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Air flows in and out of a building through every hole, crack and crevice–roughly 33% of it infiltrates through walls, ceilings and floors. This exchange of air is the leading cause of escalated energy bills. The mechanical systems that heat and cool buildings are continuously operating; reducing extreme temperature variations minimizes the strain on these systems and leads to lower energy bills.

Superior energy efficiency mostly depends on creating a better air “seal.” Wall insulation is a significant issue toward energy savings, but there are other factors that will lower a structure’s efficiency. As much as 40% of energy loss is due to air infiltration. Therefore, the most effective way to improve energy efficiency and comfort in your home or commercial property is to seal it with foam.

• Moisture Control – Doors and Windows: Water and moisture in the building envelope is the single, greatest threat to building durability in residential construction. In addition to causing building-durability issues, moisture can create ideal conditions for mold growth, which can dramatically impact occupant health.

What really makes a house a home is how comfortable it feels to you and your family. Imagine living in a home where the temperature remains consistent… no hot or cold spots. Homes insulated with FOAM-LOK Spray Foam are just simply more comfortable because you control the environment within. And along with the benefits of comfort , you will also enjoy : noise reduction, better air quality , and reduced energy consumption,.All of this adds up to a more comfortable , efficient home for you and your family .

“High performance home construction requires the best insulation to creative the greatest value for homeowners . I have Lapolla FOAM-LOK Spray Foam insulation in my home to ensure better air quality and energy savings. Lapolla is my choice in high performance insulation .”

FOAM-LOK is a fully adhered insulation that is spray applied into wall cavities providing a continuous air and moisture barrier. Spray Foam allows efficient use of your HVAC system and helps regulate the temperature fluctuations and humidity in your home .

How to insulate my attic And Preparing For Winter. Generally, any attic insulation project is going to cost between $2.50 to $3.50 per square foot, insulating attic roof with Spray Foam insulation will save money, types of attic Spray Foam insulation " Open Cell – Closed cell " how to insulate an attic roof rafters When properly installed, either type of Spray Foam insulation will act as a perfect air barrier, sealing off all attic bypasses.

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