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I’d like to add my voice to the fray. I’ve experienced the same dismal customer service of Straight Talk. Unfortunately, I think they could remedy many of their complaints by stately CLEARLY realistic expectations to their clients. I stated simply enough to them that if they restated AFTER their steps to activate blurb that they’re might STILL be a waiting period to port a number that it would probably solve people’s expectations. As it was, I successfully completed all 5 steps to transfer a number with Straight Talk and it explicitly states my phone would be activated following those steps. Of course, now all my phone services are down and I’m waiting for Straight Talk‘s "please wait 24 hours" "please wait 24 hours" "please wait 24 more hours" "please wait 24 additional hours" Today I heard, please wait "48 hours" for the first time. I’ve been told multiple different reasons for the delay. And that’s where things stand at present. I wish I could say I was the only one with this situation. Unfortunately we have other family members who experienced the same delay–actually a week without phone service. Had they only been CLEARLY communicated to.

Page Plus is cheaper and their customer service office is in Ohio, they run off of verizon towers and you can even bring a verizon phone and they will activate it. 39.99 unlimited talk and text and 20 mb internet ( which is fine unless you stream ) or 30.00 a month for 1200 min 1200 text and im not sure how many mb internet i think its 40 or 50. you get 200 more min and 200 more text for the same price as straight talk. now i am not defending the inability to actually get through because a lot of times you call and it says all circuits are busy but thats because they are the fastes growing prepaid wireless company in america.

they even have pay as you go plans that are pretty cheap, straight talk only has 2 options. there are times when you might not have 30 or 45 bucks to buy a card, with page plus you may buy a $10 card and get 100 min which doesnt expire for 3 months from the day you buy it, . i love page plus with the exception of the "all circuits are busy sometimes" i took my straight talk phone back to walmart after my minutes were expired and used my old pre paid verizon phone.

straight talk customer service reps have been really helpful in my experience. there is a difference between not speaking english and having an accent. to confuse the two goes beyond ignorance. the reps are nice, and they have been helpful for the most part. the problem is the way the company is run. i dealt with one misinformed cs rep who sold me a 30 dollar re-up as mine had run out. i had purchased a re-up the day before online, but my phone wasn’t making calls. this person told me that was because the purchase never went through. so i bought one over the phone right then and there. then i saw 2 charges on my account. called, was told i would be getting a refund. then i called back 2 weeks later when there was no refund. then i was told that because i bought 2 cards i had simply been given double the service, and a refund was no longer possible. each of these phone calls lasted at least 30 minutes and i was constantly being told to wait while they accessed my information. i called the corporate office and explained the situation, and they finally refunded me today – 3 weeks after i had originally been told i would be receiving one. this to me indicates more of a problem with management and corporate weasels than with the so called "people who don’t speak no english." my 2 cents.