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My next stab at this was to use a product called gout cure. It helped much better but I had to continue to abstain from alcohol and rich foods. The ingredients were advertised to clean out the liver and kidneys which to an engineer made sense. Clogged filters don’t work well at cleaning anything. Rated 4.

The next experiement had me examine neutralizing acid via lemon juice and water. I still used gout cure. This went on for 3 months. The combination seemed to work well but occasional pain was experience. Duration and frequency was at the lowest. I noted the tophi reducing in my body. Rated 7.

I am now better understanding my situation. Ph is critical. On my own I tried baking soda. The results were immediate. I actually had entire weeks of zero pain. The tophi reduced. My urine ph was being measured daily and spot checked during the day. I was steadily alkaline. As a test I ceased the baking soda for several days. My urine was very acid. I did a shot of jack and saw the ph move to the max acid the ph could measure. A teaspoon of baking soda in water made the urine alkaline once again. My tophi began to reduce, soften and break up. My gf noted my elbows looked 20% reduced. I’d say 25%. Now I discover another problem.

As my blood was saturated to an extent that uric acid crystals could solidify and ‘reef up’ the baking soda reduced the saturation in liquid and the reduced saturation caused uric acid to come out of solid into solution. If I was not steadily on the baking soda and lapsed i’d get a severe attack. A quick bit of baking soda did radically reduce the pain in 8 hours. So, as I get better I find I need to be on top of the baking soda. Saturated blood can recrystalize. Pain ensues. Rated 9.

My next step is to do a further change and reduce soft drinks to one a day. I am allowing myself some alcohol and rich foods. I am trying to find baking soda capsules. I find that club soda alkalizes blood nicely so I keep a few bottles at work and in the car. My tophi are reducing steadily. I expect complete reduction in 6 to 9 months. Occassional pain is experienced but is bearable.

One thing I appreciate is that tumors and various diseases both thrive in acid blood and promote acid blood. Your body works best in the alkaline range, not acid. Put another way, a sick body promotes further sickness. I find the baking soda solution to be cheap ($0.49 a box), easy to administer and for me it works. I am hoping that I can lose about 15 pounds to help matters along. If I get down to just one glass of baking soda water a day I will most likely continue this for the rest of my life and the great part is I can enjoy my old favorites again. Just in moderation.

I appreciate reading everyone’s posts. I’ll share my story….I had my first gout experience at the age of 26 or 27. I don’t know what my uric acid levels were then but they have been running around 8.5-9.0 recently. The experience was textbook classic-woke up in the middle of the night with excrutiating pain in my big toe. even the weight of the sheet was too much. Felt like shards of glass in my joint. Swollen and red. The only thing I can figure that precipitated the attack was when I had started taking niacin supplements in order to reduce my cholesterol levels which were up around 300! I’m now on 80 mg. of Prevastatin.

Today, I take Indomethacin when I feel an attack coming on and alternate with ibuprofen. I also take lots of ibuprofen for frequent headaches. Sometimes I worry about possible stomach bleeding especially since I tend to borderline binge drink with friends on weekends. I have started limiting my alcohol intake to red wine (Merlot)and have eliminated beer entirely. I also suffer from frequent heartburn and take OTC Zegrid and Maalox. Probably just another sign that my system is way too acidic. I think I’m going to try the baking soda method. Do you just mix the baking soda (the kind in the box) with a glass of water and drink?? Any side effects besides possible High Blood Pressure? Currently, I have also been taking several supplements that I have read are suppose to be helpful:Vitamin C 500mg doses-taking approx. 1500mg per day (shown to reduce uric acid levels), Potassium Citrate 99mg (to help prevent kidney stones-of which I have had one back in 2002 and hope to NEVER have again as it was the worst pain of my life!), Vitamin E, Selenium, Flaxseed Oil (all for anti-inflammatory effects).

I have recently had another gout attack in the big toe of my left foot on September 9, 2010 and it lasted for nearly 7 days-the longest one ever! The swelling in my left foot still continues today and has me a little worried when it will go down. Thanks for any advice anyone on here can give me. Sometimes I start feeling like I’m a walking timebomb-try to fix one problem with my body chemistry and it causes another one.