin Skinner (106), Cameron Tonsor-Heesen (120), Caleb Ziebell (126), Hudson Mountjoy (132), Jake Budnik (145), Adam Beine (152), Logan Stegemeyer (160), and Bennett Connolly (182) won regional titles. Aaron Soneson (113), Jacob Klinger (170), and Casey Osterberg (285) finished third at the tournament. Overall, Slinger’s team won the regional tournament, so they were able to advance to the Team Sectional against Germantown.

Slinger High School hosted their individual sectional tournament. Eight Owls advanced to the individual state tournament in Madison: Skinner, Ziebell, Soneson, Tonsor-Heesen, Budnik, Beine, Stegemeyer, and Connolly. Skinner and Ziebell were sectional champions. At the state meet, Beine placed 4th and Ziebell placed 6th. Congratulations to these individual wrestlers at their strong performances among the best wrestlers in Wisconsin!

The 2017 Singer wrestling team has completed an absolutely amazing year, ending the season in Madison this past Friday at the UW Kohl Center for the Team State Tournament. frictional electricity examples Slinger had a quite the crowd, with two fan buses of high school students, the entire Slinger pep band, the families of our wrestlers, and many other community members. There was a large sea of red in the stands. Although Slinger lost the first round in Team State to Holmen High School with a final score of 44-17, Slinger wrestling has been named one of the top 8 teams in the state of Wisconsin. Slinger was able to advance to the state tournament after defeating Germantown High School 53-21 on February 14 in their Team Sectional. The following Slinger wrestlers competed in Madison on Friday: Gavin Skinner (106), Aaron Soneson (113), Cameron Tonsor-Heesen (120), Caleb Ziebell (126), Chris Melius (132), Hudson Mountjoy (138), Jake Budnik (145), Adam Beine (152), Adam Grudzinski (160), Logan Stegemeyer (170), Bennett Connolly (182), Caleb Kovacevich (195), Nate Balistriere (220), and Casey Osterberg (285). There were wins from Ziebell, Mountjoy, Beine, and Connolly.