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We were looking forward to Dorona after reading a review of this relatively new restaurant. We went with friends who had tried it and liked it. From the start, things were not going well. Our friend had made reservations and those were confirmed, however, the greeter did not have his name. After a bit, she indicated an error was made in the last name. When making the reservation our friend had requested a particular section of the restaurant which is a quieter area, and again, there was a mix up and not available. Okay…we can deal with this. The really weird part of the "service" was when I ordered a sparkling water with cranberry juice and lime. Our server told me she would bring me "the makings" and I could make it myself. I was a bit taken aback, not to mention her attitude in which she handled our table…snooty perhaps? So, I was presented with a full liter of Pellegrino, a carafe of cranberry juice and a plate of lime wedges, all of which took up a great deal of space on the table. It was so ridiculous that we all had to laugh. At another restaurant the server might have said "I can offer you club soda by the glass" and that would have been more than acceptable. As for the food, my husband had the swordfish and it was very good. One of our friends ordered truffle fries for the table and we all enjoyed them. I ordered an appetizer and a salad, but the server’s attitude killed any memory of what they were like. After reading other reviews about good service here, we’d be willing to try Dorona again but will wait until next Season when our "server" has moved on.

Dorona Italian Steakhouse is new to Naples. Opened in January 2018 but gas already made a statement. This is an upscale modern interior look with a nice bar and a private room for large gatherings. Outside dining is also available. Never saw so many staff in a space that isn’t really overpowering to the eye. All very helpful and help each other move things along. Are waiters name was Troy. Troy was full of information not only on the menu, also how the restaurant got it’s name. A grape . From Italy named Dorona. Couldn’t have asked for any better service. Decided to sit in bar area on high top table which we requested. Happy hour wines $4.00 plus small plates. We enjoyed some of the done st those prices and the selection was a nice mix. A Red Blend of Sangiovese grape merlot from Tuscany Italy. Started with appetizers imported Spanish octopus 1 tentacle over 1 foot look in a delicious sauce baked in the oven. So tender cut it with butter knife. Caesar salad made in front of you. Entrees two pasta dishes one Ravioli’s stuffed with Osso Bucco meat in a light cream sauce. Other pasta dish was pasta special of the night. Pappardelle cooked with fresh wild mushrooms pulled steak in a red sauce. Both to die for. Dessert was large slice of carrot cake with a maple dipping sauce. The evening with three glasses of Tuscan red blend wine little under $100 couple. Guess wondering why someone would go out to Italian steakhouse and order pasta? Owners of Dorona also own Sea Salt and Barbatella both on 3rd street in old Naples. Not big red meat eaters but last night went off the ranch well worth it. Little advise, portions are of good size, we shared the appetizers and could have shared entree if know the size that was coming out. I just had leftovers for lunch another meal in it’s self. Make sure get reservation season is slowly ending but Dorona Steakhouse will keep on packing them in.