Stihl chainsaw troubleshooting guide electricity office


• Spark Test Remove spark plug clean with solvent & wire brush. Reconnect plug wire and let plug hang close to engine. electricity questions and answers physics Pull the starter rope and look for spark. Dim lighting makes it easier to see. gas up asheville If no spark replace plug and try again. Check off/on switch and wire coming from coil. If still no spark replace coil. (Older saws clean and adjust points first)

• If saw runs but, not on gas in tank, check gas tank for old gas. gas definition Empty old gas and, look for syrup in the bottom of the tank, if present clean thoroughly. Use carburetor cleaner, gas and a brush that can reach in and not melt. Try to start with fresh gas mix. If it doesn’t start check and replace fuel line and pick-up. electricity bill payment hyderabad If it still doesn’t start remove carburetor and check manifold boot (tube between carburetor and engine). Replace if needed and try to start. If it still doesn’t start remove carburetor,disassemble and clean thoroughly. You may have to soak in Simple-Green overnight. Try not to get solvent or carburetor cleaner on gaskets. gas after eating fruit Check gaskets. grade 9 electricity review Diaphragm gasket should be smooth and puffy not wrinkled or wilted. If in doubt replace. Carburetor kits are around $8-$15 and include all gaskets, needle and spring. Reassemble (making sure all gaskets are positioned properly) and try to start. If it still doesn’t start replace carburetor.

This how-to works with a Husqvarna, Husky, Jonsered, Poulan, McCulloch, Craftsman, Homelite, Echo chainsaws as well as a Stihl 009, 009L,011, 011T,012, 017, 018, 018C, 019, 019T, 020, 020AV, 020T, 021, 023, 024, 025, 026, 026 PRO, 028, 029, 034, 036, 036 PRO, 036 QS II, 039, 044, 046M, 066M, 088M, MS170, MS180C, MS191T, MS192T, MS200, MS200T, MS210, MS250, MS260, MS260 PRO, MS270, MS280, MS290, MS310, MS360, MS360 PRO, MS360 QS II, MS361, MS390, MS440, MS460, MS660, MS880, HT100, HT101, HT70, HT75

I have a stihl 034 chainsaw, I bought it brand new, its about 15 years old, I have taken great care of it, it looks good, always run fresh mixed gas and never leave it stored with gas always run it out of fuel, I was running it and it just stopped running, so I put new pull rope on it, new plug, cleaned air filter, filled it up with mixed fuel a new mixed batch, replaced with new electric plug wire box, cleaned entire magneto with sandpaper, it has spark but doesn’t have a lot of kick on end of plug with finger when you turn it over, and it just wont start and run, any suggestions, I have been using and working on saws for 15 to 20 years and my dad has an old 044 or 045 and has been using and working on saws for 30 plus years, and we just cant get it running, I have talked to the guy I bought the saw from and he works on them and he doesn’t no whats wrong, does anyone have any suggestions, I even cleaned the filter in the fuel tank and the vent, also I tried with the brake on and off still nothing, I tried 3 plugs and then I put the plugs in a different saw and they run fine, don’t no what else it could be, I even tried fuel straight in carb and then a touch of starting fluid, also I even by passed the on off switch and tried with and without bar, took off the muffler and all is clean and good, hope you have a solution, thanks

Wrong info for starting!I’m a Stihl tech , When I started a year ago we had a mass amount of new returns ,couldn’t start them. gas finder map I was told the same stupid thing ! Pull plug blah, blah! Wrong ! i was taught by the number 5th rated in the country Competition lumber jack!for over `10 years! and was endorsed by Stihl, I start ms 880’s to ms 170’s Daily! after this info I never had a problem starting any Stihl,Craftsman, chainsaw in 8 pulls or less! Unless it was a spark or gas issue! step one cold start, full choke ,Do not touch throttle! All I want is a burp!cough,I never start a saw in choke mode!after burp ,especially new saws weed eaters any Stihl product, click off choke go up all the way to stop, count to 3 on stop. newer stihl products all m tronic will reset in the stop position . now 1 clickdown to run, and brake on ,safty! full throttle ! pull, click brake off once started 4 pulls at the most, throttle full! Air in means air out you can’t flood it . if flooded? it cures it throttle wide open! F pullin the plug! wasting time! warm start , full throttle pull! I do the knee on the saw method ,left hand on throttle right pull!