Summer skin care tips from the dermatologists for a great complexion. arkansas gas tax


My SunSavvy Around Town Sun Protection Bundle has what you need to emerge from winter ready to attend graduations, weddings, end-of-school celebrations, and the first farmer’s markets or festivals of the season. Get the hang of it with good sun protection.

My Sheer Strength products are pleasers – Matte tinted for facial skin to absorb shine and blend invisibly into all skin tones. Yep, no white tint to say “sunscreen.” Just pure mineral protection – high tech invisible. My Spray is a solution with beefy mineral protection that is also invisible (thank you science). And, the huge bonus, it spreads well and dries to an imperceptible finish so you are not covered in thick goo that rubs into fabric and feels icky. Yep, a miracle – imperceptible mineral zinc-oxide protection!

Every UV ray that is not a direct hit on your precious two meters of skin is a “win,” especially for the highly-bombarded head and neck (that’s what we docs call the highest risk skin cancer zone). This means your face, ears, scalp, and the sides of your neck. That’s job security real-estate for me, and you don’t want my kind finding surgical opportunities there. Wear a proper sun hat, and learn how comfortable they are. I’ve got you covered with really nice ones at really nice prices because I care.

Sometimes, it’s lower, and sometimes, it’s unbelievable – trust me. My little Detecto Ring Beads will teach you that UV bounces into your shade and gets through things like fabrics, shade cloths, etc. Give ‘em a try and be astounded. When they brightly color up, you need to get your protection in order ASAP. For example, move to where they are not so brightly colored and apply more of that handy Spray Sunscreen that you can keep in your tote.

This little guy flourishes, and you get bright red, itchy bumps and pustules or little pin-point flesh-colored bumps along the hairline, forehead, jaw, neck, and upper chest and back. And, they heal with little brown marks and scars. Eeee gads! Keep him unhappy in advance with products that do the trick.

My combination of Calming Zinc Soap and my Ultimate Acne Kit will help keep this yeast from celebrating in your cutaneous tropical conditions. Use my light-weight Sheer Strength Sunscreens to help inhibit the brown discoloration left behind, if and when a pimple breaks out.

My facial Matte Sunscreen has the added bonus of absorbing oil and shine. Plus, it comes with a tinting that blends into all skin tones to soften any old complexion flaws. If you wear makeup, it’s a great prep for that, too. My Spray Sunscreen is handy, never gooey, and invisible on skin so it’s perfect for neck, chest, back, and everywhere. It also carries well in backpacks and totes. Summer without the burst of summer acne – Yippee ki-yay!

Antioxidants are your skin’s “domestic” protective reserve forces for your two square-meters of skin. They work to defend you from free radicals that damage precious structures – DNA, lipid cell membranes and things you need for good-looking and healthy skin.

Add the best in green tea ECGC polyphenols and vitamin C. They’re tricky to formulate, but I’ve got the right pharmaceutical-grade products that have served my patients (and myself) well for these many years. We see them work, and you can, too. I’ve added them to my favorite Sheer Strength Sunscreens.

Layer the Green Tea and then the Vitamin C under your moisturizer and sunscreen, and you’ve got a primary (sunscreen) and a secondary (antioxidant) back-up system for free radicals. As a proponent of safety and security, it’s my top choice for greeting the coming days of strolling outside in the beautiful, warm weather.

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