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185813 185835 185835 Struggles for power plant raise concerns about clean coal Clean coal technology is key to the Obama administration’s plans for combating climate change. Electricity powerpoint template But a high-profile power plant, once a poster child for clean coal’s promise, has run billions over budget in construction costs, faces federal investigations and allegations of fraud. Gas ks William Brangham talks with Ian Urbina, who investigated the story for The New York Times. Electricity office near me 2016-07-06 18:00:00 disabled 2365797741 th4VoaZVJZ0 201960 201956 Unveiling the long-hidden story of the Attica prison riot In September 1971, Attica Correctional Facility in upstate New York became the site of a bloody uprising that would shock the nation. Types of electricity generation methods Over several days, some 1,300 inmates seized parts of the prison, demanding better living conditions. Gas in babies how to get rid of it Heather Ann Thompson documents the untold story in her new book, “Blood in the Water,” and joins Jeffrey Brown to discuss the truth about the riot’s violent end. Static electricity diagram 2016-12-21 18:00:00×196.jpg 2365919913 rQGJ9DH4jak 201879 201860 Investigations reveal startling scope of lead contamination On Tuesday, Michigan’s attorney general filed new criminal charges in Flint’s lead contamination case. Gas finder But Flint is not alone. Gas x tablets himalaya Reports from both USA Today and Reuters find that lead contamination is widespread, affecting some millions of Americans, usually in rural communities with small water systems. Gas works park fireworks Judy Woodruff speaks with Laura Ungar, the lead reporter on the USA Today investigation. Electricity generation by country 2016-12-20 18:00:00×196.jpg 2365919312 JP6H-QWL0DI 201861 201854 News Wrap: Seven detained in Russian ambassador killing In our news wrap Tuesday, Turkish police detained seven people in connection to the assassination of Russia’s ambassador, Andrei Karlov, who was shot dead Tuesday at an art gallery. E gaskell Also, in Syria, buses evacuated more people from east Aleppo, as the Syrian army warned that it’s about to enter the last rebel enclave. Gas utility worker 2016-12-20 18:00:00×196.jpg 2365919227 hU8cUyWIeZA

JUDY WOODRUFF: The technology known as clean coal, along with solar and wind energy, is central to the Obama administration’s plans for combating climate change.

But a new investigation by The New York Times questions the ability of this technology and a high-profile coal plant to deliver on its promise.

WILLIAM BRANGHAM: The New York Times investigation published this week examines problem at the Kemper power plant in Central Mississippi. Static electricity vocabulary words The plant is still under construction, but its price tag has run billions of dollars over budget. Electricity history timeline It’s the subject of two federal investigations and a lawsuit by Mississippi rate payers who say they have been defrauded.

WILLIAM BRANGHAM: And was the — is the idea that the technology is proven, but we just don’t know how to do it economically? What’s the question been about it?

IAN URBINA: Yes, so the technology, as you say, is proven, and we know how to make it work. Npower gas price reduction The challenge is, can we scale it up, so to move it from the model stage to big enough plants to make a difference, and can we do so affordably?

The affordably is really where it gets complicated, because that means can we do so in a fashion that’s cheaper than natural gas? Can we do so quickly enough so that the prices don’t change and then, by the time you get the plant online, it’s no longer the same price tag? And this has been the big stumbling block, with Kemper included.

WILLIAM BRANGHAM: So, your reporting focuses on this plant in Mississippi. Bp gas prices nj It’s owned by Southern Energy. Grade 6 electricity unit test What is it that’s gone wrong down there?

Mostly, it’s way over budget and past deadline. Kd 7 electricity socks There was a certain amount of hubris, it seems, on the front end of this project, where they promised the moon, and — in terms of how quickly they could build a plant of this size, and they quickly fell behind schedule and overbudget. Electricity freedom system And that problem got compiled by their competitor, which is natural gas.

The price for it fell through the floor and just kept falling, and so this plant became less and less attractive with time. Gas unlimited houston texas And then what our investigation revealed was that the problems ran deeper inside the plant, ranging from mismanagement and potentially fraud, in the sense that the managers who ran the plant were covering up problems as they encountered them and continuing to promise things that they couldn’t provide.

In the beginning, he was sort of a real loyal pitch man for the project. K gas constant With time, Brett became frustrated with what he says was mismanagement and overstated promises on how quickly and how affordably the project could be accomplished.

IAN URBINA: Every president going back roughly back to Reagan has had sort of a pet project that they dumped a lot of federal subsidies into, and sort of hoping that they could burn coal cleaner, and all of them have turned out to be boondoggles.

And so, this one, the jury’s still out. Gas monkey live The plant may still come online in the next couple of months, and, ultimately, they could pay down their debt and produce cheap electricity and clean electricity. 93 gas near me But, so far it’s, again, two years past deadline, $4 billion over budget, and still not online. Electricity vs gasoline So it’s not looking good.

WILLIAM BRANGHAM: What do these problems specifically at this plant mean for the Obama administration in their attempt to fight climate change partly through this type of technology?

The EPA administrator, the current EPA administrator, has pointed to this project as a poster child of what we should hope for. 3 main gas laws So, politically, it’s embarrassing. Electricity how it works But, just more practically, if we’re going — we being the country — are going to achieve the goals that were set out in Paris in our climate change goals, we have to figure out how to handle the fact that 25 percent of the world’s electricity comes from coal plants.

So we can’t pull those offline tomorrow. K electric company And we have to figure out how to make them burn cleanly. Bad gas 6 weeks pregnant And so this was the sort of shining hope that we might have figured that out, and it doesn’t seem to be panning out.

WILLIAM BRANGHAM: We reached out to Southern Company for a comment, and a spokesperson told us that your article was a — quote — “negative recap of old news,” that you were set on creating a — quote — “preconceived narrative” and that Southern Company was trying to finish this in a right way, and you didn’t address that.

With regards to the whistle-blower, Brett Wingo, they said that they, the company, had done two investigations into his claims, one internally, one externally, and that — quote — “His concerns were unsubstantiated and not otherwise supported by the facts.”

IAN URBINA: So, there are two federal investigations under way, one of them quite serious about potential corporate fraud, by the Securities and Exchange Commission on these various issues. C gastronomie traiteur avis And that’s ongoing.

There are two lawsuits, rather large lawsuits. Electricity water analogy animation The project and the company have had two major credit downgrades. Gas cap light So I think the reality is that this is not The New York Times raising these concerns. Gas key staking tool It’s more The New York Times attempting to figure out what actually went wrong.

Everyone knows that things have gone wrong. 76 gas station jobs Now, again, whether Southern can pull this project out of its nosedive and turn things around, that remains to be seen. Electricity song omd But the question even then still remains, will they be able to keep the plant online? Will they be able to capture as much carbon as they promised? And who’s going to pay for the $4 billion tab that’s still there, taxpayers, investors, the company?