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Records include: accounts payable files; accounts receivable files; bank statements; cancelled checks, vouchers, and EFTS; cash balances and reconciliations; cost accounting records; deposit slips and reconciliations; invoices; journal entries (journal vouchers); outstanding obligations; payment schedules; purchase orders; receipts; returned checks; reconciliations; refund/disbursement requests; moving expenses; agency-paid individual memberships and activities in professional organizations; registration fees; and travel authorization and reimbursement records.

This series documents the procurement of equipment and service valued in excess of bid limit. This series may include but is not limited to: requests for proposal (RFP); requests for invitations to bid (RFI); requests for quotes (RFQ); vendors proposals and bids; records for all bids received; and competitive quotes.

This series includes the records of an agency’s director, deputy director, and division directors. Records with historical value include memoranda, reports, and other documentation concerning the administration of policy, coordination of agency functions, and management of program activity. Records of a routine or non-substantive nature that do not document policy decisions or significant programmatic and functional activities.

This series documents the activities of agency employees who engage in lobbying the state. Records may include: lobbyist registration statement forms; lobbyist termination forms; lobbyist expenditure report forms; lobbyist listings; and salary information.

Newspaper clippings: Retain for useful life. Scrapbooks: Contact Archives staff before disposition to ensure that any original materials contained in the scrapbook are retained for the duration of their retention period and that no permanent records are destroyed.

Records documenting the addition, modification, maintenance, and removal of software and/or hardware from an agency’s computer system. Records may include: computer equipment inventories; hardware performance reports; component maintenance records; system backup reports; backup tape inventories; system overviews; operations logs; job listings; system development logs; system specifications and changes; conversion notes; dataset logs; dataset inventories; dataset record layouts; hard copies of tables; data dictionaries; programming logs; program specifications and changes; record layouts; user views; control program table documentation; program listings; instruction manuals; software purchase records; software inventories; and licenses.

Computer Equipment Inventories: 4 years after surplussed and all audit requirements have been met; Records related to backup: Retain for 2 backup cycles; All other records: Life of system, software, or component and all audit requirements have been met.

This series documents the planning and development of agency information systems. Records may include: information technology plans; feasibility studies; cost-benefit analyses; studies and surveys; system specifications and revisions; component proposals; technical literature; and vendor literature and proposals.

Records documenting employment applications of persons not hired. Records may include but are not limited to: unsolicited, incomplete, and complete applications; supporting documentation, interview notes and materials; background surveys; and correspondence.

Records documenting an employee’s work history with the agency, generally maintained as a case file; includes records of continuing education, performance evaluations, disciplinary actions, and background checks. Please note: no central agency maintains these records, it is the responsibility of individual agencies to maintain the personnel files of their employees.

This series documents the activities and administration of an agency’s volunteer program. Records may include: volunteer hour statistics; volunteer program publicity records; insurance requirement information; and inactive volunteer files containing applications and conditions of volunteer service forms.

Records relating to the planning, administration, and implementation of capital construction projects; includes project descriptions and requirements, bid records, plan reviews, project schedules, contract changes, consultant contracts, and budgets.

Records documenting service history, mileage, damage repair, routine preventative maintenance and disposition of agency vehicles and equipment. Records type include warranties, operating manuals, service contracts, and service logs for maintenance of agency-owned equipment and vehicles etc.