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My doctor thought I was crazy, the thing I get is quite similar……I thought that I had an Ulcer for about 4 years of my life and was on Omeprazole for the same length of time.I finally got an Endoscopy, and had samples taken at the same time….and they both came back "normal"….which was suprisingly not good news….It just meant something else was causing this pain. The thing that I get seems to be related to my stomach, its in my ears too!. But its when I am hungry and it isn’t really painful, just really annoying. when I am hungry my ears feel like they have something in them, or sometimes they have too much pressure in them… when on plane and you do that thing with jaw that pops them….I find myself doing that all the time. But it doesnt go away until I eat…and then when I do eat 80% of the time….it hurts like mad, I mean sharp agaonising pain….that makes me get up if I am laid down our other way round….and i get the ear/head thing too but painful, instead of just annoying….I have had it for nearly a year now, and it just came on all of a sudden…..I mean i have had stomach problems for 4 years but I never had the "ear/ head" thing until feb 2009, I was OK for a couple of months after that but then it came back and I have had it since. Its really wierd isn’t it? …..And doctors just don’t try and help me, I even went A%E once but there were the same.

I work in the alternative medicine world, and I have my own issues with stomach-ear connections. My background and research have led me to the Vagus nerve. It innervates the internal organs of the body, with exception to the adrenal glands. However, it branches all over the place, so innervates the stomach as well as the ear, and therefore can be responsible for creating issues in the ear when something is awry in the stomach and/or intestines. One kind of cool example, being that it innervates the diaphragm, is that it’s responsible for the coughing reaction when you tickle your ear canal with a q-tip. It relays signals to the brain to give it feedback on the overall state of the organs, and it also has motor function influencing peristalsis of the GI tract (hence possibly linked to a lot of the cramping and excruciating pain many of you talk about).

You all are very observant and are to be applauded for noticing the connections between stomach/intestines and ear. Getting to the root cause of the stomach/intestine pain appears to be the goal for most of you. If you have any questions or interest in chatting about this further, just let me know.

I am glad to see that others experience the things I have been experiencing. I have had stomach/intestinal problems for a while that no one can diagnose. GI docs can’t find anything obvious and heart checks out ok. Starting a couple years ago I began getting heart PVCs with the bloating (directly related). And only recently I’ve started getting a strange, radiating neck/head, ear and jaw pain with the gut problems. I’m in GI distress every day and get extrememely bloated no matter what I do or don’t eat. I am on a clean diet and exercising. I also have tried every supplement and probiotic that has been suggested to me (by docs, nutritionists, alternative therapists, friends, etc, etc) and done a few cleanses and many colonics. But I still suffer and continue to get new and odd symptoms, including this sharp ear pain that comes and goes (and I do feel it radiate from my upper right GI area). I have wondered if it’s a nerve thing. I also have bad knots in my shoulder blade area that I think have an effect on my gut…and maybe my other pains. Still looking for answers or therapy to try! Let me know if you can help in any way!! Thanks.