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These are even more complicated than usual, and that’s before international releases come into play. Thundercracker was originally released as a worldwide ToysRUs exclusive, but due to the bankruptcy of ToysRUs in several countries, he only had a very short availability window in those markets. and was never added to the ToysRUs online store before the latter ceased 5 gases that come from car emissions operations. Likewise, the Bumblebee/Charlie 2-pack was originally intended as a ToysRUs exclusive but ultimately was only released that way in Canada, which still had ToysRUs by the time it came out. In the United States, both Thundercracker and the 2-pack were eventually made available through numerous online retailers such as BigBadToyStore, Entertainment Earth, ToyWiz, and TFSource, although the 2-pack was also inexplicably found at a single Target store several months earlier.

The Bumblebee Then Now 2-pack was exclusive to Target in the United States and to Kmart in Australia; the Bumblebee z gas el salvador numero de telefono Vol. 1 Retro Rock Garage set debuted at San Diego Comic-Con 2018 and was later also made available via Hasbro Toy Shop (and additionally was also available at general retail in Taiwan and was offered at Comic-Con Paris 2018); and both the Bumblebee Vol. 2 Retro Pop Highway set and the Drift/Baby Dinobots set appear to be online exclusives shared between the same online retailers that also offered Thundercracker and the Bumblebee/Charlie 2-pack, although both were initially claimed to be exclusive to Entertainment Earth. We say appear because astrid y gaston lima menu english the Retro Pop Highway set was also available at GameStop stores in the United States, and both sets are also listed in Diamond Comic Distributors’ Previews catalog, so really the only exclusivity for these appears to be that neither of them is available from Walmart or Target. Battle Damaged Megatron was first found stocked by Hong Kong shops, and much later, was put up for pre-order on ToysRUs’ Canadian website, and then on Target’s US website.

• In July 2017, photos of a computer screen taken during an internal Hasbro presentation were leaked to the public that revealed, among other things, the gas meter in spanish very existence of the Studio Series general retail line-up, though not the actual title Studio Series yet (which was later revealed through separate leaks). The fact that the slides incorrectly featured projected release dates for 2017 instead of 2018 (which included dates predating the leak) led some fans to assume that the still unannounced line-up had long since been canceled. it wouldn’t be until several leaks later that Hasbro finally acknowledged the existence of the Studio Series line, and revealed the first few waves during New York Toy Fair 2018, even offering a limited quantity of the first wave of Deluxe Class figures as an early release through the Hasbro Toy Shop website. Simultaneously, TakaraTomy revealed their version of the line electricity lesson plans for 5th grade at Wonder Festival Winter 2018.

• Among the figures whose existence was revealed through the aforementioned July 2017 leak that were not officially unveiled at Toy Fair was Voyager Class Ironhide, who made his worldwide debut at retail in Singapore in June of 2018. Subsequently, Hasbro announced the redeco of Voyager Class Starscream (based on his appearance in Revenge of the Fallen), the final figure revealed through the electricity kanji July 2017 leak, via their Hasbro Pulse Instagram account a few days before San Diego Comic-Con, even though they still hadn’t officially acknowledged the existence of Ironhide by that point.