Strange energy pulse traversed america in 21 minutes fellowship of the minds gas prices going up 2016


Unfortunately, all these listed events are false prophecy propaganda, the “virgin birth re-enacted in the stars” didn’t even happen astronomically speaking, the bodies were different altogether, go check the astronomy for the given days yourself, if you like. The “blood moon tetrad” false prophecy is kabala-based, and as such is occult, also proven to be wrong. The “since israels foundation” false doctrine is hal lindsey’s baby, (and other false prophets are still utilizing it for as much as they can monkey with the term “generation” some will apply 80 years, which seems to be where this 2028-2029 deception is coming from. They might try to push it as far as 100 or even 120 years if they think they can get away with it.) it is just as false now as it was when he first started propagating it to sell his books, and line his pockets. Even more false prophets are predicting the rapture for tomorrow. (Another one cropped up recently, one mark taylor, who has already been proven false multiple times at this point.)

The fact is, nobody but God the Father knows the day or hour of Christ’s return (which, coincidentally, is when the “rapture” will also happen, since Christ doesn’t have a third-coming, unless its someone else that gathers together the saints in the air.) This is even repeated, matthew and mark both record this being said, and “only” is a very exclusive term, it means nobody can use math or any other ridiculous workarounds to get it, not to mention anyone claiming they can know the day or hour (knowledge Exclusive to God the Father) is claiming Christ is a liar.

If I seem exasperated its because I, like many others, are weary of this armageddon fetishism that is being hollered about almost constantly over the past 20+ years, and our attempts to correct and/or reprove these things seems to be ignored outright. I’m not meaning to sound mean, but the fact is, Christ will come when He will, and it will be God’s correct timing, no calendars, and no mathematics can be used as divination to calculate this, any attempt to do such is a waste of time, and only makes a false prophet out of the ones attempting to do so, which is not a good thing to be.

Nobody but God the Father knows, I’d suggest to quit trying to attain the unattainable, and do something better with your time. These continued attempts to falsely ascribe prophecy here or there etc. don’t just make those propagating them into false prophets, it also helps the devil by discrediting Christianity in the perception of everyone who hears one of these false prophecies, as if the atheists need any more sources of ammunition.

The topic about the apocalypse is a disturbing and distorted one. For one thing, the vast majority live in this deranged mentality of just letting it come and not bother about the fate of the world we are currently living in, i.e, how it is our duty to warn and to proliferate the truth of Jesus Christ. I do not do it enough, or hardly at all, but that is my personal sin.

What bothers me is that I am a drop in a bucket. We are growing more and more apathetic, and in all the wrong ways. Most people repeat the doctrine of faith and solidarity in Israel, as if we are something entirely different, and thereby ignore entirely the majority of the whole New Testament.

The rest joyfully look to when they leave the earth, and since they know we are to depart, use it as an excuse to let the sinners around them further ruin our planet and its creatures (even themselves with junk food, bad lifestyles and those evil radiation emitting energy meters now attached to our houses. Dr. Eowyn, please research that for your own sake!) . And vaccines.

Speaking of how we can actively try to thwart evil has become a hopeless task. Most are more interested in how to make ends meet, and nothing else. Paul had to do that too, but look what he was willing to do outside long hours of tent-making!

My last upgrade in university on Earth Science, what it’s called these days instead of Geology, was Winter trimester 1989-1990; this means my understanding’s not deepened very much since. With this caveat, here are my thoughts so far, including the 2nd half of the video linked below.

This event, however, does not exhibit an entropic RD in either strength or its speed, which are different but related expressions of energy. To say that this confounds Newtonian physics is putting it as mildly as possible: it stands it all upside-down.

The only organisation in a position to conduct an experiment on these lines is of course the federal government. As it was not announced or publicised, one suspects that we were not supposed to know about it, or at least not understand how it came to be.

As my friend Jim Kennedy –the most intelligent person I’ve ever met– told me in the mid-60s, we don’t know because we don’t need to know. Of course, with his security clearance at IBM and his family’s long-time involvement at high levels of government (he’s a Kennedy, and his father was the highest patent lawyer in the US, w/an office on Wall Street), he was long used to thinking that normal.

Sad to say, he underestimated the human capacity for malevolence and stupidity, and now they’re using his ideas to malign the people wherever they can, blasting radiation wherever, with no real check, promoting technology as if its a savior they made with their own hands, all the while purposefully misusing it to ruin others, cause sickness and destroying the world God made.

I suspect Tesla would look at the “advancements” now in disgust, even as “smart meters” are forced on the public without proper information or consent, and the vile corpses of the corporations started by the greedy filth of his day (edison, etc.) control who can even turn on a light or be warm in winter.

Speaking of filth, just learned that apparently the power company covering Oregon, Washington, etc. that is pushing “smart meters” is actually a subsidiary of berkshire hathaway, ultimately run by warren buffet, I imagine everyone here remembers that NWO pawn that made a cartoon to propagandize to children, etc. So much for his “environmentally friendly” public image, no? I hope the locals make it known that he and his environmentally unfriendly “smartmeters” aren’t wanted or welcome.