Sunday school lesson peter heals aeneas and raises tabitha static electricity human body


Supply List: Spiritual gas nozzle prank Gift Survey for children, musical instrument, puzzle of a person (a floor size puzzle or a puzzle made by cutting apart a picture of a person), Bibles, Map of Jerusalem and surrounding areas, simple costumes for Peter, Tabitha, mat for Aeneas and clothes (doll clothes will work) for mourning widows. For memory verse: Clothes cut-outs with each word of the verse written on them, yarn or string, paper clips or clothes pins.

Learning Activity #1: Before students arrive speedy q gas station create an environment (play quiet classical or instrumental music) that will allow them to find a place in the room to begin working on the spiritual gift survey. Students may not be able to complete it in the time allotted. The test can be saved for next week to complete or they can take it home and work on it there.

Learning Activity gas welder salary #2: Give each student a piece of the puzzle (keep back any extra pieces). As the Bible verse is recited have students place their puzzle piece in the puzzle. Talk about what the body of Christ/the church is. (Believers) (God gave each of His children gifts to use to help other believers and also to bring unbelievers to faith in Jesus. Our human body has different electricity recruitment 2015 parts that help the whole body function properly. If we are missing any parts of our physical body such as arms other parts of our body work harder to do the work that the arms/hands would do. Just like our physical body, the Body of Christ is made up of believers with gifts and talents that help the Body function properly. If every believer is using the gift he/she has been given the Body functions properly and e gaskell the Church is able to function in the way God has planned. A properly functioning Body of Christ will have believers that help each other and will be powerful in their example to unbelievers causing them to see that Jesus is the Savior of the world.) After all the pieces of the puzzle have been placed on the floor look together at the missing pieces. These empty places remind us that if we are believers we all need to be faithfully using our gifts to serve Jesus so unbelievers can see Him clearly.

Amplified Bible: (to help explain the meaning of the verse electricity powerpoint template) “As each of you has received a gift (a particular spiritual talent, a gracious divine endowment), employ it for one another as (befits) good trustees of God’s many-sided grace (faithful stewards of the extremely diverse powers and gifts granted to Christians by unmerited favor). Bible Lesson gas giants: Peter heals Aeneas and raises Tabitha from the dead

We have been studying the Book of Acts. We have been learning how the Holy Spirit’s power changes lives. We have seen believers boldly teach others about Jesus not fearing being imprisoned or harmed gas station near me as a result. In our last lesson we saw how Jesus changed the life of Saul. He once persecuted people who believed in Jesus and after he was saved he began boldly sharing the Good News with others. God saved Saul from his sins when he believed in the Lord Jesus Christ. God had a job He was preparing Saul to do. Have a volunteer read Acts 9:15. (If you have gas and supply a musical instrument show the class. Ask what it is. Talk about how the instrument actually plays beautiful music. This instrument (a recorder) requires air to be blown through the mouth piece and fingers to be placed over the different holes to make music. Without the air flowing through this instrument it does not function as a musical instrument. Every believer is an instrument God uses for His purposes. When a believer is saved His Holy Spirit comes inside a person and fills him/her with His power. The Holy Spirit enables the believer to function for the purposes God created.

A miracle took place in Aeneas’ life. A miracle is something only God can do. The words Peter spoke pointed to the electricity and magnetism equations One who had the power to heal Aeneas. Peter didn’t say, “I am the apostle Peter and by my authority and power I heal you.” He knew that only Jesus Christ had the authority and power to heal. God used Peter as His instrument to speak to Aeneas and offer him the gift of healing.

Peter returned to Joppa with 9game the two men and went upstairs to the room where Tabitha’s body was placed. While Tabitha was alive she always showed kindness and helped others. She helped poor widows by making them clothes. When Peter was in the room the widows were crying and showing him the clothes that Tabitha had made while she was alive.

Peter and Tabitha both used the gifts that God had given them to serve youtube gas pedal dance Him. If you are a believer God has given you gifts to use to serve Him. Are you using your gifts to serve Jesus? Do you need to ‘get gas zeta costa rica up’ and begin serving Him today? Are you allowing fear or distractions keeping you from serving Jesus? Maybe you aren’t exactly sure what your gifts are. As you complete the spiritual gift survey you received God will help electricity outage in fort worth you better understand what your gifts are. As you learn what your gifts are He will help you use them in ways that help others see Him and want to know Him better.

If you have never been saved anything you try to do to please God are like filthy rags in His sight. Isaiah 64:6 Jesus died on the cross for your sins and when you place your faith in Him, the blood He shed cleanses you from all your sins. The moment you believe the Holy Spirit comes inside of your heart and enables you to live a life that gas in back and chest pleases God. The Holy Spirit will give you power to use the gifts and talents God has given you to help others see Him and want to know Jesus.