Summer fruits and their benefits – super brain of pakistan gas prices in michigan


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Watermelon – Ripped only in summer, this big red ball of health is filled with water and taste. The amount of water present in this fruit helps you in being hydrated and keeps your body cool. Watermelon also acts as in defense and protects your skin from sunburn. You will not get food cravings after its consumption, it keeps your tummy feet filled. It is also good for people with high blood pressure, but in a limit. This one bought to be consumed almost every day in summer.

Oranges – Oranges are sweetest, juiciest summer fruit full of nutrients. Orange is low in calories and keeps your blood pressure in check. Orange is also a source of Vitamin C which is the most required vitamin in your body after an age. Vitamin C is also an antioxidant that is also useful in skin damage caused by sun rays. Not only oranges, but their peel also performances wonders on your skin. It lightens your skin tone and erases all the scars and shades.

Mango – Mango is called the king of fruits. There are many reasons for calling it so and one of them is the long list of its benefits. It is proven by research that mango advances cancer. Mango, when mixed with milk, becomes a source of strength. Mango shake increases immunity and gives you the strength to perform better. Vitamin A present in mango helps with good eyesight and stops night blindness. Mangoes have enzymes that break down protein and improvements digestion. Like oranges, mango is also beneficial for skin. Those skin pores you can not get rid of, mango removes them.

Litchi – Litchi though arrives a little late in summer but is worth the wait. The taste and sweetness of litchi are exquisite, plus it is also a source of nutrients. Apart from the taste, litchi also excels in health factor. It is filled with Vitamin B & Vitamin C and minerals like magnesium and potassium. It is also proved to be helpful in asthma. The antioxidants present in Litchi have cancer-fighting abilities. The minerals help in proper blood circulation through the entire body. It shows signs of aging and promotes hair growth as well.

Peaches – Peaches are also high in Vitamin C. The fiber present in peaches fills you up without increasing weight. Peaches also cure metabolic syndrome. It also lowers the risk of cancer. It is a mixture of all the nutrients – protein, carbohydrate, calcium, fiber, iron, magnesium, sugar and rich in various vitamins – A, C, E, and K. Although you should try to consume peaches that are canned in water and not the one managed in syrup. Peaches with syrup are not so healthy and can increase your sugar level.