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17. If you have a Bolt-Action Sniper, try to lure a opponent that doesn’t see you by sniping the player. If he doesn’t die and he is shooting you, try run away from the gunfire and at the same time, hide in the trees. Once the player come close enough, pull out a short-ranged weapon (SMG or Shotgun) and come close to him. gas prices going up Then you’ll have the advantage to shoot him down with a close range weapon.

• Pick up as much as you can get. There are different ammo types so preferably choose different guns for different ammo (otherwise if run out both guns are useless). During the first phase you’ll want to be as safe as possible. electricity 101 youtube Hybrid Potions are great to save, but drink the small and big potions immediately. (Note that small potions only work if you are below 50 in shield.)

• It’s a good idea to arrange you weapons. It provides for easier and faster switching and prevents unintended mishaps (switching to an RPG and blowing yourself up by accident when you wanted an SMG). Try sorting them by range, from far to short or the other way around. A tip for scrollers – this arrangement suits you best as you can simply scroll upwards or downwards from your Sniper to your AR if the enemy is close enough.

• The Shotgun is what you’ll switch to while inside houses. It is a good for close up battles. wikipedia electricity generation Also great for killing knocked down players, go right next to them and shoot for great damage. Pump Shotguns offer a large, dense spray of bullets, Tactical Shotguns sacrifice density of bullets for range (as such, each bullet does more damage) and Assault Shotguns have a tight spread and far range, making it useful even outdoors.

• It’s best to carry only three weapons and two miscellaneous items (it can still be weapons). One Sniper, one AR and one SMG or Shotgun for the weapons, and a stack of Bandages and Hybrid Potions. Of course, it all varies – an RPG in place of the Sniper or a miscellaneous slot is good for dealing with the hectic race for the Airdrop; its heavy splash damage is nifty too. gas unlimited Grenades, any kind, can provide tactical advantages that win you games. You could even drop the AR and go for a Sniper/SMG/Grenade/Grenade/Healing set if you have confidence in your skills.

• The endgame is littered with fully-stacked players, some carrying powerful Airdrop weapons. However, the gas circle can give advantages to many different weapon ranges depending on where it is. electricity usage If it circles in on Blossom Burbs, Cozy Cabins, Lucky Lake or Tinker Town, SMGs have an advantage in the sense that they can skirt through houses and corners for easy killings. If it circles in on Faraway Farm, Space Base, Bomber Base or Infantry Island or Haunted Hollow, ARs can easily use their superior range and fire rate to clear obstacles and shoot enemies in the same clip. Anywhere else gives Snipers a clear lane of fire and no place to hide – what more do they need to absolutely destroy everyone?

• Leveling Up – When you start a game, don’t pick up all the good weapons you find first. Instead, if you find a common, pick it up. electricity year 6 Then, if you’re able to find the same kind of weapon but uncommon, you can switch it out for the uncommon, as if upgrading your weapon’s tier. You would then try to find a rare, and then epic, and so on. If you found another common, you could pick it up and try to find it’s upgrades, too. (You can still pick up consumables and grenades too, but not stand-alone rarity stuff like the uniques [Minigun, Flamethrower, Shuriken, Crossbow] and weapons that do not have a rarity of common [P90, Assault Shotgun, etc.].) You can change certain aspects of this challenge, like being able to save a rare leveled gun for later in your inventory for when you found the uncommon level for the same gun, being able to switch out guns for each other (for example, if you had a rare AR-15 and found a rare SCAR, you wouldn’t have to leave it there, you could switch the AR-15 for the SCAR, or being able to have one gun that didn’t have to be upgraded to pick it up (so if you found a mythic or opened an Airdrop, you could put it in that one spot.)