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Jibek Baihodjoeva is a principal in Strategic Africa Partners consulting and research with a focus on strategic change and research both at an enterprise level and for the consumer experience. With over ten years’ experience, she has worked with clients to develop new operating models, stand up new corporate divisions and optimize cross-functional performance within business units to drive revenue growth. Jibek has worked across industries, including agriculture, oil and gas, manufacturing, political and economic risk security and non-profit organizations. gas problem in babies Jibek also worked at a leading security, risk and intelligence firm where she led a team of analysts tasked with covering Africa and Asia. The team conducted in depth research and analysis for fortune 500 clients. She has a Master of Arts in Crisis and Security Management from University of Leiden and a Bachelor of Arts with Distinction from University of St Thomas, Houston, USA (concentrations International Business and Relations). ×

Mirafe Gebriel Marcos is Chief of Staff & Senior Director of Special Projects at the Agricultural Transformation Agency. In this capacity, Mr. Marcos’ primary responsibility is increasing the bandwidth of the CEO in such a way as to extend the CEO’s capabilities and impact. Mr. Marcos’ responsibilities span across strategic, policy-related, and operational issues, with oversight responsibilities over all programs and support teams. Across all of these areas, Mr. Marcos provides strategic thought partnership, management, operational oversight, and coordination between internal and external actors. Mr. Marcos is the primary point of contact for the CEO with a range of key stakeholders across sectors, particularly with key Federal and Regional Government bodies and Development Partners. Mr. types of electricity Marcos is also responsible for driving a portfolio of specific activities for the ATA, including overseeing the incubation of new program areas and serving as the focal person for high priority and high-profile government led projects such as the Agriculture Growth Program (AGP).

Prior to joining the ATA, Mr. Marcos worked with the World Bank for ten years in different capacities, including as a Country Economist for Pakistan and Bangladesh and later for Ethiopia. Mr. Marcos is a graduate of the Word Bank’s highly competitive Young Professionals Program and has broad international experience, including significant dealings with senior policy makers in other parts of Africa and Asia.

Raymond is the founding partner of RFM Angel Partners, a firm focused on the discovery of nascent companies that provide practical solutions to real world problems. Target firms exhibit strong management, intellectual property protection, and highly favorable economics that will place the firm in an attractive position for either subsequent venture capital investments, strategic buyouts, or ultimately IPO over an investment horizon of 2-5 years. Raymond draws upon his business and financial experience to assist companies where possible.

Prior to forming RFM Angel Partners, LLC, Raymond was a
global equity portfolio manager at Acadian Asset
Management. electricity symbols ks3 During his 23 years there, he has had responsibilities in research, information technology, operations, and for the last 17 years, portfolio management and marketing / client service. Raymond was responsible for creating Acadian’s market neutral and long-‐short equity strategies, which grew to several billion dollars in assets under management and included global investors from Asia, Europe, and the United States. Raymond was also the listed lead portfolio manager for many long-‐only developed, emerging, and combined portfolios for selected institutional investors, including foundation, corporate pension, municipality, soverign and sub advisory relationships. Raymond has served on the Executive Committee as well as the Investment Policy, Compliance, and Operating Committees; co-‐head of the Risk Advisory Committee.

She worked briefly at Barclays Bank of Kenya before taking up leadership training and working at the Nairobi Chapel. She then took up a position as a Research Fellow and later an Associate at the Sagamore Institute for Public Policy Research, Indianapolis – Indiana. Her work at the Institute led to a joint program with Kenya Private Sector Alliance (KEPSA) where she joined the Programs Department. She took a one-year break from KEPSA and did consultancy in the area of Local Economic Development giving her needed experience in the local policy making system. She rejoined KEPSA and after a year was recruited as KEPSA CEO.

She serves in the National Council of Administrative Justice (NCAJ) chaired by The Chief Justice of Kenya, Board member at Center for Corporate Governance (CCG), Advisory Board of School of Economics at Nairobi University, Board Member at the Nairobi Centre for International Arbitration (NCIA) , Appointed as Chair of the Recruitment Committee for the Intergovernmental Relations Act by the Ministry of Devolution and Planning . She has also served in several task forc-es including Parastatals Sector Reforms Appointed by the President in 2013 and others.

Carole has been recognized with several awards for her role in developing the Business Sector including: the Moran of the Burning Spear (MBS) 2012 and Heads of State Commendation (HSC) 2011 by the Office of the President, Top 40 wom-en in Business under 40 years 2012 and 2011 consecutively by the Business Daily, Role in growing sustainable business initiative by UNDP 2006, Role in the UN Global Compact by UNDP 2006,Contribution to society by Nairobi Chapel 2011, Outstanding role in creating public private partnerships for business growth by ILO women entrepreneurship Development 2011. Awarded by East Africa Healthcare Federation for creating business opportunities in Healthcare in East Africa. thitima electricity sound effect She was voted in 2012 for the extraordinary personality to inspire the future by 80% of the 20, 000 students in the entrepreneurship clubs of Kenyan Universities. She was also granted a distinguished 2014 Global Growth Award for Advocacy by the members of the Jury from Amadeus Institute in Rabat, Morocco

ROTH is a investment banking firm dedicated to the small-cap public market. Since its inception in 1984, ROTH has been an innovator in this market. In the 1990’s ROTH participated in underwriting IPOs for small-cap companies. As this market changed, ROTH helped develop the PIPE (private investment in public equity) financing structure. ROTH was one of the first U.S. investment banks to focus on financing small-cap Chinese companies, and established a Representative Office in Shanghai in 2007.

ROTH is a privately owned firm that has built a culture of success and innovation. electricity and circuits class 6 Our approach is driven by our current principals, who are not only the owners of the business but most of whom have been with us for more than 10 years. Our goal has always been to service the needs of small-cap public companies better than anyone else. To this end, ROTH’s exclusive focus is to offer our clients a full spectrum of investment banking services, including capital raising, research coverage, trading and market making, merger and acquisition advisory services, and investor conferences.

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