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• Text ( EU/OC): " Before the Great Turf War, there were friendly relations between the Inklings and Octarians. They could not have dreamed that further rising sea levels would soon force them to battle fiercely over the remaining territory."

• Location: At the third checkpoint on a floating platform above the pool. After hitting the checkpoint, use the turret to hit the fan, bringing the platform over to you. As you defeat the enemies, keep note of the taller portion of the wall to the left. Ink a trail up that rather than the main wall when you reach the end of the pool. Climb up it, spray the ground and turn around. Using the ink you sprayed, jump over to the platform as a squid and get the scroll within the crate. If you went up the short part of the wall, don’t worry. You can still pray the fan to move the platform out so you can try again.

• Description: A possible parody picture of Prime Minister Winston Churchill and President Franklin Roosevelt, but with DJ Octavio and Cap’n Cuttlefish. This could possibly reveal that DJ Octavio is or was an Octoling as he is shown here with a humanoid form.

• Text ( EU/OC): " ‘It’s midsummer every day at the Booyah Base Ultra Mega Hyper Sale! Everything’s a must-buy! If YOU want to be the freshest squid in Inkopolis, you CANNOT miss this inkredible shopportunity! Race down to Booyah Base today!’ "

• Location: At the first checkpoint on a floating platform to the right of the spinning scrubbers. After you reach the first checkpoint, proceed as you usually would until you get to the second set of spinning spreaders the longer one. Stand on one of the long scrubbers and ink it. As you ride it you should see the platform with the crate containing the scroll on it. Ink the wall of the platform and jump to it as a squid to collect the scroll.

• Description: Various pieces of gear from Booyah Base, as well as the Splattershot, Carbon Roller, and Classic Squiffer. Interestingly, it includes the Stealth Goggles despite them not having been released until Version 2.0.0. The patterned shirt similar to the Baby-Jelly Shirt at the top has never been released and is referred to as the "Shirtstravaganza" in Splatoon’s files.

• Text ( NA/EU/OC): " A 12,000-year-old fossil of a creature with an odd internal skeleton. Its small skull indicates the creature was likely primitive with little intelligence. This specimen appears to have been fossilized in the middle of some kind of ritual."

• Location: At the Southwestern corner of the map. As soon as the mission starts, if you look to the left to the level platform across the map, you should be able to see the crate containing the scroll. If you are familiar with the Saltspray Rig map in multiplayer, the scroll is located where the enemy spawn point would be. Work through the level as normal until you get to the slopes leading to the central area of the map. Rather than following that path, go to the left of it and you should see an inkrail. Ride up the inkrail and follow the path to the scroll. An enemy Octoling will super jump in, so watch out.

• Description: A fossilized human skeleton with a Wii U GamePad, a box with the Wii U logo, a disc, and a Wii Remote strapped to a Wii U Pro Controller, referencing the hidden alternative two-player controller option for the Battle Dojo mode.