Stage iv cancer treatments gas in michigan

Read this free eBook at least once a month. Stage IV cancer is where almost all of the research of the Independent Cancer Research Foundation, Inc. is focused. For those on a very limited budget, also see this article on inexpensive cancer treatments: Inexpensive Cancer Treatments. For those women who are pregnant, who may be pregnant or who may become pregnant, it is important to read this article: Pregnancy and Cancer. About this free ebook

The first two years I was researching alternative cancer treatments, I did not fully understand that some alternative cancer treatments were much stronger than other alternative cancer treatments. It actually came as a shock to me that some alternative cancer treatments were simply not strong enough for some situations that advanced cancer patients were facing.

Armed with that revelation, I started to research which of the alternative cancer treatments were strong enough for almost any cancer patient. It was this research which led to this eBook and the ranking of the strengths of alternative cancer treatments on this unique website.

I also learned that testimonials need to be understood in context. For example, a testimonial for a newly diagnosed liver cancer patient, who used carrot juice and a strong cancer diet (i.e. the cancer diet is a list of the foods which are allowed and are not allowed during treatment) may not be strong enough for an advanced cancer patient and may even inadvertently mislead an advanced cancer patient into using a treatment which was not strong enough for their situation.

At any given time the Independent Cancer Research Foundation, Inc. is researching several alternative cancer treatments. It is critical to check back with this eBook from time to time to see if any new treatments qualify as Stage IV alternative cancer treatments.

The original article for advanced cancer patients, over time, grew to such a size it has been broken down into chapters. There was simply no other way to deal with the massive size of this article due to the vast number of issues which advanced cancer patients must understand.

Going into even more depth, and even discussing specific supplements to accomplish specific tasks, this chapter details the “Cardinal Rules” an advanced patient needs to understand. For example, one cardinal rule explains how to determine whether your alternative cancer treatment is working or not. This chapter is the first of the very critical cancer treatment chapters.

Well-known cancer researcher Bill Henderson has stated that he has seen hundreds of cancer cases where the patient could not be cured of their cancer until after they had had their dental infections, mercury / amalgam and prior root canals removed.

While the prior chapter was on root canals and mercury, this chapter is on dental cavitations. Dental cavitations are generally created during root canals and tooth extractions. They primarily involve incredibly dangerous toxins and residual tissue which was not properly removed during dental surgery. This is another very important chapter to understanding why some cancer cases cannot be cured until these dental issues are resolved.

Many very advanced cancer patients have a sequence of events in their bodies which consumes an enormous amount of energy and causes weakness, lack of appetite, throwing up, and creates a body full of lactic acid. Two protocols to deal with this situation are given.

Generally speaking, Stage IV cancer treatments are too strong to be combined with each other because you do not want to kill too many cancer cells too fast. This chapter lists a number of treatments and devices which can compliment the Stage IV treatments without killing too many cancer cells too fast.

The concept of remission means that your cancer is cured and you can go back to your normal life. This will never happen for those who have had extensive chemotherapy. Chemotherapy destroys a persons immune system. Without rebuilding the immune system it is impossible to truly be in remission. This chapter teaches critical concepts about how long it takes to rebuild the immune system, meaning how long a person should be on an alternative cancer treatment. This chapter will teach you that the key to being in remission is not the number of cancer cells in the body, but rather the strength of the immune system.