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In order to deny a public records request the Idaho County Free Press made late in the summer, the Forest Service confirmed the federal agency’s law enforcement arm had been investigating multiple South Fork Clearwater River mining operators for regulatory noncompliance during the 2018 suction dredging season. On Monday, Nov. 19, the Forest Service released public records related to those investigations: the three citations that federal law enforcement issued to miners who suction dredged in the river near Mile Marker 39.

“Fishermen, outfitters, rafters, irrigators and others who use Idaho’s rivers all work within rules and regulations to keep our rivers clean and healthy,” ICL government relations director Jonathan Oppenheimer said Aug. 15. “That’s our responsibility as citizens. Mr. Poe seems to think that he’s above the law. gasco abu dhabi location He is giving legitimate miners a black eye.”

Regarding the news that Poe had been cited by the Forest Service, Oppenheimer on Nov. 21 told the Free Press: “Despite the fact that Mr. hp gas online booking no Poe and others were encouraging and inviting the Forest Service to cite them…they paid a very measly fine based on the fact they were claiming thousands of dollars worth of gold. … There was obviously some monitoring and enforcement on the part of the Forest Service, but it’s something we feel warrants a heightened level of regular monitoring when there are folks violating the law and impacting endangered species habitat in one of Idaho’s crown jewel rivers.”

The Free Press interviewed Poe in July 2014 and published an independent report on his season mining downstream of Elk City under the headline “Dredging in protest: Miners find ‘pay streak’ on the South Fork Clearwater,” which can be read in full online at The Free Press has also reported on miners’ push for regulatory rollbacks at the state capitol, most recently in a May 2018 article which can be read at

The state and federal suction dredging rules have changed under the pressure, chiefly by way of a 2016 Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management decision that consolidated the paperwork the federal government requires of South Fork dredgers. The Forest Service carried out technical consultation that takes place between the federal agencies that manage land, regulate water pollution and oversee the inland habitats of salmon and other ocean-going fish as part of the process environmental protection law requires for mine permits big and small.

“They believe that we’re in non-compliance,” Poe told the Free Press Aug. 1. “So, if they feel that that’s the case, we’ve already made very, very clear to them in our response that we do not believe that we are. We believe that the law is on our side. We can back that up with facts, affidavits, evidence and documents, and if they feel that they have the authority then perhaps they should just come and cite us. Then, you know what, we’ll let a federal judge make the determination, as well as, at that point, we would probably bring forth a substantial quantity of the evidence that we have about this whole process.”

On Aug. 1, Poe told the Free Press he had followed IDWR regulations, but on Aug. 2, the state regulators sent him a notice of violation. 1 unit electricity cost in andhra pradesh On Aug. 3, a post on the Facebook page of AMRA (American Mining Rights Association, of which Poe is president) stated the IDWR notice made issue of “dredging outside the delineated, narrow line of area they approved,” of having ropes extend across the width of the river, and of having gas cans on the riverbank.

“They [IDWR] have an imaginary line they designate you to dredge in. I was 30 feet towards the center of the river and as we found out, outside of their line. Once we were told about it, we were up front and honest about it. electricity in water pipes We were outside that line but what it does is also show that the IDWR regulations are very difficult to abide by as a miner trying to obtain the gold on their claim. If the pay streak of gold takes me in one direction or another, the way their rules are is you cannot follow that gold. We believe it exposed a need for them to change how they delineate the river and the claims. A miner should be able to dredge their claim if it is not harmful to habitat.”

The Free Press had sought information from the Forest Service earlier in the season as to whether or not miners were complying with the federal regulations. After an AMRA Facebook post described the federal citations, the newspaper filed a request for information that was denied Aug. 30 due to what the Forest Service called “open law enforcement investigations.”

In July, the Forest Service told the Free Press it had approved 11 plans for the 2018 season. IDWR approved 29 permits. gas and water socialism During the few years the new federal rules have been in place, the Nez Perce-Clearwater National Forests’ post-season monitoring has found about two-thirds of operations have fully complied with its rules. In July, the Forest Service told the Free Press that there had been noncompliance in 2018, but that its talks with some miners brought them into compliance.