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The stats total of a hero is the sum of all the hero’s raw stats (HP + ATK + SPD + DEF + RES). This total is used mainly in Arena matchmaking to match teams with similar stat totals against each other gas welder salary. The rating of a hero is the sum of all the hero’s base stats including stats from skills. There is an option under the Allies menu that allows heroes to be sorted by their rating, but there is currently no option for sorting heroes by their la gasolina mp3 total base stats.

A unit can either have one positive and one negative stat variance, or no stat variance at all. A unit cannot have multiple positive variances in different stats, nor can it have multiple negative ones. For example, a player cannot receive a Hero who has a positive variance in two different stats, a negative variance in three different stats and vice versa.

A Hero’s stats at level 40 can be determined by looking at their level 1 stats, and electricity outage in fort worth a hidden stat called growth rate. Each hero has a growth rate value attached to each of their five stats, these growth rates are always the same for each specific Hero. Only growth rates in multiples of 5% are ever electricity png used for Heroes so far, but stat values for growth rates that are not multiples of 5 exist.

Growth rates determine by how much each stat will increase from level 1 to level 40. A growth rates increase by 5% for Assets and decrease by 5% for Flaws. The following are the steps to calculate the amount of increase for stats from level 1 to level e gaskell 40, which will be called the growth value. For example, a unit with 43 HP at level 40 and 19 HP at level 1 will have a growth value of 24 (since 43 − 19 = 24).

First, the game takes the growth rates stored in the Hero files, also known gas and supply as pure growth rates, then multiplies the growth rates by a rarity factor, which changes depending on the unit’s rarity. As with most calculations in the game like damage calculations, the result is truncated (all numbers after the decimal place is removed and the result is a whole number).

Thus, this Micaiah will gain a total of 26 Atk from level 1 to level 40. Notice how there are 39 levels in the game to gain stats. The formula 39 × 68% can also be phrased as 68% of 39. It can also gas zeta costa rica be said that for each level up, this Micaiah would have roughly a 68% chance of gaining Atk, though it is not actually random (see the section on level 2-39 stats for more information). In short, whereas the mainline Fire Emblem games level ups were truly random, Fire speedy q gas station Emblem Heroes has the level 40 stats determined by what would be the average stat at level 40 (truncated).

Notice how the table is not uniform, which can lead to different electricity powerpoint template stat totals at level 40, if a unit’s Asset or Flaw shifts a growth rate so that the resulting growth value changes more (or less) than usual. An example of this would be Fae: Divine Dragon’s HP growth rate, which is 70%, and can be shifted to 75% by a Asset, which at rarity 4 and 5 increases the growth value by 3, as opposed to the standard 2.

However, the general level up formula is only applicable at level 40 for playable units, because playable units gas unlimited houston texas have a level cap of level 40. The formula is also not used for levels lower than level 40 for playable units, because the game calculates the stats at level 40, and then randomizes the order 9game of stat level ups for the levels in between. This, along with Assets and Flaws [1], work to give the illusion of the unique stat randomness mechanic that is present in the mainline Fire Emblem series games.

Stat values at intermediate levels for playable units are derived using pseudo-random growth vectors, hardcoded strings that indicate whether a stat will increase by 1 on a given level. The electricity recruitment 2015 growth vector for a stat is selected based on the stat’s growth value, and the calculated growth vector ID, which determines which specific growth vector to use out of all the ones for a particular growth value. Growth vectors are stored in /Common/SRPG/Grow.bin.lz of the game’s data directory.

Any two identical heroes with the same IV and rarity will receive the same stat growths at all levels. Thus, all 4 Jagen units with neither gas city indiana zip code a HP Asset nor a HP Flaw will always have 27 HP at level 18. Because the contents of the growth vectors are gas giants seemingly random, it is possible that a hero’s neutral stat is smaller than the Flaw stat or larger than the Asset stat on the same level.

There are patterns that have been observed from how Intelligent Systems decides to allocate unit stats. These patterns allow reasonable predictions to be formed about a unit’s stats based on factors such as their movement type. This section will describe modifiers for units in relation to generation 1 infantry close units, such as an infantry youtube gas pedal dance sword unit. A list of Heroes and what modifiers they have based on this section can be seen on the growth rate patterns table.