Sun joe, electric pressure washer spx3000, 2,030 psi, 1.76 gpm, 14.5-amp – 618355, pressure washers at sportsman’s guide gastroenterology


Rated 4 out of 5 by rambler01 from Durable but with issues I have owned this machine for I would guess about 2 years now, and with much use it is still running well. I have already got much use out of the unit with many hours of use. I wish to alert folks about the good and the bad about this unit. It does have a nice length electric cord. It runs pretty quiet and does kick off instantly when you let off the trigger. Tips work very well and the storage on the unit is very handy. Connection for garden hose is easy to connect and although mine hasn’t broken, it don’t seem to be of very durable quality. I would be careful when moving unit when connected. Overall length of gun is extremely short. It killed my back to do my driveway until I got a longer wand to fix this problem. The unit only comes with 20′ of hose, and you will get all tangled up moving unit around as the inlet is in front and pressure comes out the back. This unit has what is known at a 15mm inside bore for hose connections – A HUGE PROBLEM! I bought the 25′ extension hose to give me 45′ overall, but the extension hose is of poor quality, can kink easily. Eventually I found the adapters on a well known site to fix this and go to 3/8" quick disconnects and bought a 100′ hose and NO more issues with tangles of cord and hoses. I get the unit out, hook it up and never move it. The standard is 14" inside bore 22mm connections. I believe they are doing this to force people to buy their hoses which is wrong in my opinion. There isn’t any good reason for this as it only causes problems for the consumer. I bought a 0 degree rotating tip and it is pretty much all I use. I wasn’t happy with the cleaning power with the 15 degree tip. The 0 rotating tip gives the unit much broader cleaning power and will do better on concrete or any other surfaces so I highly recommend it. It is light and easy to work with, but I do wish both hose connections were on one side instead of one front, one back, but due to pump that might not be possible. Soap dispensers work very well, but make sure you get proper size of orafice, as larger size will cause you to get too much out of the dispenser and lack of pressure. 2.5 is correct for this unit for the pressure/gpm. I bought a rotating brush for the cars and it is too large of orafice which caused this issue, not to mention the lack of rotation of the brush. This is very important to match as you can ruin your pump if not followed. I have already gotten much use out of this unit and it has run many many hours and still is going strong. It does well with siding, gutters, fences and anything else you wish to clean around your home and for it’s price point I have already got my moneys worth. I wish to add here that the R1 one wire hose is much better to use and more flexible. The R2 hose although patchable if it gives out is much stiffer and harder to work with.

Rated 5 out of 5 by PeteTheBeat from Simple and Effective! Bought this (my first pressure washer) to clean-up stains and dirt off of an old concrete porch. Have used powerful gasoline-powered washers before, and even truck-mounted units for blasting industrial paints from steel and concrete structures, but didn’t need that heavy-duty power, plus didn’t want another gas-engine to maintain. Based upon the reviews, this seemed the way to go.My first use was washing old wooden benches that were caked in mud and covered in tree-sap and bird-droppings; worked Quick, Easy and Perfectly!Next I tackled the 2 concrete porches; the largest (12×20) had old gum stuck into the concrete, and multiple unknown stains (food, grease, smashed packets of ketchup/mustard…). Took me only about 40 minutes to make this look bright and beautiful! Keeping the jet-stream directed at the deeper and heaviest dirt quickly worked through the stain and completely removed them! Couldn’t be happier!So, all in all, as long as the max-pressure that this unit can output serves your needs, I think you’ll be quite happy with it! Love having the various tips "on-board" as well as a convenient way to wrap-up the power-cord (which is REALLY LONG, by the way) and the hose. Just a well-thought-out unit, overall! As long as it continues to run year after year as needed, I’ll never need a more powerful one!