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Okay so I have a 2004 BMW 530i, nothing is wrong with it but it has the M54 engine with over 150,000 miles on it. These engines are notorious for oil leaks etc, and I know how people feel about this stuff. However after reading with 4.9 stars of positive reviews, I gave it a shot. First this stuff comes out thick, like motor honey, so I was like what the hell am I putting into this engine… I have used LiquiMoly products and the works. I know everyone is like "do not put this stuff in a BMW" and I get it but why? Besides the VANOS, etc it acts like any other engine. The BMW is not some godly engine that if you put something in it that does not say BMW on it, it will destroy your engine. Anyways this stuff was not as yellow as motor honey, so let me explain. A before and after, not to mention this stuff treats up to 4-5 quarts of oil and I know the M54 engine takes like 7ish almost 8 so it really is not that much. I noticed the engine runs smoother than before, more power also and when I step on it the smell of gas is not as potent, no there is nothing wrong with my car. Look this stuff up, it is really good stuff. As metal to metal contact is worse than putting this stuff in here, and I have heard metal to metal contact before with my engine when it was leaking oil, it was terrifying. I am hoping in the future this stuff will reduce the # of oil leaks also, keep in mind I am NOT a fan of anything stop leak. But this stuff does not have one single negative review, And for us Bimmer owners that take such good care of our bimmers yet we still deal with numerous leaks, I think something must be done. I remember BMWs obnoxious 15k oil interval changes, so yeah I do not listen to every little thing BMW says. Also guys, if worse came to worse I can always engine flush this crap out, Ironically my friend engine flushed his BMW and boy did that thing come back to life, no he did not have new leaks pop up either. Just read reviews first before putting anything into any car. All in all, this stuff hits my engine quick, plus leave the parts needed for oil lubrication, well lubricated even after the car sitting overnight. This will prevent dry starts which is a BIG NO NO. And again I am against stuff like Motor Honey etc, but this stuff so far my car loves it. I hope to alleviate any anxiety to my fellow BMW owners about this stuff, if the consumer reviews are 4.5 starts are higher, I say go for it, but if you read one negative doomsday post, RUN. Anyways, I have "heard" stories about Motorhoney ruining peoples engines yet never seen any proof of it, so if someone can present those facts to me, that would be great thank you.

So an update, car still runs fine. I do not think this stuff will harm the engine, If I read one single negative review about this stuff I would have never put it in my engine. But I like to have the peace of mind knowing a surprise oil leak is gonna bite me in the butt like the oil pan gasket did and I lost so much oil the I-Drive told me engine damage was possible which is downright terrifying. If worse came to worse, I would just flush the engine out of that crap, But if definitely lubricates the engine more, as a person who follows all the proper BMW recommendations and getting leak leak leak, I got sick and tired of it and said well lets see what this will do. Lets not forget BMWs silly 15k mile interval oil changes… Common sense here, this was no mistake on their end, they purposely did it so out of warranty BMWs can bite owners in the butt when the engine is toast. If anyone in their right mind thinks 15k oil interval changes is okay you’re out of your mind.

I’m curious as to why you think 15,000 mile oil changes are silly? I’ve changed the oil in my 2008 528xi when the car tells me to since it was new. The intervals have typically been 15,000 to 20,000 miles. The car now has 212,000 miles and still runs great.