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The choir boasts a war surgeon among its ranks. Eddie Chaloner, 51, a consultant vascular surgeon, served with the Parachute Regiment in Bosnia, Kosovo and Rwanda.

And during his work with the Halo Trust, the landmine charity supported by Princess Diana, Eddie risked his own life to save those blown up by landmines in Afghanistan, Angola and Mozambique.

Eddie, who lives in South-East London with his wife Anne, and daughters Rosie, 12, and Alice, ten, says he has been surprised by the public reaction to the NHS choir’s hit single.

‘I’m not a social media native,’ he says. C gastronomie limonest ‘I didn’t even know who Justin Bieber was until a couple of weeks ago. Gas 99 cents I’m not even sure I know now!

From being in the Army, I’m concerned about soldiers having mental health problems after serving in difficult places so I’m certain that a lot of my former comrades will benefit from this.

‘She asked me to be part of her care team and I made sure I was available. Gas x strips ingredients I had never looked after someone I knew before then, but I feel very much that I was able to help.’

Reflecting on their friendship, Joan, who left school at 15, says: ‘You could say that we come from different worlds but the experience bonded us together and she became my rock.

Joan is not the only member of the choir to have faced a life-changing situation. 66 gas station Caroline Harbord, 50, fought against the odds to survive an aggressive form of cancer because she was determined that her young children should not grow up without their mother.

The choir also includes surgeon and war veteran Eddie Chaloner, who saved soldiers’ lives during his service with the British Army. Gas leak And he has travelled to some of the world’s most notorious war zones to help those injured by landmines.

The choir was founded in 2012 by Gareth Malone as part of his television series Sing While You Work. Youtube electricity But when the cameras stopped filming, the NHS choir carried on singing and rehearsing.

Every Tuesday evening, those members who are not on shift practise in a draughty staff training room at Lewisham Hospital. Gas vs diesel generator The fact that many of them have faced adversity in their personal lives has helped their friendship flourish.

It has been ten years since the physiotherapist, who sings soprano with the choir, was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin lymphoma, a rare and aggressive form of cancer.

Doctors had to break the news to Caroline, whose sons were then aged just five and eight, that the cancer was at an advanced stage. Wd gaster battle By the time I was diagnosed I was really pretty ill. Gasbuddy touch I thought I was going to die,’ she recalls.

‘It was in my bone marrow and I looked six months pregnant from all the tumours. Gas 1940 You spend a lot of time in hospital when you have cancer and the NHS basically fixed me.

‘When I was going through chemotherapy I kept working. National gas average 2007 I would have chemo one day, the next day I’d be wiped out, and the day after that I’d be at work. Electricity videos for students It kept me going rather than just sitting around waiting to die.

‘I know it sounds corny but music is very healing. Gas 87 89 93 I would just sing and it made me forget for a few minutes that I had cancer and thought I might die. Gas prices I owe my life to the NHS.’

‘Several members of the choir have been diagnosed with serious illnesses and we have all been there to support them,’ says Zoe, who is originally from North Yorkshire but now lives in South-East London.

‘We meet every week for two hours in a room at the hospital with a piano. Mp electricity bill payment online bhopal And over time we’ve become more than colleagues – we are friends who care about each other.’

The choir’s hit single was recorded two years ago, but thanks to a recent social media campaign to get it to the No 1 spot in time for Christmas, it went viral.

The song is a blend of Simon and Garfunkel’s Bridge Over Troubled Water and Coldplay’s Fix You, and when the choir performed it on the Chris Evans breakfast show on Radio 2 before Christmas, Zoe says it brought tears to the DJ’s eyes.

‘I feel overwhelmed by the massive show of support for the NHS from the public,’ she says. Npower electricity bill ‘On a personal level, being number one feels kind of surreal. Gsa 2016 new orleans It is very moving.’

So what next? The choir’s 2016 rehearsal dates are in the diary and Zoe hints that they may even have a new recruit. Electricity outage chicago ‘We have already been on the blower to invite Justin Bieber to sing with us,’ she says. Bp gas station ‘I think we would combine really well.’

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