Stomach problems_ it could be a parasite –

According to the Mayo Clinic in the United States, a number of lab tests help diagnose the presence of this parasite, and these include stool (faecal) exam, endoscopy and blood tests (though this is not commonly used).

Prof Suresh says, “It’s also possible that animals and some people may be carriers of Blastocystis, but don’t show any signs or symptoms of infection.”

It all began when Prof Suresh’s journey into medical research commenced as a PhD candidate in the 1990s at the National University of Singapore. Electricity and magnetism quiz questions He was initially tempted to focus on other more established parasitic diseases, such as malaria, filariasis, toxoplasmosis and hookworm anaemia.

“These organisms already had all the attention they deserved, and there were many reputable scientists hot on the trail of these parasites. K electric jobs There was a culture growing in the lab and my supervisor said, ‘Why don’t you look at this?’

“I put a drop of it under the glass slide and that’s when I got fascinated. E payment electricity bill mp The rounded structures in various sizes and shapes with numerous granules attracted me. Gas arkansas The investigations remained unclear and the scanty, conflicting information surrounding Blastocystis sp was too enticing to ignore.

“No organism in history has received such pathetic treatment, so I wanted an opportunity to demystify the organism,” recalls Prof Suresh. 1940 gas station photos “You could say it was love at first sight and the passionate romance continues till now!”

He shares, “I was always asked why I was making such a big story about it since there are people who are infected with this organism, but are okay. Gas jewelry So people used to laugh whenever I presented at conferences, asking, ‘You still never give up, ah!’

“Others would be presenting on malaria, and there I was, talking about this organism to a yawning crowd. Electricity year 6 But, I had this intuitive feeling that we were not hitting the right spot.”

Prof Suresh, who is the head of Universiti Malaya’s Department of Parasitology, pursued this parasite relentlessly, spent thousands of hours examining stools under the microscope and arrived at many dead ends, but never gave up.

He discovered that the thick wall surrounding the Blastocystis sp in its cyst form could resist the acid found in the stomach, which could result in the parasite surviving long enough to exit into the duodenum and cause an infection.

Alas, to create an infective culture for experiments, the most important thing is the cystic state, and no one knew what the cystic state was at that point.

“We had to create a laboratory investigation or experimental infection studies on mice or whatever. Electricity dance moms When you inoculate the parasite into mice or rats, and they become sick, then you know it’s a consequence.

“But, to infect it into the mice, the form has to be in a cystic state, which is able to resist the stomach’s hydrochloric acid and passes through to get into the lower intestines, and that’s when it all starts,” he explains.

“When a rat falls into a pot of milk, it’s the constant struggle of the rat that turns the milk into curd, and then butter. Shell gas credit card 5 It is from such a solid slope of butter that a rat finds its escape.”

Applying this story, he found his “Ah ha!” moment. Grade 9 electricity test “I accidentally discovered an in vitro culture medium, and when I put these parasites inside, suddenly it became cystic! That was in 1992,” says the lanky professor, eyes lighting up at the memory.

He cross-experimented, doing life cycle studies, and his pioneering method is still being used by the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta.

“We have linked the parasite to cancer and IBS, and proven that cancer cells can exacerbate in those with colorectal cancer (and are infected with the organism). Quadcopter gas motor So, when a patient is being screened for this cancer, the stools should also be checked. Electricity 101 video We’re trying to get the medical community to become more alert to this.”

The parasite is spread through contaminated food, animal faeces and water, especially in close-linked communities. 3 gases It’s also found in birds, rats, cows and other barn animals. Electricity generation by source by country Places that could cause infection are dirty toilets, rivers, oxidation ponds, abattoirs, and livestock breeding farms.

If you have the parasite, it can worsen conditions of food poisoning as it has been shown to have a strong affinity to bacteria. Static electricity in the body effects Patients don’t recover as quickly.

“Within four to five hours, it can multiply three-fold, especially when the immune system is weak. Electricity tower vector But, the incidence of symptoms doesn’t go up with an increase in the number of parasites.

“We found people who had bloated stomach, diarrhoea, body ache, stomach ache, etc, had no other infections, so we carried out a study for two years with 1,061 stool samples. Electricity sound effect mp3 free download Finally, we eliminated all factors and found something to incriminate the organism.

“Sometimes, drugs don’t kill it, but it induces the parasite to become more resistant and this causes more harm. Electricity office So now we’re looking at a whole range of other drugs, including alternative medicines like tongkat ali.

“We’ve also linked it up to biological studies and are the first group of researchers to show that this organism can multiply in many ways. Static electricity human body It can spread from human to human as well,” he says.

“To be honest, we haven’t found the answer. Gasco abu dhabi salary We have found the culprit, but we do not know how to punish it because metronidazole only works to a certain extent.

“I get tons of e-mails from overseas patients asking for help as doctors are not aware of this parasite. Electricity production in north korea This is like CSI… you’ve got to show evidence that this is the murderer!”

If you suspect you’re infected with Blastocystis sp, e-mail Prof Suresh at for a free stool test. Gas variables pogil answers extension questions The results will contribute towards his research.