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I have been reading a lot of topics on the forum, and have found a ton of information that has helped me plan some of our trip so far. I have a few questions and was hoping for some advice from the experts here … we (my husband and I) are travelling to Phoenix on May 6 (from NYC), staying overnight at the airport (our flight gets in late), and plan to leave first thing b games zombie Sunday morning to drive to the Grand Canyon. We are staying at Yavapi Lodge for 2 nights, then off to Sedona, staying at the Inn of Sedona for 4 nights. We have dinner reservations at El Tovar one night in GC. The advice I am seeking is where to stop along the way from Phoenix to the Grand Canyon, and then along the way from Grand Canyon to Sedona that would be more convenient to stop at on the way rather than once we are in Sedona. I am thinking we will want to enter Grand Canyon NP at the East entrance based on other posts I have read. Also would like to stop before Grand Canyon NP and buy a National Parks pass to possibly avoid waiting once we get to Grand Canyon NP – assuming we will also use this pass in Sedona. Please let me know any suggested stops for the best use of our time, without rushing at all. (Not looking for any strenuous hikes … just to take in the beauty) Thanks so much! Counting down !!

Between Phoenix and Flagstaff you will first come to the Montezuma’s Castle National Monument, about half way up on the right hand side. Check the website to see if it is of interest to you. If you buy an America the Beautiful Pass there it will be good for all National Parks, Monuments, National 2015 electricity rates Forest sites etc in any state for a year from the day you buy it. It can be a real bargain. Alternately you can buy it at Sunset Crater NM when you get up there to take the loop drive.

The Grand Canyon pass on its own is not good for Sedona Parking like the America the Beautiful Pass is. There will not be as long a line waiting to get into GC from via the east gate. However I think you still have to wait in line behind those buying passes…but once you show your own pass, you pass right on through. Then once in the park all the overlooks will be right hand turns. Begin with Desert View/Watchtower.

I truly think you should npower electricity supplier number take the east entrance into Grand Canyon like you mentioned above rather than Williams like suggested above. You can drive the Wupatki Ruins and Sunset Crater loop drive along the 89 north of Flagstaff. Its a very scenic drive with very accessible things to walk up to…no hiking really, but some great photo ops. Then before you enter the east gate have lunch and enjoy the gift shop and Stone Gallery at the Historic Cameron Trading Post electricity projects for high school students.

Leaving GC you head south on the 64 to Williams. That is a well preserved Rte 66 town and is worth a visit if that is of interest and there are a lot of places to eat there as well. If you merely drive through Williams then you have a choice to visit Flagstaff’s vibrant uptown or not for lunch before heading on down to Sedona on the 89A. (I would suggest you save Flagstaff itself for the trip down to Sedona instead of on the way up to GC…there is just so much more to squeeze into the drive up….and you do not want to be rushed.)

However, since you don’t have a lot of time in Sedona, you might just want to drive on down there after you leave Williams. Along the Oak Creek Canyon you will enjoy the scenery without hiking. The overlook at the top is really not all that great…mostly an overview of a wooded canyon with just a slight peek of the red rocks in the far distance…I would just continue on and get down to the real close up views of the rocks and the creek. Once you near Sedona, you will finally come to the Midgley Bridge area…its nice to get out there and take some photos and take in your first real taste of Sedona’s red rocks.

1…Oak Creek Canyon: You will have passed through it on the way from GC. Garland’s as you near town is a good stop for really nice Native art and jewelry. You will enter Uptown Sedona first. Keep going west on the 89A to reach your hotel 4 gas planets…The Best Western Plus Inn of Sedona…great location. You will see the Mariposa Restaurant, a nice place for a special meal with views on your right as you head west.

B…The Dry Creek Scenic byway, a right hand turn off of the 89A out along the red rock cliffs to the famous Enchantment Resort. You know how scenic it must be for that resort to be out there. Out there too are the Devil’s Bridge, Fay and Boynton Canyon hikes. Fay Canyon is the easiest but you do not have to hike at all, just enjoy the drive and take photos. Have a coffee or meal out at Enchantment for some great views.

D…It is also out there where you will find the renowned Red Rock Crossing/Crescent Moon Park along the Upper RR Loop drive. That is great for the easycreek-walk, and the classic sunset or daylight views of Cathedral Rock with the creek in the foreground. It also has a nice picnic area k gas constant and nice restrooms. Expect that to cost $10 as it is not included in the parking pass program or the America the Beautiful Pass. Its worth the $10 though electricity notes physics for the views and its a clean area.

4…To the south: The Red Rock Byway, aka the #179. You will be heading south along that on your way back to Phoenix. It runs from the Y intersection near Uptown to the Village of Oak Creek before hitting the I-17 again. The first thing on your right heading south is the tree shaded Tlaquepaque Adobe-Style village, a nice gallery and dining area. Next heading south comes the architecural wonder of the Chapel of the Holy Cross…a left hand turn and short drive. Next comes the Bell Rock area with its easy pathway and photo ops and one of the last main red rock areas before heading on to the Village of Oak Creek and on to the I-17. Edited: 19 April 2017, 04:32