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We used this shuttle twice (PHX to Sedona and back) during our recent trip. We thought it was economical way to shuttle between the two cities as it’s approx. 2 hours drive, and in the dark, we were not keen to make that distance gas prices in texas 2015. The trip from PHX to Sedona was a bit stressful as one of our van’s tires blew out on our way to Sedona. Causation unknown. The driver did not realize that the van’s tires blew out I guess even though I heard a loud pop noise which woke me up…yes, I was snoozing and I said aloud, what was that? No one seemed to know at the time. And someone sitting in the front told us afterwards that the tire pressure lights were on the whole time blinking after that…Hmmmm, maybe you should have said something to the driver?? Anyway, she kept going until all of a sudden, we couldn’t go anymore. I was a bit scared to sit in the dark in the middle of what I thought was nowhere, and couldn’t really figure out where we were because all of our cell signal was also off. Eeks! Thankfully the hubby was with me, and we had other passengers, so we just past the time talking to each other. The driver was able to either make a call or radio the central command to get help. Anyway, we waited a bit arkla gas pay bill and at the time it seemed long, but it probably wasn’t too bad. Maybe 1/2 hour to 40 minutes later, another shuttle from Camp Verde came to rescue us. I thought we were then on our way, but then we got to a gas station in Camp Verde, we had to transfer to another van. I was gas natural fenosa getting a bit annoyed at this point (probably because I was hungry as we only ate a light breakfast and we have been traveling all day), so when they say we can take a short break while waiting for the transfer van, we got ourselves some snacks. Once we got to Sedona, I was happy again. All in all, thankful that we were able to transfer safely. (2.5 stars.) The return trip from Sedona to PHX was a mid-morning pick up with no incidents. I quite enjoy the return trip actually, and our driver was very pleasant. So bumping this to 4 stars.

Throughout the years, we have occasionally used Arizona Shuttle from the Phoenix airport to Tucson and have always found the service to be dependable with good drivers and clean vans. A recent trip between the two cities was no exception electricity usage calculator south africa. We made a reservation the night before and showed up at the Terminal 3 baggage area between carousels 3 and 5 to check in with a rep sitting there, about 10 minutes before our mid-morning departure. The van arrived on time and we left with every seat filled. I sat on the end of the first row by the door and had room to sometimes stretch my legs The only drawback for me in using the shuttle has been the cramped quarters in most seats, especially at the rear of the van. Our driver proved to be customer focused and extremely careful on the road, observing the speed limit and taking no chances. When we came across an accident on the freeway, he contacted another van a few minutes behind us so its driver could exit the freeway and continue temporarily on a side road to avoid the congestion. Throughout the trip, our personable driver shared information about some of the places we passed and historical facts. This helped to make the boring stretch to the first of three stops seem to go quickly. Here, everyone piled out to use the restrooms or walk around a bit. The driver kept a gaseous mixture contains us informed about the estimated time of arrival at each stop. The cost for a one-way ticket was $43. For an extra $20, payable when making the reservation, a passenger can be dropped off at a specific place rather than a scheduled stop. But that service occurs after all stops have gas bubble been made,

Positive: Good way to get to Sedona economically. Negative: They dont pick up the phone in the evening. IF you are closed and will not answer the phone, then your message on the phone should say so, rather than keep us waiting on the phone, giving the impression that someone will pick up. i called around 830-9pm Sedona time, to reconfirm that the 2.20 a.m.shuttle was coming to pick me up and nobody answered. It was my first time taking the shuttle at that unearthly hour so naturally I was concerned of the shuttle would show up. Drivers fiddling with gas pump emoji their phone while driving was a disconcerting. Drivers not having enough sleep and feeling sleepy during the long drive was a concern. I felt the need to keep talking to the driver to keep him awake, when I would rather have slept. (the drivers DID say, they sometimes found the drive monotonous). Can management please look into ways to ensure they have enough rest and how they can stay alert during drives. (recommend they sip on lemon water (not juice), have peppermints sweets, aromatherapy oils that promote alertness, etc Drivers should mention how long the pit stop is. Not all drivers say how long.