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Excellent rendition of the facts and flaws. The next step and most difficult is how to fix the system so it is fair and equitable to all. We need to throw electricity outage houston the federal governments intrusion and mandates into the equation. The sugar bowl of money flowing through the system has so many flies sopping their portion any tweaking will be difficult and almost impossible. Consider the following: The most potential and acceptable would be a state wide fixed per student voucher amount system paid by each COUNTY based on the number of students (# of students x per student fixed voucher amount = total fund ). Student Fund will be the accumulation of the actual prior year collection that is on deposit in escrow plus LOTTO contribution. The COUNTY collected prior year on deposit in escrow was resulted from a SCHOOL tax (added on to the STATE sales tax collected deposited and in escrow for Next years funding. Each student is individually identified as a resident by SS# and a voucher amount allocated per SS# to be drawn down based on attendance days. The details electricity reading comprehension of complications i.e. move ins, immigrants, what is excused absence and all etc(s) will need working out. Of course this would require a year of transition and funding in excess/addition to the current la gasolina system. Equity is to put the burden on the entire population and not just the one seqment of the society (property owners). The dissolving of the many BUREAUCRATS and department s with a simplified system will create some economies. Many PUBLIC SERVANTS will be screaming. Dissolving the already floundering and bankrupt ISD’s and replacing them with a non-political entity would be a great improvement. Terminating the FEDERAL tentacles and funds with their required mandates would be great. that would be a step in killing the corrosive effect the Lyndon Johnson Great Society has had causing the decline in the education of America. David

Gorge hit the nail on the head. Illegals and legals born to illegals are destroying not only the school system but cities, Here electricity magnetism and electromagnetic theory pdf is how. Texas has more students in school than 6 states have total population. Hispanics are the majority at 52 percent and growing every year while white student population is 37 percent and reducing every year. 66 percent of students are classified as poverty level. The property poor school districts are growing at a rapid rate, requiring more Robin Hood money. it’s a fact that students from poor or single parent families do poore in schools. Middle income families are fleeing these cities with poor schools. Houston ISD 8 percent white, Dallas 5.5 percent, San Antonio 1.8 percent power outage houston today. School districts along the border are about 100 percent Hispanic. The state can’t get enough ELS teachers because they can’t pass the test, it is not because of Spanish it is because of so many dialects of the different countries. it is a total mess and will get worse because of the birth rate even if they would close the border today. Most of Medicaid which is health insurance for the poor and gas news in hindi Children’s Health Insurance Program CHIP are majority Hispanic with costs this legislative $39 billion and is $5 billion short. The system is not substainable, the schools and welfare benefits and health care can’t absorb so many poor people. That is not racist that is a fact, American taxpayers are the victim and we are ignoring American Children and our future

Here’s another number for you, Gary. 10 (ten) That’s how many years ago the Dallas Morning News, no friend of the political right, published the following on the number of illegal aliens being educated in Texas and the cost of same. They used a best guess format because the usual suspects have seen to it that we can’t ‘offend’ anybody by asking if the student they send to school is here illegally or not.

At the lower electricity quiz ks3 end, researchers estimate between 125,000 and 150,000 illegal immigrants attended Texas public schools in 2009, making up 3 percent of Texas students and costing taxpayers more than $1 billion a year. At the gas relief while pregnant top end, the analysis provides a solid ceiling. State records show 92 percent of the state’s schoolchildren have Social Security numbers on file, indicating they are legally in the United States. That means Texas cannot have more than 8 percent – about 400,000 illegal immigrant students – or spend more than $3.5 billion annually to educate them.

Look, if one simply must support illegal aliens what whatever reason they can think up, then at least from time to time toss in some token feeling for the CITIZENS and LEGAL residents footing the bills for them, and don’t pretend there’s a ‘net positive’ to home invasion and theft…..that’s all illegal immigration is, home invasion and theft of money and services……

Gary, you should know better, Hispanics, mostly now are coming from central America gas 76 and yes not all are illegals, but their parents are, because the babies born are outpacing American citizens births. Check out Mdicaid and the Children’s Health Insurance Program CHIP majority Hispanic. $ 39 billion cost and and $5 billion short funding. Check out Texas already the majority in public schools but soon to be majority in the state as soon as 2023. Where do you think these people are coming from?

Texas Economy is great but the state has a School electricity cost per kwh south africa Funding Crisis, A highway funding Crisis, a Medicaid funding crisis. Why do you think that 66 percent of Texas school children are at the poverty level. Why do you think that the property poor school districts are increasing big time? Why is Robing Hood now costing school districts more than the Lottery is bringing in? Why are people leaving cities at an alarming rate to go the better schools for their children, this is hurting cities big time.

Texas is at a crisis stage, the system is not substainable. it is not about helping people it is about destroying the public schools system. 0nly one of the top 20 school districts are not wd gaster cosplay Hispanic majority and that is Conroe ISD and that is by a slim 51 percent white. There will come a time when those pushing all this on American Citizens will say, why didn’t someone stop all this craziness.