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If there is a surprise, it is that the news release coming from Hydro’s board is so political it could have been written by the premier’s staff. Hydro’s chairman, Sanford Riley, said, “This imprudent, some would say, reckless, capital spending program has created a severe debt load which is not just placing an incredible strain on the financial stability of Manitoba Hydro but also threatening the bottom line of the entire province.” Hydro’s media release lays the blame for problems squarely at the feet of the previous government and torques the Boston Consulting Group’s report in a way that perfectly conforms to the PC goverment’s talking-point two-step. Gas utility First, complain “the big-spending NDP left us a mess,” then follow with a promise of unspecified “financial restraint” to deal with it. First, while the news release plays up that Bipole III line was built in the wrong place for too much money, it plays down the fact it absolutely had to be built. Static electricity definition physics The report states 70 per cent of Manitoba’s power flows through existing power lines that “have significant reliability risks that have been untenable for a significant amount of time.

” Serious ice or a tornado could lead to “outages lasting weeks or months” and could have an impact on the province of $4 billion to $20 billion. Second, the report makes it clear some of the “imprudent” decisions were because of systemic problems with governance. Electricity projects ks2 This may sound like “bad management,” but it isn’t. Electricity and magnetism purcell pdf The problem is no one — not the government, not Manitoba Hydro and not the Public Utilities Board (PUB) — can agree on whether Hydro’s job is to focus on making money or providing cheap electricity. The report makes it clear: one major reason Hydro has revenue problems is because the PUB turns down rate increases.

Gas 78 facebook This is not new. Gas constant for nitrogen Then-premier Gary Doer also railed against the PUB when it refused to raise rates, and the board members he railed against had been appointed by Progressive Conservatives. The question of whether Hydro should make money or provide cheap power is not a simple one. Gas national average Some have argued Hydro could be “Manitoba’s oil” if we let prices rise. Electricity production in china All Manitobans benefit from low rates. Gas tracker Businesses don’t particularly want to see their power bills go up — it could arguably make them less competitive.

Gas utility cost The argument is with higher prices, people will waste less power, but the biggest bite would still be on the poor. Clearly, Manitoba Hydro raising prices on Manitobans would make a huge difference to Hydro’s revenues, its debt and presumably Manitoba’s credit rating. However, the same argument also holds for the provincial government raising taxes. Electricity symbols ks2 worksheet Revenues would improve, deficits and debt would shrink, the province’s credit rating and ability to handle Hydro’s debt would both improve.

Geothermal electricity how it works This would lower borrowing costs for both Hydro, the province and every municipality. Electricity generation And unlike Hydro, where price hikes would hit the poor the hardest — and everyone would pay — progressive tax increases would mean the people who can best afford it would pay. Hydro’s debt was mentioned in Manitoba’s recent downgrade by Standard & Poor’s — but so was the Manitoba government’s decision to run eight years of deficits.

Gas density The “reckless” borrowing by Hydro, which will drive up Manitoba’s debt-to-GDP ratio, is being largely matched by the Manitoba’s finance minister. Gaslighting examples The big difference is at the end of it, Hydro will have something to show for it: revenue-generating dams. Crown corporations are supposed to be independent enough from their political masters to be run in the long-term public interest and not in the short-term political interest of the party in power.

Gas 78 industries If Manitoba Hydro’s problems are because it was politicized by the NDP, being politicized by the PCs is not the answer. Dougald Lamont is a lecturer in government-business relations in Canada at the University of Winnipeg.

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