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The council signed two resolutions for the Community Crossings applications package. One promised to follow ADA guidelines. A second resolution, which named Clerk-treasurer Chelsea Eckstein as the ADA coordinator and stated the town’s nondiscriminatory notice and grievance procedure, also was passed.

Progress has been made on a town of Sunman website. Eckstein had a meeting with Enhanced Telecommunications Corp.’s web design team last week "and kind of got a feel for what layout and information we’d want to put on our website. … We have to publish these resolutions and could publish all of our ordinances on the website." Now the town has a page on the Sunman Area Chamber of Commerce website and also is on Facebook. The president felt it’s better for the town to be separate from the chamber.

Eckstein also looked into getting a domain for email purposes. The site could be operational in four to six weeks. The web design charge would be between $2,000-$2,500. Annual yearly fees to host the website and update security features would be $200 and $250, respectively. Email accounts would cost $1.50 per month per user.

Former President Wayne Jenner asked, "Did you check with anyone else" about website design? His wife, Janet Jenner, a Sunman Community Park board member, recommended Jenna Hountz, who worked on the park’s website for an estimated $1,500 fee. Hountz lives in Sunman and began the company after college.

The president said, "I’d like to get a full-time person (to assist Knueven), then we wouldn’t have to worry about summer help." The utility operator would also have general town duties, including mowing, the clerk-treasurer noted. Interested persons may apply weekdays from 8 a.m.-noon and 1-4 p.m. at the Sunman Town Hall, 604 N. Meridian St.

The Margarita’s Mexican Grill owner is disputing the water bill, which rose from the customary 18,000 gallons to 94,000. "He was upset no one (from the town) showed up" to investigate, the clerk-treasurer said. Wolff contended, "If it was leaking in that building somewhere, there would be a wet spot."

Knueven reported after many more gallons were used for two months straight (71,000 the second month), now the bill is back to its monthly average. The president observed, "I sympathize with the business owners, but water going down the drain goes to the wastewater treatment plant. Every drop has to be accounted for."

Engineer Kevin Chaffee of Earthtek Environmental, Batesville, told STC, "We design and build wastewater treatment plants across the county." Seventeen years ago he was given permission to install a pilot plant at Sunman’s treatment plant, "just a scaled-down version of a treatment facility. We’ve developed a new kind of treatment process (powered by electricity) we’d like to test out." He proposed reimbursing the town for electricity used.

Chaffee promised to paint and repair the pilot plant, which has been vacant for years. He would like to bring visitors to view the new technology. The engineer also requested that Sunman do his lab testing, which would take at most one hour weekly, for a fee.

• According to Eckstein, "I’ve taken on part of the former park board president‘s job. I feel that money we paid the park board president should either go back to the park for other improvements or maybe the scheduling can go back to the park board." STC approved Tonia Riesenbeck as the park board‘s fourth member, joining Carla Hacker, Rita Seig and Janet Jenner. She will begin July 1 and be paid for half a year. Brock wants clarification on who will have certain park duties so work doesn’t fall to the clerk-treasurer.

• Marshal Jason Hoffman’s report from April 19-May 17: traffic stops, 14; verbal warnings, 10; citizens’ complaints, seven; ordinance violations, six; VIN checks, five; charges filed, welfare checks and civil process papers served, four each; investigations, citations, ordinance citations, residential alarms, accident reports, traffic details, other agency assists and trainings, three each; gun permits, business alarms, written warnings, special details, courtesy transports, 911 hangup calls and meetings, two each; armed robbery, death investigation, criminal arrest, theft report, domestic dispute, suspicious vehicle, impounded vehicle, court appearance, parking complaint and animal complaint, one each.