Spring 2018 – romney, west virginia – may 18 – may 20, 2018 adventure rider gas in california


I think we’ve been doing this long enough that many of you already know how the guys at Romney go out of their way to make us feel welcome. They remain interested in growing their involvement in the Adventure market and are pleased to hosting the event again in 2018. If you haven’t yet joined us for a Camp N Ride event, please take a look at that great time people are having each year.

In 2018 Romney is proud to continue supporting the community with this event. To date our Camp N Ride riders have contributed over $10,600 to charity. Once gain Romney Cycles has selected The Potomac Center as the charity for 2018. The Potomac Center has a 37 year history of providing residential assistance and support to both children and adults with developmental disabilities as they learn the skills needed to live successful lives.

I know the staff at Romney is very pleased to select The Potomac Center. In a way, The Potomac Center has been a participating in the Camp N Ride since the beginning. Most everyone who has setup a tent for the Camp N Ride has done it on property owned by The Potomac Center. They have always been generous with us using their property for the Camp N Ride and it is great we have an opportunity to recognize and support them in they work they do for the community.

If you were at Romney in 2017 when the kids walked across the field to join us you know it was a special moment for both the riders and the kids. It really drove home the how great it is for us to have an opportunity to help. I am so proud to be associated with so many fantastic people who are willing to make a positive difference for these kids and adults that need so much, but ask for so little. The riders at the Camp N Ride are a generous group and I really look forward to what we can do again in 2018 to make things better for those living at The Potomac Center.

Romney has recognized that as this event grows there are more people are coming from greater distances. For the people who want more time to take advantage of the fantastic roads in the area, Romney is happy to have people arrive on Thursday, May 17. Do be aware that they are still in normal dealer operation mode on Thursday, so not all weekend amenities will be in operation. Meaning port-a-potties will be there, but showers may not be operational until Friday. For everyone else the usual schedule has been most everyone arrives at some point during the day or evening that Friday. Saturday is ride day, and everyone headed their own way on Sunday. The dealership provides the camping area in a nice field next to the dealership, portable toilets, showers, water, ice, a coffee maker for the morning, plenty of wood for the fire each evening, a gas fireplace, and they sponsor the meal on Saturday evening. They also worked out a group rate at one of the local motels.

As far as Saturday rides… it’s open. Talking around the fire Friday evening was how most people hooked up with who they would ride with on Saturday. Attendance at this event in the last few of years has been 80+ (hard rain), 120+ (light rian), and 160+ no rain. If you think you have some good ideas of what would be a nice ride and you are willing to take some people with you, please do.

In 2015 we found the newly implemented "In Case Of Emergency" (ICE) document and sign in procedure to be very useful. Let’s face it, who is going to predict a tree falling on a rider? The sign in, wrist band, ICE process will continue in 2018.

We will also be needing volunteers to help keep the event running smoothly in 2018. Honestly we’ve had a core group of volunteers that have been wonderful for the last couple of years. If they decied to volunteer again in 2018 we’ll have it all covered. But I won’t be shocked if we’ll be looking for some additional help. It’s a good way to spend the day if you’re not riding. I always enjoy it. Signing people in, selling charity raffle tickets, distributing pre-ordered shirts, helping first timers know what to ride, and generally meeting most everyone that attends the event. If you would like to assist on one of the days please track down either Wreckchecker or myself.

Romney Cycles will want a ballpark figure on how many to plan for, but obviously it’s way too early for anyone to commit this far in the future. When time gets closer I’ll try to get a headcount. But until then post up if you think you may attend, have any suggestions or questions.

This following is not an obligation, more of a way to see how many and who may be coming. Post to this thread or send me a PM and I’ll add/remove you from the list. When we’re a few weeks out we’ll try to get a more official headcount so Romney can make their plans.

Several volunteers have put together formatted PDF route sheets and GPX (GPS) files from previous year’s rides and a few brand new ones as well. We think there’s at least one route for every rider on just about every bike wishing to experience West Virginia’s fantastic asphalt, gravel and/or dirt.