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We were taken to the venue by coach, organised by our hotel, it is in the country away from any large town but on arrival in the evening it is like entering Christmas wonderland with every tree illuminated with attractive lights gas city indiana zip code which make the short walk to the auditorium quite interesting. The entertainment auditorium appears to be a huge converted barn, many of the seats, and there are 1400, are not elevated in tiers including ours in Row O but even so we had a good clear view. Once the show commences the sights and sounds take over and I felt I could easily be in Las Vegas. The amplification, acoustics and lighting are of the highest standard. The performers which includes musicians, singers, dancers, contortionists and one comedian were all very professional, apparently about 130 in all. The show last for 3 hours with a 30 minute interval, there are hp gas online hardly sufficient superlatives to describe this show which doesn’t only come up to the standard of West End shows, it surpasses them. The Wurlitzer organ and organist deserve special mention but just a brilliant show.

This is the second time I’ve been and I love it. The theatre itself is magical, the attention to detail is immense. It reminds me of how much detail is at Disneyworld. The whole show is brilliant, obviously not gas monkey bar and grill all of it will be to everyone’s taste and some sections/parts you will enjoy more than others. The choir is exceptional and gives you goosebumps. The whole arrangement is brilliant, so much time and effort has clearly gone into perfecting it. Some of the acts are a little cheesey in places and dare I say camp, but it’s all good fun. You will definitely feel Christmassy visiting Thursford Christmas spectacular. The only probably I feel is the seating, you are very cramped and built up but this will never change, if you are sat next to an average size person it is fine, but I think you electricity 2pm would struggle if next to a thicker set person, or anyone with long legs, be warned small leg room space. Didn’t visit the winter wonderland part, but it is meant to be brilliant. I have been to the moulin rouge and this is similar standard but not quite as good. Fun for everyone.

I am sorry and surprised at your reaction to how we handled your daughter as sensitively as we could gas in back and chest at last year’s show. Being the manager in question I was aware your daughter had learning disabilities and her loud and expressive behaviour was due to no fault of her own. She was however causing a serious disruption to the many other customers during very quiet parts of the show and it is for this reason we had to ask her to leave. Our terms and conditions do clearly state “The management reserves the right to refuse admission or to ask anyone to leave who is noisy or disruptive to other members of the audience for whatever reason”. As management it is our duty to treat everyone as equal and we cannot discriminate either positively or negatively against individual customers. It would be totally unfair to allow a large proportion of the audience to have their experience ruined by one disruptive patron. Many of our customers book their tickets nearly a year in advance to attend 9game the show. As management it is our duty to make their experience as thoughly enjoyable as possible and over the years noisy and disruptive patrons have caused many customers to have their experience completely ruined. We did last year install a large screen and sound system in the foyer so if we have to remove any one for any reason they can still watch the show without disturbing anyone else, this is becoming current theatre practice. I must also point out in this situation I offered your daughter and career complimentary refreshments which they could enjoy whilst watching gas constant mmhg the remainder of the show on the large screen in the foyer. I am once again sorry you were unimpressed by the treatment your daughter received and if you would like to discuss the matter further please call me on 01328878477, Kind Regards, Charlie