Spring loaded pin options electricity basics


Spring-Loaded pins are often sold pre-assembled into high temperature thermoplastic to form connector arrays. We offer hundreds of standard arrays down to .050” pitch or we can also selectively load pins into specific customer patterns. It is also possible to incorporate mounting hardware into the insulator such as threaded inserts to fixture the connector to a board or other substrate.

Mill-Max currently offers several spring pins on tape & reel including the 0910-X series, 0921-0, 0977-0, 0871-0 and the insulated pin series 807-22-001-X0-0XX191. Contact technical support to discuss packaging a particular part on tape & reel.

Mill-Max part family 0990-0 and 0990-1 through -4 and 0997-0 through -9 are discrete SLCs featuring a large base utilized for increased PCB stability. These part families offer a range of application heights from .137" to .430" (3,48mm to 10,92mm.)

Mill-Max offers a series of rugged spring pins capable of carrying 9 amps continuous current at a low 10° C temperature rise. The Mill-Max high current spring pins are the perfect solution for rugged applications and for use as power and ground pins.

Where electrical isolation is required, Mill-Max offers a range of spring loaded pins with insulating sleeves. This feature provides insulation of the spring pin terminal for situations such as passing through a conductive case or housing, or for isolating the pin from surrounding conductive components or elements.

This plastic sleeve also brings the added benefit of enabling our discreet spring pins to be packaged on tape and reel for individual placement on a PCB. The insulator sleeve keeps the pin stable in the pocket to facilitate the pick and place process. The high temperature Nylon 46 material is suitable for ROHS soldering processes.

Our spring-loaded pins are typically designed to maintain 60 grams of force at mid-stroke. For applications requiring a force higher or lower than the standard, a spring may already be available for the spring pin or connector you are interested in. The product detail pages of some spring-loaded pins indicate the spring force options available; you can also consult with an applications engineer to discuss your requirement and possibly have a custom spring designed.

Mill-Max has a selection of through hole (right angle) and SMT horizontal mount spring-loaded and mating target interconnects. These pins and connectors are designed for parallel or right angle mating of boards and components. There are connectors on .100" and .050" pitch. The lowest profile options are the horizontal surface mount (HSMT). The right angle connectors are available in single row packages.

For customers looking to utilize spring-loaded pins to terminate wires or cables, Mill-Max offers specific spring-loaded pin designs with solder cups or crimp barrels. Two categories of discrete pins are available; standard size which accept up to 24 AWG wire and large scale for up to 16 AWG. The standard size pins are rated for up to 2 amps while the large scale pins are capable of handling 9 amps. The standard solder cup style is also available in single and double row strips.

The 0980 spring-loaded pin has a unique double action incorporating a spring loaded plunger at both ends of the pin. This type of pin is typically used to facilitate a challenging manufacturing process such as where multiple finished subassemblies – boards or components – are stacked and then mechanically fastened together. Another example is a situation in which soldering to the circuit board is not an option at a given stage of the assembly. When using a double ended spring loaded pin it is recommended to compress the pin to near full stroke as the pressure of the plungers on the mating surfaces is the only factor keeping the electrical connection intact.

Mill-Max spring pins can be combined to make power and signal connectors by providing differing height and stroke spring pins in the same insulator for efficient combination connectors. Spring pins with different heights and strokes can be utilized in connectors to accommodate mate first/break last requirements of hot swap connectors.

If you cannot find the exact product you are looking for from our standard line-up, we can work with you to design a custom pin or connector specifically for your needs. Feel free to contact our engineering department to discuss your design requirement. With low minimums and competitive pricing, you should be able to find the solution you need, whether it is for full production or prototyping volumes.