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Hey everyone, I am new to the board. I thought I’d come here to see if anyone might can help cause I don’t know what is going on with my grandmother and not even her dr knows. At around the beginning of December, my grandma began to have cramps at night at around 12am and she would have to run to the bathroom, it was not upset stomach but just a really loose bowle movement, she felt like she wasnt finished but couldn’t do anything. Every night it would do this and she didn’t know why, she went to her dr and she had an x-ray and her dr said she had symptons of divaticulitis but that wasn’t it. She gave grandma medicine but that didn’t help. So, she couldn’t take the cramps anymore and cause of her going to the bathroom so much, she became extremely dehydrated and went to the hospital. She was there for about 4 or 5 days, she had all kinds of tests, colonoscopy, cat scans, x-rays and drs found nothing wrong with her, no tumors…no blockages, but they did find out that she had scar tissue that blocked some of the colonoscopy which was divaticulotis but said that wasn’t causing the cramping and bowel movements. They couldn’t do a full colonscopy cause of scar tissue so next day finished the proecedure by doing a barum enema and even the results from that didn’t pin point the problem…the dr said he THOUGHT that it might be blood vessel not flowing properly and he put her on some meds and put her on asprin a day and sent her home. She felt fine last week but the cramps started back night before last and today she’s gone to the bathroom 7 times and Friday she’s going to a specialist and see if she can get a second opinion. I really hope that he can find the problem so she can get the proper treatment. If there is anyone here that may have experienced this or knows someone, please let me know. The family is just confused about this, we don’t understand.

I feel your pan kirstyj! And thanks for caring about your grandmother so much. I am in my forties and started having intermittent chronic diarrhea about 1 and 1/2 years ago and tried to ignore the fact–didn’t see a doctor or anything. Well, over the past month it has become on occasion urgent and explosive and life-altering. I see no blood or mucus, though. I went to my pd and did the standard stool sample (egads)–nothing was found to be wrong. I was referred to a gastroenterologist but I am afraid to go for a gazillion tests and then still not knowing. I have read many blogs and posts about that happening and hate to go through a litany of tests to be told to eat more fiber and control my stress. I eat very lightly and healthfully and hate this. I have cramps in my lower abdomen that are sometimes pretty severe. I have had a history of anorexia and I hate to think it may be related. I am not anorexic now but afraid to eat many solid foods before being in public as this can exacerbate the issue. I don’t have the exact symptoms of any disease I’ve read up on (not Cronh’s or IBS or gardia or pancreatitis or any of the gazillion others that are scaring me), but I come closest to ulcerative colitis yet with no blood or mucous in the stool. Help! This is horrible. I am starting to think my stress is coming out my rear, and I am a refined woman. Embarrassing and almost shameful-feeling:(