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We assume REY’s Point of View as she approaches the WITCH, and it becomes apparent that the woman is very tall, or that Rey is very small. A small pair of hands appear into the frame from below, holding with them a bouquet of freshly picked flowers. The hands are dirty, riddled with small cuts. The WITCH’s own hands, with their graceful slender fingers, find REY’s, and we see her smile under a dark silk veil as she removes her blindfold. Her eyes, though an eldritch gold, are filled with warmth and love, then worry as she sees the wounds on the child’s tiny hands.

CUT TO: Rey’s point of view, as the WITCH whispers something which, even at a distance, feels like it is channeled straight into REY’s ears. The words are a jumble, but they have power: the wounds glow and scab over, and when the incantation is done the WITCH blows air onto the wounds, causing to scabs to disintegrate and scatter to the winds, leaving only behind unmarked, unbloodied skin on Little REY’s hands.

The inside of the Mansion is pretty much one would expect the inside of a tree to be like, everything made up of the dried flesh underneath the bark. Everything was grown to suit a person’s needs, from beds to shelves, from sinks to chairs. The walls and shelves were decorated with the WITCH’s trophies, gear and sundries: A Rancor doll, a coiled LIGHTWHIP, a set of black VIBROKNIVES, bundles of clothes, specimen jars of eyes, bird hearts, mushrooms and eggs suspended in liquid… As for what couldn’t be grown, it had to be carved and cut, such as the stairwell REY climbed up to follow the Witch.

From REY’s POINT OF VIEW, the Witch beckons her to follow her, bouquet in hand. gas jokes The WITCH doesn’t step so much as float towards the fireplace, and she kneels besides it, so that REY can have a good look at the flower she picks from all the rest – a POPPY. The WITCH shifts the POPPY between her fingers, mutterring something, before crushing its petals and spreading over the open fire. Smoke emerge from the flames, taking various shapes, before settling into butterflies that fly all around REY, making her giggle. The Witch traces a symbol into the ashes with fire poker, and beckons REY once again to come closer.

The Holy Order of the Blood of Ren, also known as the Knights of Ren, is an elite religious paramilitary organization currently affiliated with the First Order, made up of Force Sensitive individuals trained in various disciplines of war and magick. Besides serving as the elite guards of the leader of the Cult of Ren (Supreme Leader Snoke), the Knights of Ren are also expected to serve as both spiritual leaders and guardians of the law to the people of the First Order, effectively making them the equivalent of the Jedi Knights before the Ruusan Reformation. This has led some to believe that the Knights of Ren are an offshoot of the Jedi from that era, but in truth the inception of the Knights of Ren had nothing to do with the New Sith War, and everything to do with the fall of the Valendian Empire.

What primarily differientiates the Knights of Ren from the Jedi and the Sith is the object of their worship: The Holy Decanter containing the Blood of Ren. The Knights regard it as their most holy of relics, believing it to be the source of all their power, and thus guard it jealously within the depths of the Flagship Agreus, their primary headquarters. gas after eating salad While it is doubtful that the Force comes from a glass bottle, the mutagenic properties of the Blood of Ren do grant (amongst other physical mutations) Force Sensitivity to any sapient that ingests or auto-injects it, although they quickly become physically and psychologically dependent on regular dosage or risk severe withdrawal symptoms. Furthermore, the Knights have a keen interest in the research and development of Kyber-based weapons, cybernetics and midichlorian biotech, which some among the Jedi and Sith would consider heretical.

The finances of the Knights of Ren are nebulous, though it is largely suspected by the Chiss that they own and control their own bank. The Chiss further extrapolate that the organization’s fortune is vast, since Jerec Ren, master of Scholars, has managed several archeological expeditions and digs across the Outer Rim and Unknown Regions that should have cost close to half a billion credits to fund. These expeditions have borne a lot of relics, and even more treasure.​

Ceadeus Ren – Race unknown, possibly human or devaronian. Height: 208 cm. Weight: 108 kg. v gashi 2015 Known as the Brute by members of the Free Droids Alliance due to the particularly brutal deaths of [REDACTED], [REDACTED], and [REDACTED] during the [REDACTED]. ‘Master’ of the Ordo Gladiator within the Knights of Ren, with the title of "Paladin". Close Combat Specialist, favours sword and shields augmented by built-in ranged weapons. When these ranged weapons run out of charges or are disabled, Ceadeus has demonstrated an ability to weave in telekinesis to his melee abilities

Easily one of the most physically formidable Knights of Ren next to Maw, Ceadeus is responsible for the deaths of several former Rebels a year ago, and more recently and infamously, former senator and retired Chancellor Mon Mothma. Currently leading an attack on Ryloth with his flagship the Alexander with the assistance of Irvine Ren and Astraea Ren. UPDATE: Attack successful. Capital sacked. gas prices going up in michigan Premier Noblet publicly executed, along with his entire family and his cabinet.

Mounted on the Grandship Agreus, Banshee turrets are capital ship weapons unique to the Knights of Ren. designed to focus an incredible amount of exotic energies and project them to a target, usually another starship. The exposed central component, disturbingly enough, is a force-sensitive woman connected to the machine through several cybernetic ports along the spine and arms. This component is drawn from a pool of force sensitive women (usually aged 18 standard) who have failed Prime Communion with the Blood of Ren, or Communion with a Master Thaumaturge, Scholar, or Astrologian.

The name ‘Banshee’ refers to an old Alderaan myth of screaming female ghosts, and the term is appropriate: whenever a Banshee cannon fires, the central component screams, and the sound can somehow be registered in the void of space, due to Phantom Energy distorting space. During this, holographic rings appear in front of the central component. The purpose of these rings are unknown, but it is probably meant for targeting purposes.

​The FALCON glides down, moving past the flying city’s central tower, then grazing the lighting rod of a CLOCK TOWER. Then, its starboard side grinds against a LIBRARY, smashes against the roof of a TEMPLE, before finally hitting the cobblestones of a main street, sliding on and on until it is meters away from the edge of one of FIRWIRRUNG’s six arms – the TEMPLE DISTRICT.

One of the FIRWIRRUNG’s long dormant lightning cannons comes to life, and fires a stream of electricity at one of the dropships, which chains to the others in the formation. It doesn’t quite destroy them, and their pilots lose control of the craft. grade 6 electricity unit Larger weapons wake up, aimed at the LEYAK and the RED REAVER, and these cannons loose lighting balls that blow through the large vessel’s hulls.

The RED REAVER, being the more sleek vessel, is the most damaged, but it launches several escape pods before its reactor core overloads and obliterates the ship in a conflagration of plasma. The LEYAK, meanwhile, does not explode, nor does it launch escape pods, instead, it manages to crash in the middle of the TEMPLE DISTRICT, kilometers away from the FALCON.

REY half-wakes, smiling, in a bed made for two, she breathes in, slowly, and we brief glimpses of what she smells, a myriad set of still life, breakfast for two: Eggs. Bacon. Freshly baked bread with butter on the side. A bowl of fresh fruit. A pitcher and glass of orange juice, covered in droplets. All of it is illuminated by golden sunshine blazing through the window. All made for her by her beloved. The montage ends with a CLOSE UP of REY’s mouth, savoring the meal, suppressing a giggle as someone off-screen wipes egg from her mouth with his thumb. It would almost be erotic, were it not for the briefness of the moment.

We are back on the bed. q mart gas station The rays of sunlight move away from REY’s half-sleeping form. The shadows reach her eyes, disturbing her, causing her to wake fully. REY stretches contently before reaching for the empty side of the bed. Her hand only finds soft fabric and quilted pillows. REY ‘wakes’ completely now – something’s missing. Something important.

Rain begins to fall upon the coastal home, an ancient thing of stone bricks topped by a tiled roof. It is marked by age, but had been given a great deal of care, allowing it to endure the test of time. Another sequence begins, of not-so still life, all of it relentlessly assaulted with light rain: A project car, its mechanical heart exposed. A chopping block and firewood: rain plinks on an axe. A mailbox filled with birthday cards and congratulations for a happy event. A BICYCLE’s wheel, it’s wheel spinning through the power of a chain, shaking off the drops. The montage ends with the front door of the house, exposing the coat rack, a raincoat, REY’s raincoat, conspicuously absent from it.

The road in front of REY is gravel, mud, and the occasional puddle. The sky is grey, filtering the sunlight. On each side of her are broken palings, separating her from the grassy hills and fields. It’s quiet and peaceful, but the warmth from earlier is gone. REY shivers under her coat, but she presses on. electricity n and l She’s looking for someone, someone important.