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We also arrived to find several elephants chained by their feet and all elephants confined to a small field surrounded by an electric fence. They charge you AUD$25 to walk down to the river with the elephants and help wash them in the river. $25 goes a long way in Indonesia and you would expect the large amount of funds accrued on a daily basis to go directly towards the welfare of the animals. I’m not so sure it does! The most important thing for the elephants is proper nutrition. They are however fed palm oil kernels which is not their natural diet and up electricity bill payment online makes them so incredibly constipated that their bowels need to be MANUALLY evacuated every day. I.e the mahout sticks his arm up the elephants bottom to pull out the poop. How uncomfortable and degrading for these incredible creatures. And so unhealthy and unsatisfying for them to eat this low grade diet every day. Dignity. They are also robbed of this by being made electricity symbols and units to do circus tricks to entertain us ignorant tourists. Then after that they get to carry heavy harnesses around with ignorant tourists riding on their backs. I’m not sure who is more at fault here: the Indonesians who try to make a living by using these magnificent creatures for their benefit, or the tourists who actually support this business! Freedom. They have very little room to roam and simply be an elephant. We found some elephants in shackles. Rehabilitation to the wild. They claim this is their purpose but the actions above suggest a totally different agenda. This is not a conservation organisation but a business electricity for dummies amazon looking to make a profit at the expense of the elephants.

We had researched this elephant washing and it appeared to be ethical and some kind of conservation effort with good treatment and a positive impact. We arrived and saw the elephants chained to posts so they could only move 1m away and swaying unnervingly seeming very distressed. They were just stood in the sun with nothing around; no shade, water, food or stimulation. The other elephants then arrived back from being ridden, with horrible harnesses and being prodded by sticks. At the river there were dozens of people waiting with plastic bristled brushes to scrub the elephants and clean them. The rangers first scooped all the poo out of their bums (something else entirely unnatural for the poor things) then poked them into the river with their metal-pronged sticks where electricity and magnetism notes the elephants did tricks like falling into the river and spraying people with water before people sat on their spines whilst they were lying down for photos and scrubbed them with their brushes. After this they were taken back up to the enclosure and chained up again. The whole thing was so unnatural for these gentle animals and was so so sad to see the way that they are treated to make money from tourists. It is worse than a zoo and should not be allowed. People need to be more aware of how they are really treated and the environment that they live in. A very sad day.

Since the local tour operator ensured us that the elephants are treated well and made it seem like some kind of charity for them, we decided to go to Tangkahan. We arrived a little early, so we got to see the elephants cages. We were horrified with the scene! All elephants are chained e seva power bill payment to the floor and can only walk in a circle of about 1 meter. All of them showed very abnormal behaviours like constantly moving their heads from side to side or up and down. They don’t have any shade to protect themselves from the heat nor toys to play with. The elephamt washing was a complete desaster. About 50 people were waiting for the animals to come the river… brushes were distributed. The rangers were riding on the elephants and gave them the orders to either sink into the water or stand up. They are perfectly trained circus elephants and nothing close to free, happy elephants. It didn’t looklike they were enjoying he washing at all, it was rater part of the show. Our whole group of 6 people deeply regretted going to Tangkahan and supporting this animal mistreatment. This should be forbidden. No animal friend in the world would enjoy this sad money making by letting these precious animals suffer and live in a completely unnatural electricity usage calculator environment. It has been such a sad experience!